Witney, Butter Cross c.1960

Witney, Butter Cross c.1960

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Memories of Witney


My brother and I used to help my father on his market store in the 50s which was just by the corner cafe'. My brother has lived in The States for over 50 years and we were just reminiscing in emails about those times. In one photograph I can ...Read full memory

A memory of Witney by stikzbrookz80

Cadel Shop Market Square

The shop in the middle of the picture with the two awnings (now the Nationwide building society) used to belong to my great grandmother Eva Cadel and was a wool and toy shop.  My Grandmother and Great Aunt ran it ...Read full memory

A memory of Witney by Nicola Best

Filled Our Trolley

We were married in April 1978 and our first big shop was done at Waitrose.  We filled a full size trolley to the brim for the princely sum of £20.00. This area is now the entrance to the Woolgate Centre Happy days....

A memory of Witney

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The two awnings belonged to the Cadels shop. To the right of the awnings was an archway which was the entrance to their yard and home. The shop was in the family for 70 years, the fruit shop was further down.

A memory of Witney

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