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Memories of Windhill

Windhill memories
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Shanghai Flier

Annie Dawsons - all the pillars were covered in mirroflex (tiny bits of mirror tile), Garners second-hand shop, next shop down? Mrs Garner lived in the house attached to the Travellers Rest, till she died (always had golden collies). Castle firelighters across the road by Windhill Liberal Club (still standing), and jam shop offices. Paddy's Park and Curries Chemist, the post office was at side of travellers then, and Willie Woods on the corner of Hall Lane and Carr Lane. Fishing nets for a tanner to go catch tiddlers on the dock in school hols!.. Shanghai Flyer? The 66a bus that did West royd, 66 used to come round the Carnegie, New Street? Linleys carpet shop? Bet you still know your co-op no. .....18310.

Windhill Church C of E School

I was born in Crag Road, we moved to West Royd in 1955. I remember the Windhill Church School back in the 1960s. Once a week we saw the steam train come past the bottom playground and pick up several trucks. The engine driver always tooted the whistle and waved to us kids. A sweet shop was at the side of the school where we bought a penny worth of sherbert and a licorice stick on the days we were allowed money for school. The Carnegie Library was across the road at the bottom of Carr Lane. 'Cat in the Hat' books were great! There was a Zebra crossing outside the school back then and a dippy lollypop lady seeing us across the road. Higher up before the church on the same side, back to back houses were standing derelict. We went through these some nights on our way home with the girls! (Mum said not to!) and an old piano was in one of the old rooms. Higher up... Read more

Windhill Memories Group

My father (W F King, known as Bill) was a member of this group which unfortunately no longer exists but has donated its photographs and booklets to West Yorkshire Archives. My father left me all his photographs and I am the legal copyright owner of all those he gave to the Group and many more of Windhill. I can supply early 20th century photos of Windhill (and free Thumbnails) if you contact me at

Fun Times

I was born in Lower Aire Street in 1944, my brother was born in 1942. I left when I was 8 years old but can still remember the street. We lived next door to Mr and Mrs Wiley on one side and Mrs Hargreaves on the other side of us. I remember Bonfire Nights in particular when all the doors were open and there were different goodies at each house. We lived just opposite the back gate of the Windhill Club which I remember was a wooden building. I think it was burned down and the now existing club stands on the same site. I was back there a few years later working at The Metal Box Co at the top of Woodbrow Road. I still remember Mellors shop, it always had a strange smell but I don't know what of. Does anyone else remember the shop?

My Memories of Windhill

I was born on Woodville Street in 1945 and can remember all the back to back houses and all the shops below the parish church down to the bottom of Carr Lane, Annie Dawson's, the Co-op, Traveller's Rest etc. I bought most of the books on Windhill which were published by the Windhill Memories Group but unfortunately they were miss-placed when we moved out to Australia in February 2008. I would be interested in swapping stories of the Windhill I knew.

West Yorkshire memories

Life at The Pub in Shipley, West Riding Yorkshire.

Kirkgate And Bradford Road c1965, Shipley
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My mother, father and I moved into an old Victorian public house in Shipley. Life was different living in a pub and travelling miles to school in Bradford.

Hammonds Sauce Works Brass Band

For some reason my dad Ernest Carter around 1952/53 got all us Carter kids joined into the Hammond Sauce Works Brass band in SHIPLEY....DAD was a member of the BRADFORD City brass band.  We'd go for practice Tuesday and Thursdays each week, we did this for many years till about 1963 when we kids got sick of the running around, me 20 yo by then and playing for THE DUNEDIN PLAYERS all around BRADFORD. We also practiced for the Yeadon old Prize band Weds and Sundays.  We were a very busy family.   I never made any money from the bands but had a lot of fun...I think and visited many parts of Yorkshire.. I EVEN played for THE QUEEN in 1952.. after her CORONATION..  big deal...WE played at 1/2 time for BRADFORD PARK AVENUE football team for MANY YEARS...and my brother Arthur marched in front as the band's mascot..he was 5 or 6 years old I,d be about 8 years old..Thats my recollection of THE HAMMOND SAUCE WORKS BRASS BAND..... Read more

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