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Wilsden photos

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Memories of Wilsden

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West Yorkshire memories

Big Snow

I was 12 years old that year, and we could not get to school for the big drifts.

Moved in to Denholme

I was 4,nearly 5, when I moved into Denholme from Bramley Leeds, and started school at the D.P.S, Mr H Heinghton was headmaster then. A lot has gone out of Denholme since I have come back, the mills and lovely small shops.


Boating on The Aire 1923, Bingley
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The boats in the photo belonged to my great aunt. As a young boy my job (unpaid) was to ferry the boats across the river and pick up any stray boats. I was very small, aged probably 6, could not swim, but there was no health and safety then!! My great-aunt was a very strict Victorian lady. Her motto was "Work comes first". Happy days?

Teacher Training College

The College 1926, Bingley
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I was so excited to come here - the start of the rest of my life. The night time views over the valley - so many lights - were thrilling. I couldn't wait to get out and walk all round the area, the air was so clear I grew an inch! For the first time I had central heating in my room.
So many memories, too many to tell, of new friends and good times and heartaches too! Good old College.

Alfred Patchetts Butchers

Main Street c1955, Bingley
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My gandfather was Alfred Patchett and he was a successful butcher in the making when he opened his butchers shop in Chapel Street, Bingley. I believe it is the road which runs off to the right in this photograph. I have a photo of him standing proudly in the doorway of the shop,only a young man in his early 30s. It looked to be a flat roofed building. My mum remembers as a young girl going to the shop and seeing all the meat,sawdust and blood! Not a common sight now in buchers shops... She also remembers once going wearing a red "tam o'shanter" (hat) and as he had an abattoir at the back there was a BIG BULL waiting to go to its fate. It caused a bit of a stirr when seeing mum's nice red hat! Red rag to a bull as they say. He went on to have a few butchers shops and lived on Toller Lane.

Silver Jubilee 1977, Albert Road Street Party

I was Julie Denny (now Julie Hale, I got married in 1998 to Alan Hale). I lived at 57 Albert Road for 30 years + with my mum, dad Roy and Betty and my brother Paul  I remember the street party, it was great. We had tables from the top of the road right down to the bottom, we had fancy dress, party games and a good old sing song, it was  great. Where has all that fun gone nowadays.

Second World War

My husband's father Frank Baker, worked at Starting Post Farm on All Alone Road near Idle. His cousin Albert Drew, was in the fields with him when a German air plane came down. Does anyone have any memories of this and know the time of day when it happened? My husband's father later joined the Army and was killed in 1944, my husband then came back to South Yorkshire with his mum.

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