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Memories of South Yorkshire

My Roots

North Anston is the place where i grew up we are a old Anston family, my maiden name was Foulds.I remember sledging in Butcher Orchard and landing in the river many times, we roamed al over the village and because every one knew everyone we came to no harm i love this place, two of my daughters live here and i hope they are as happy as i am to be part of Anston

Trolley Racing

Lordens Hill c1965, Dinnington
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At the age of 11 nothing was more valuable than a set of old pram wheels. Using a 4-foot plank (this is old money) for the base. To sit on, we fastened a short piece to the back with an axle and 2 wheels, the same at the front but fastened with a bolt so you could steer it. Fix a seat and you were away. Pull it to the top of the hill and race down. There where only about 3 or 4 cars in Dinnington at that time so it was quite safe. Until Wigmores bus came ,then it was both feet on the ground to stop best we could. That's what we called burning rubber! Ah! those were the days.

Walks With my Mum

I recently went for a walk with my mum Enid, to the bluebell wood. This wood has many names, Kings Wood, Long Thwaite Wood, to mention a couple. It evoked memories of my childhood. Days when I would walk with my brother and sister. Georgina marching off in front trying not to be associated with her younger siblings or get tempted to regress to those imaginary games of Robin Hood or the land of Narnia she had devised for us, after all she was now a sophisticated 15yr old. Memories of Sunday morning outings with my dad, Johnny; Carl,our baby brother in the big pram which I would also ride back home after these epic journeys, which often circumvented Firbeck, Letwell, Gildingwells and Woodsetts. On these days mum would be cooking Sunday dinner, listening to Family Favourites on the radio. On our return she would tell us of the requests from Austrailia, where we had recently returned from. If we were lucky, Dad would by us some chocolate... Read more

Dinnington Miners' Welfare Centre

Miners Welfare Centre c1965, Dinnington
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The Miners' Welfare Centre was a Godsend to everybody. There were swings, roundabouts, and the rocking horse on the left where I spent many a happy hour when I was a boy. The hall was used by miners where they could read all the papers in the Reading Room. There were two snooker tables and card tables, and a bar selling only pop, crisps and sweets. The building is now (2009) empty and for sale. The centre also had two bowling greens, a tennis court, a football pitch and a cricket pitch with changing rooms. You could play all day on the Welfare, by yourself, without any trouble - different than it is today. Happy memories.
Ramon Fletcher.

Remember Me??

Lordens Hill c1965, Dinnington
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I lived in Coronation Road, drove coaches for Excelsior Continential of Lordens Hill. I also played Rugby for Dinington Old Boys. I lived with my friend and his wife Dave Best, I was friendly with a lovely young lady Sarah Williams . Does any one remember me or can they put me in touch with Sarah???

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