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Anderby Creek

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Memories of Anderby Creek

Anderby Creek memories
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The House Called Beverley And The 1953 Spring Tide

Main Street 1960, Anderby Creek
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My father built the square flat roofed house called Beverley on the sand dunes in the late 1920s next to the bungalow by the creek. It has since had two refurbishments, the first of which included a conventional roof. I visited the house with my grandfather following the 1953 disastrous high tide. Between the house and a 30ft drop there was just one row of slabs. We stood on the slabs looking out to sea. The next thing I knew the slab my grandfather was standing on had given way and he was sitting on the beach! Fortunately the house and my grandfather survived.

Harrisons Store

Main Street 1960, Anderby Creek
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I spent the whole of the school summer holidays working on Manor Farm at Anderby from 1947 to 1951. Each evening and all weekends were spent at Anderby creek with Harrisons Stores as base. Bob Harrison used to get me a weekly supply of cigarettes which were kept behind the counter and collected on Saturday (Pay Day!) If I ran short in the meantime he could usualy rustle up a packet of Grande Turque or Pasha which took some inhaling. (I started at age of 15) He and his wife spent all their time trying to matchmake me with an attractive young lady who lived in a bungalow a few doors from them - June Lowe was her name if I recall correctly, and she lived in Beeston, Nottingham or thereabouts. There was also a very good fish and chip shop open several nights a week at Roses caravan site nearer the beach. At that time there were no petrol pumps outside Harrisons.

Harrison's Store

Main Street 1960, Anderby Creek
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The store with the petrol pumps in this photograph was owned from at leat the early 1950s to the late 70's by a couple, originally from Leicester, called Bob and Grace Harrison. In the season, opening hours were around 6am to 11pm, and the store sold just about everything.

Lincolnshire memories

The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl Cafe c1960, Huttoft
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We sometimes stayed in a caravan at Anderby Creek. Every day we took a picnic and stayed all day at Huttoft Bank. We bought flags and buckets and spades at the shop on the bad corner in Sandilands. My father used to blow up the inner tubes from the lorry to float on, and my mother always tied it to a washing line so you didn't get blown out to sea. On the way home we used to go to The Rose Bowl. I remember the Mynah bird. Once we saw footsteps in the mud leading into the creek but none coming out. We never heard of anyone missing. One year a big tree had been washed up by the waves, we scooped some sand out of the way and it shaded my three week old brother from the sun and wind. Hopefully going to Huttoft this w/e.

Mynah Bird?

The Rose Bowl Cafe c1960, Huttoft
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I recall many visits to the Rose Bowl Cafe as a small child in the 1960s. We used to walk from Anderby Creek where we used to spend summer holidays. There used to be a Mynah Bird I think.


The Rose Bowl Cafe c1960, Huttoft
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I used to cycle from Alford to Sandilands golf course, clubs on my back, and stop off at this cafe I recall what seemed to me a fairly grumpy man but civil, I remember he told me Davy Jones of the Monkees dropped in once, I also remember the Minah Bird. I used to walk round the golf course in the morning looking for balls and play in the afternoon and then cycle home, seven miles if memory serves me. Blimey!

Childhood Memories

The Esplanade c1955, Chapel St Leonards
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I have spent many happy holidays in Chapel. My Dad had two weeks holiday from the Prudential and he and Mum and I would head off on hols. I specifically remember fossil hunting on Chapel Point beach, there I also learned to swim. I remember too the esplanade, there was a walk through with an amusement arcade and the best fish and chip shop in the world, I can smell it now. Remeber when the first submarine went under the icecap, well I still have my tin toy submarine. As a child the sights and smells and colours and atmosphere of the place have all remained with me. We used to stay at Mrs Tingles guest house and petrol was in short supply - I had to walk from there to the beach, a very long way as a 5 year old. My Father also spent his holidays as child with my grandparents, and they camped. I have the milk can that Dad used to fetch the milk in... Read more

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