Alton, Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Nurses Home c.1955

Alton, Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Nurses Home c.1955

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Caption for Alton, Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Nurses Home c1955

The Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital and College received its first children in 1908. As numbers increased, more nurses were needed, and the nurses' home, known as Alexandra House, was opened in June 1914. A memorial bust of Sir William Treloar, the founder, can be seen outside on the terrace (right).

Memories of Alton, Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Nurses Home c1955

Looking For Memories Of My Mum

This is a long shot, but I believe my mum worked at LMT Hospital in the 1950's/60's, she was Edna Pitt although she married in 1961 and became Boettcher. She was an auxiliary nurse I think. Does anyone remember her at all?

A memory of Alton by dgdellagree3


I had the best time training at Treloars. I started in 1970 doing my orthopaedric nurse diploma, Loved every moment,. the trainng was strict but we had great times beside the pool

A memory of Alton by Anne Keddie

Children's Ward 1948 To 54

Going into LMT hospital,every summer during school holidays to have operations on my,right hand which was webbed... Mixed memories of painful,operations - but kind staff and reading every Enid Blyton ever written I think...all provided for the children's use by the hospital... I envied the patients who were allowed to sleep on the hose days parents were only allowed to visit on those fists were treasured and much looked forward to

A memory of Alton by Angela Pearce

Alicia 'Lulu' Hawkins

Just found this - cannot compute! In retrospect, the best days of my life. Reunited after a gap with nee Ann Wagstaff, Anne Legge, Maureen Russell (aunt was Sister Booth) and Gill Baker (now Legge). Old bones ban gatherings, but BT does well from us, so they know of this site now. Such a strict training, all muscles, etc learned. No cross infection allowed - nor thought of - in spite of the abscesses from TB, etc. Maureen and Anne Legge went to 'Kings', the rest of us to Westminster. Gill married Anne Legge's brother. Mothers were encouraged to be interviewed with daughters - no bad thing (?like horses!). Sister Smith used to get me to play songs for the boys to sing to, on an evening shift - the piano ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton

A Not So Happy Stay

I was diagnosed with TB of the knee and admitted to Treloars at the age of 3. Fortunately I have few memories of my time there but those I have are mostly unhappy ones. Visiting was once a month; my parents would arrive laden with gifts. As soon as they had gone a nurse would ask which toy I would like to play with. On one occasion I chose a small farm set. However, the nurse then asked which animal I would like to have. I wasn't allowed to have the complete set only one little pig measuring about 1 inch! The rest were taken away never to be seen again. I remember being placed in a "blanket room" surrounded by red blankets. This was the punishment for some minor "offence". Another time, my cot was wheeled into a ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Lynda Sheppard

Sister Smith

Hi all old inmates of LMTH. I was in Connaught Ward block 3 (boys), at the tender mercy of Sister Smith, from about end 1951 aged 6 until December 1954. I had neglected TB in the knees and (then unknown) lungs. I remember Wilfred, who carried us about either in that grey wooden handcart or the electric trolley and who made wooden toys for those of us who had little or no visitors at Christmas. Mrs Caravan (I think) was the ward teacher and I remember a poor novice sister getting thrown out for climbing out of a ward window to recover something a boy lost. I also remember Streptomycin and PZA (ugh!) and getting a front tooth broken as they attempted to force me to eat some vile pudding. The cabbage was the worst I've ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Robert Court

Student Murses Sept 56 To Sept 58

We were student nurses at Treloars from Sept 56 to Sept 58. We have fond memories of our time at Treloars and we would love to hear from anyone from that set. Jenny "Chis" Wining (nee Christoffel) Mary Blake (nee Harris)

A memory of Alton by Mary Blake


In 1955 I spent five weeks in Treloars for a feet operation when I was 13 years old. The person who operated on me was Dr Evans, if anyone remembers him, he had (I think), five sons. The senior staff lived in the houses above the hospital which were wood built. They were all situated in an open plan setting with a tennis court nearby... very lovely, and the whole hosptal was beautifully laid out. I remember also a Dr Wilson who worked there, the Financial Officer was a Mr Caine who had two sons. The hospital was extremely well run (unlike nowadays) with great discipline. The Nurses were good at their jobs and fun to be around. Many years later I went into another hospital for the first time since 1955 and the comparison was ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by morrowmm

Here 1947 1950

When I first came here the NHS hadn't begun, I think my mum was asked to pay 7/6d per week! Visiting was 2hrs on the 1st Sunday of the month only. Just as well really because my parents had to travel from 3 miles south of Dorking. I laid flat on my back for most of the 3 years with my left hip in plaster, a strap across my chest, and weights out of the end of the bed holding my left leg still. In fact when I came out of hospital my right shoe had to be made up by 3" to compensate for the extra length of my left!. I remember very little of my stay in Treloars, apart from catching chicken-pox and being placed in an isolation ward, and Mum and Dad wearing gowns etc., when they visited. I remember being told off by Sister ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Terence Mayne

Cannot Remember Much

I believe I was in LMTH from 1953 until 1962 with breaks in between. This was due to polio which meant many operations on my right leg. I can recall a Sister Smith. I do recall going outside with our beds, and shunting the beds around the ward in the evening to be closer to our pals to play games. I also recall, due to boredom, we somehow managed to tie a fishing line to the on/off switch to the large radio which was wall mounted. We then used to pull the line, turning on the valve set late at night; it took a minute or so to warm up, then started playing loudly, causing the staff who sat at a large table at the end of the ward to come rushing down to turn it off. I do not think we were ever caught, but they ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Terry Bartlam

Trying To Remember

Hello, my name is Philip Glass. I spent two years in hospital, one at Alton and one at Hayling Island. I am approaching retirement age and am desperate to see old photos etc around about the time I was there; I went in 1950 and came out in 1952, wearing a massive boot on one leg and caliper on the other, as a result of perthes disease. I think being cured at the age between 12-14. I don't have many good memories of my time in hospital, I am told in those days the start of the treatment was most of your limbs be restrained, ankles, knees, pelvis, shoulders, again I am struggling to remember because of time lapse. If there is any books or photos I would appreciate any help.

A memory of Alton by Philip Glass

My Stay At Alton Hospital

I too, was in Alton Hospital in about 1955 for approximately thirteen weeks, or so I was told. Again like most on here, we didn't see our parents that often as most would have travelled by public transport, mine coming from Tadley (at least two bus rides). I do however remember being out on a balcony of sorts and also the Easter Sunday that it snowed. I can't really remember what ward I was on as I was only four or five at the time. I do however, remember that I had to learn how to walk again while having plaster of paris on my legs, on what were called rockers (a wooden type of clog - best way to describe them) which also had callipers attached to them. I remember the nurses nicked my easter egg, which was ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Liam Murray

Children's Ward 1959

I spent several months in Treloar with Polio. I was five years old and from what I have been told, at deaths door. Can't say that I remember much except the nurses smiles and the pictures of Micky Mouse on the windows. I would like to thank the staff for whatever they did to save my life, as from being paralyzed from my left arm across my body to my right leg, I went on to have a fantastic life seeing the world and having children and grandchildren. Thank you.

A memory of Alton by Ian Ruff

The Nurses

I spent eight happy weeks in the hospital having my Achilles Tendon repaired. The Nurses were wonderful I had a big crush on one - Ann Hawes I would love to hear from her again. Please contact me

A memory of Alton by John Garbutt

Found Memoreys

I spent quite a time at this hospital when I was a child, all the staff were very good. It was my second home, I went there when I was born in 1958 whth my angelical hip bone, I shall miss the old place.

A memory of Alton by Brenda Green


Hi Nina. Like you I spent years at Treloars as a child and unlike you, I hated every minute. I was on a plaster-bed for 5years as I had T.B. of the spine. The nurses, with the exception of a couple, were hard and cold. We all lived in fear of the ward sister, I still remember her name, Sister Hadley, and although I am now 71, I would like to meet her and tell her just what she did to a small frightened child who couldnt retaliate, although I expect she is long dead. Because visiting was so sparse, I forgot I had a mum and dad, they were complete strangers to me and it took a long time to re-adjust to home life. I'm so glad you are ok. I am very happily married and have been for 27 years, but my childhood still ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Norma Shaw

A Patient

I was looking at the Treloars web site and came across a nurse named Anne Sones who was enquiring about her nursing set. I was not a nurse but I was a patient around that time. I remember Anne Sones and Ann Hawes.

A memory of Alton by Brian Biggs

Treloar Hospital

Please can anyone help me find any information about my deceased's grandmother's son Reggie Farrow (deceased) who was a patient at Treloar Hospital on 29th May 1923? I am unsure of his illness, I only have a lovely letter he wrote to his mother, my deceased grandmother, talking about a Garden Party which was due to take place a week on Saturday and they were expecting a lot of visitors and also that the weather was wet and cold. Sadly he died Sept 1923, I believe at Treloar Hospital aged 9 years, I would be very grateful of any memories or information, I appreciate it is quite a few years back. Kind regards for reading, Julie.

A memory of Alton by Julie Osborn

Are There Any Other Nurses In Our Set, From 1955 To 1957?

My name was Ann Sones in the above set. I am in contact with several other 'girls' in our set, namely Ann Hawes, Anna Smith, Jenny Laurey, Judy Rees, Shirley Lewin, Jean Boxall, Glenys Johnson, Ann Daubney. Does anyone remember any of us? It would be great to hear from anyone from that time - we are all in our 70s now!

A memory of Alton by Ann Lane

Ward 5 1968/71

I remember one of my best Christmases being spent on Ward 5. Where are the others, Miss Coats, Sister Howell, Nurse Derby. Can anyone else remember the times we spent?

A memory of Alton by Ian Rennie

Student Nurse Shawyer

I was a student nurse at Lord Mayor Treloars from January 1962 until January 1964. Those two years orthopaedics were affiliated with other hospitals which allowed us to start training before 18 which was the minimum age for General Nursing commencement, when the students moved on the 3 year general training was reduced to two years. The hospital was a very happy place because many of the patients were long stay, young, cheerful and perfect! The nurses home is shown in this photograph, it was always warm and friendly. I had several rooms in the home, the attic window just visible beyond the second A was my favourite, the only disadvantage being if you got in from a date late, after 10pm lock up you could not get ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Bronwen Lovering

Eva Turner

My mother was a Nurse Tutor at Lord Mayor Treloars Hospital during the 1940s to the 1960s. I am wondering if anyone has any memories of her, I would be very happy to hear of them.

Hospital Memories

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and spent 3 weeks on the children's ward. I met lots of friends and the nursing staff were great. When we heard it was to close down my family and I went to fund-raises but unfortunately it still closed. My husband and I recently went to Alton and when we got to the area where the hospital was, all I found were houses. I have very fond memories of the hospital.

A memory of Alton by Nicola Haynes


My mother was the Health Visitor for Alton from 1949 until 1972 and I had many memories of Lord Mayor Treloars, both in and out, since I was a patient in April 1955. We also knew the doctors, Evans, and I think Caine was the accountant for the hospital. The grounds were very beautiful and it had that huge verandah in the front to which the beds from the wards could be rolled. I also remember the huge traffic jams through Alton at Bank Holidays. Fot those who have not been back from the 1950s, you haven't missed much. I went back maybe 10 years ago and Treloars is gone, Eggars is now in a new, very ugly building. In fact the whole place has really gone downhill in the town although the outskirts are still lovely, except that the Old Odiham Road has been trashed with new housing.

A memory of Alton by morrowmm


I was in hospital from January 1963 for 6 months to have my right leg stretched, it didn't totally work, but it was in 1966/1967 when I had to have several operations for the other leg. Although it was my first time away from home everyone seemed to help each other. The snow drifts didn't bother anyone much, the Solent had ice floating in it. Does anyone remember Pammy, Emily and Cathy? They were also patients in ward 7. I remember Mrs Horsforth, she was a cleaner who liked Frank Ifield. Miss Coates worked there too, and Fred the porter.

A memory of Alton by poppy.deville

Friends Reunited

I was in hospital for two and a half years, I made lots of friends there. There were three girls I remember, one was Pat Davis, she had TB just like me, Susan Burgess was another and Evonne la Page was the other one. If anyone knows anything about them I would love to know. My surname was Braybrook  and like I said I was in hospital around 1955-1956, not quite sure of the exact date.

A memory of Alton by Sheila Guilfoyle

Block 5 Lads

I was put in Treloars as a last attempt to cure my Lupus Vulgaris, and have many happy memories of the staff and the lads in with me, alas the only names I can recall are John Tissington and David Doe. Woud love to hear from anyone remembering me, regards, Ernie.

A memory of Alton by Ernest Windebank

Very Fond Memories Of Lmtoh Ward 5

I was in St Giles Hospital, Camberwell, and was transferred to Lord Mayor Treloars Orphopaedic Hospital, Alton because the surgeon was a good friend of the main Consultant Surgeon at Alton who was, I think Mr Catterell. Apparently my problem was very difficult to diagnose, and it was only when I was operated on that the full extent of damage was evident. I had a badly diseased spine, where two of the vertebrae were being eaten away by Osteomyelitis. The recovery period was extremely painful, and I remember having a full body cast made, which was cut into top and bottom halves. During my stay in 1959 the summer was very hot and sunny, and we were pushed out onto the verandah area, in our beds and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by David Motuel

Good Times & Bad

I was in the hospital for two & a half years. I was in a plaster case with straps all the way from top to bottom. I was on my back through the night & in the mornings the nurses would turn me so I could see the other children. I made lots of friends while I was there & all the nursing staff & doctors were great. The best time was weekends when my mum, dad & my brother came to see me. It was a long way for them to come because they lived in Fovant near Salisbury, Wiltshire. They came on a Saturday & stayed in bed & breakfast then came & spent the whole of Sunday with me. They never missed coming up. Tuesday was a good day as well because my auntie who lived in Nottingham sent me a parcel. It always had a toy & a book & ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Sheila Guilfoyle

Sweet Memories

i was in the hospital as a patient for nearly two years, as a six year old boy, i had quite a good time considering i was far from home(portsmouth),the nursing staff were brillient,how they put up with us boys god knows,our schooling was good fun as well,i will always remember nurse johns bless her, she had so much time for everyone,and could draw great pictures on the blackboard,i had weights hanging from my leg for most of the time, to stretch my leg, it worked, thanks to the time and help from all the staff,sunday dinner was cream and chocolate yummy,i recall one xmas there was a massive snow storm, we were told no one could get though for visits,my mum and dad did,i had so many toys my parents dished them ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by Michael Parker

Nina Dickey

Hi My name is Nina. I was in the Treloar Hospital during the end of world war two.  I went in when I was 10 and came out on March 30th 1945.  I remember being on the terrace while the blitz was on, what else could they do, most of us were in bed.  The doctors and nurses were very good to me.  I had club feet and peaus cavis (hope this is spelled right).  I came out when I was 11yrs old.  At the time I lived in Bordon, Hampshire in England.  Now I am living in Canada.  I was 15yrs old when I came to Canada to be with my Mother who married a Canadian soldier in Canada.  My Mother left England in 1947 as a war bride to come to Canada.  I remember having my shoes made in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by ninadickey

Treloar Hospital

I was a patient in this hospital in 1955 when I was ten years old. There were very caring nurses and also a hospital school which helped me immensely during my stay of about two months. At that time I believe it was named The Lord Mayor Treloar hospital for Crippled Children. Not very "P C" by 21st century standards of description!   Anyway, the nurses were truly excellent and they needed to be as so many of us were long stay patients and in the 1950's the visiting hours were extremely limited so young children missed their families. In fine weather our beds were wheeled out on to a terrace and I can remember having some arithmetic lessons there. I recovered fully from surgery to both of my feet and went home ...Read full memory

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