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The Church in my Life

Holy Trinity Church Interior c1965, Wordsley
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I used to attend Sunday school here in the early 1950's. We usually met in the hall across the car park but once or twice a month we would be in the church. Later in 1967 I was married here. I was in the Army at the time and during a leave visit to my father and some school friends I met a girl. It was Christmas 1965. I came back in 1967 and we were married. Our daughter was christened here in 1969. She was born in Sandfield 24 years after me. I do not have any family in the area any more, just memories.

Wordsley, Early 50's

The Hospital c1965, Wordsley
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My parents had a chip shop next door to the Cat Inn in Wordsley. Miss Bowater would walk me to school at Brook Street every day for the first few weeks there. She was a lovely lady, but my teacher, Miss W, was very stern and made my life hell. I was only 5 years old, and she would constantly try to undermine my confidence.

In The Beginning

The Hospital c1965, Wordsley
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I was born in Sandfield and that's how my Mother always spoke of it not as Wordsley Hospital. Later on I went to Brook Street School. The teachers were; Mr Yardley, Miss White and Miss Bowater and Mr Cartwright. I lived in Collis Street, Amblecote so had a 15 minute walk to School. Afterwards I went to Audnam Sec Modern, my last class was taken by Mr Jack Roberts who recently died, he was a very fair teacher. Stan Hill was another teacher there who lived a couple of doors away from me in Collis Street. My great grandfather and family are buried in Wordsley Church and the gravestone can still be read quite clearly so I have close links with Wordsley and later on lived in Bromley Lane, and Hunters Ride. I remember the fetes we went to at King George's Park and once on the back of a trimmed up lorry from Brook Street School when I was 8.


Lower High Street c1955, Wordsley
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Just reading an input by John Lampitt, I remember him playing for Stuarts in goal, when the Rich brothers played, Bonner, Crater & Freddie. I myself played later for them in aprox 1977, but I recall everytime John got the ball, all those watching would shout "LAMPITT JOHNNIE". Even to this day it brings a smile to my face as it is now as I text this message, what great times.

Audnam Css

Lower High Street c1955, Wordsley
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Although I now live in the South of France, Wordsley is always in my heart. My family still live there, Foxhills Road, and I visit regular, to go up the Wolves with my mates from school, Brian Dulson, Decca Harewood etc. But being part of the best school football team that Audnam ever produced, well, that takes the biscuit, I still have a team photo hanging on my wall here.

Yesterday When I Was Young

High Street 1959, Wordsley
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I moved to Wordsley when my father died in a tragic motorcycle accident in Old Hill, although I was born in Bradley Rd, Stourbridge in 1948. We moved to Wordsley in 57 or 58. Some of my memories are so vivid of the days I lived there. A truly magical place back then. I remember very well the demise of the papershop owner - they called him sporty - yes it was said he set the shop on fire and committed suicide - whether that was actually true I do not know. I lived with my mother, older sister Maureen six yrs my senior, my older brother Robert, exactly 18 months older than me to the day. We were affectionately called the terrible twins. Yes we probably deserved it! We lived in Chapel St at the top of Wordsley. The Wordsley of today bears little resemblance to the Wordsley of my formative years. I recon if you cut me in two I would have Black Country written... Read more

Wordsley Memories

High Street 1959, Wordsley
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What a web site ! What memories come flooding back.
I lived at 69 High St, right opposite the Community Centre, from 1935 until 1959. Many of your older readers will remember Wood's bakery owned by my Father and Mother for over 50 years. I attended Lawnswood Road school (Miss Turner was my favorite teacher) and I remember Geoff Lowe, Bobby Douglas, Jean Palmer, Bert Woolly, " Blacky" Leadham, Jean Balinger, Johnny Wilde, Robert and Frank Gregg from Mount Road.
I married Judy Goodby from New Street at Wordsley Church in December 1959. Our wedding reception was held at the Community Center.
I also remember many hours playing football at Foxhill and I remain an avid Wolves fan to this day. I spent many happy evenings at the Olympia (Lymp)Cinema
I am retired and now live in Palm Coast FL, near Daytona Beach and would love to hear from any Wordsleyites.
Bob Wood

The Fox Hill Boys

I remember Fox Hill (Fox Bonk) and sliding down on cardboard in the summer and sledges in the winter. I remember John, Colin, Mike and Ian, all kids from around the 'Bullring' - Church Road, Mount Road and Ryder Street. I also remember swimming in the cut at Bell's Mill or fishing under the bridge. And the rope swing - miss the return first time and it was in the cut! And playing football - always bottom pitch - teams of kids playing in all weathers and scores of 24-0 on a bad day. I remember the gardeners, Edie Humphries and Stan Potter, getting their pea and bean sticks from the woods, the same woods us kids set up summer camp in. Always near the spud field, just so we could lift the odd one or two and cook on the camp fire. I live in Cardiff surrounded by the Welsh language but it's got nowt on the Black Country twang. From playing the fool at school, in my 60's I'm studying for... Read more

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