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Lincolnshire memories

School Swimming Lessons

The Swimming Pool c1955, Grantham
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It was here that I and many of my school friends learned to swim, around about the time this photograph was taken. The water was always cold and the shape of the pool made length swimming impossible. Summer holidays were spent here too, sometimes it was so crowded little piles of clothes could be found all over the grass bank to the right - we were a hardy lot in those days!

Wedding at Belton

Belton House The Church c1960, Grantham
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My Grandparents Percy Clarke and Dorothy Flowers were married in this church in 1923.  My Great Grandfather Henry Clarke was bailiff to Lord Brownlow for 48 years and my other Great Grandfather Thomas Flowers had been Coachman to his lordship since 1876, retiring in 1922.  Lord Brownlow attended the wedding and provided the bouquets and other flowers from Belton's nursery.  Over a period of years Henry, Thomas, their wives and both my Grandparents were  buried together in the churchyard.

Wedding Day

Grammar School 1890, Grantham
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My husband and I married in the building on the right of this photograph in February 1988. I seem to recall the the registry office was moving from one building to another at the time and so this gorgeous old building was used as a temporary venue. The room we married in had dark wooden panelling on the walls and was steeped in history. We then nipped across the road for photographs in the doorway of St Wulfrums Church.


Market Place 1893, Grantham
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I am SO grateful for this image as it set me off on my visit to Grantham to further research my ancestry. For me, it shows two properties of J.T. Broughton. My ancestors, Hackworth, married into the Broughton family and were in these properties at the time this image was taken. Very exciting. It has brought my research to life. Who knows, maybe that is one of my ancestors standing with the horse outside!

Staying The Night in Grantham's Railway Station

I shall always remember the night in 1968 when I rode my motorcycle - an old BSA Bantam - over the A1 and it blew out on me.
My parents used to live in Ickburgh in Norfolk (a little village between Brandon, Suffolk and Swaffham, Norfolk) and I was in the first year of a five year engineering apprenticeship to Rolls-Royce in Derby. This night in late autumn, about 8 o'clockish, I had just ridden through Grantham and crossed over the A1 motorway when my old Bantam gave up on me as I was going down the hill to the other side of the motorway.
This was my first motor vehicle, I was sixteen, I was on 9 a week, so I pushed it all the way back to Grantham (it had cost me 10 - or rather, my father!) and slept the night in the railway station (which was thankfully kept warm for me) before a train arrived to take me back to Derby in the morning of the... Read more

My Uncle's Farm in Grantham

Whilst visiting an elderly uncle in Kent about five years ago, he chanced to show me some old family photographs. Having a very accute memory I noticed a photograph of a man who I called uncle Bill, at his farm after a wedding in Grantham about 1945. The uncle in Kent said he had no memory of this uncle. I was three years old and living with my parents in Thames Ditton in Surrey when it was suggested by my grandfather that my mother should take me to Uncle Bill's Farm in Grantham, which she did. My father was in the military at the time, and even at that young age I have vivid memories of the time I spent there. We had to leave eventually as the military requistitioned my uncle's farm to place anti-aircraft guns as Grantham was in the front line of fire, so to speak. I would love to try and find the old farm even if it has gone and is now covered with... Read more

Some Historical Facts of The Plumbs in Barroby.

The newspaper published at Grantham in England, the original home of the ancestors of the well known Plumb and Parker families of Mills, Pottawattamie, Cass and Shelby Counties, recently carried a story of the departure for America of the Plumbs and Parkers who found the south-western Iowa families. The article follows: An interesting story of villagers going abroad to face hard toil as practical farmers making good and retiring, and leaving their families to follow on with incidentally a pleasant social party in the United States after well over fifty years away from the old country, has been brought to our notice and will afford our readers those with personal acquaintance with the parties, especially much pleasure, we are sure. In brief details are: Francis/Frank Plumb (1846), now age 81 went to America in 1868; Valentine (1843) age 83, in 1870, and George Plumb (1842) now 85 in 1871. They are the sons of the late William 1811 (son of Francis 1779 & Ann (Johnson) Plumb of Barrowby) and wife Sarah (Gray)... Read more

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