Albury, The Village c.1950

Albury, The Village c.1950

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Caption for Albury, the Village c1950

This was indeed once the place where paupers and those down on their luck could seek food and a roof over their head. However, if they were able-bodied they had to do menial tasks to earn their keep. Four years after the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act, the much larger Guildford Workhouse opened, doing away with this smaller poorhouse.

Memories of Albury

Living In The Butcher's Shop

Just on the right up a slight hill and only just visible is the butcher's shop. It was part of the Albury Estate but a new butcher could not be found so it was sold out of the estate and my father, Kenneth Parker, bought it. He redesigned the interior, renaming it 'Whitecroft' after the name on an old map ...Read full memory

Albury School And Albury Village Shops

I attended Albury school from 1941 to 1948. The headmaster was Mr Wareham, 2 other teachers were ;Miss Vokins and Miss Kemp. I lived in Little London and walked to school as did most of the pupils. I remember shops in the village; Pratts Stores, King the Bakers, Parfrey's Garage, chemist shop, (Mr ...Read full memory

A memory of Albury by Shirley Mewes

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