Ayr, Strathclyde
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Bobby Rab

I remember Bobby Rab and his roan & white Clydesdale horse that pulled the big cart with Bobby Rab sitting on it. They worked for Murray Forrest the coal merchant in Beresford terrace and delivered coal. They could be seen in Burns Statue Square with the horse drinking out of the fountain situated opposite the Ayrshire & Galloway ...Read full memory

A memory of Ayr by morna.lionsgate

Hammies Tin Hut

I remember going to newton park school and on the corner of walker road and somerset toad was hamilton's tin hut, selling penny drinks (basically coloured water)

A memory of Ayr

Buying Sixpence Worth Of Stale Buns

I remember as a wee girl going with my brother Donald to buy sixpence worth of stale buns. I don't remember the bakers but it was behind Boots the Chemist. It was always a treat if your mum had a spare sixpence and told you to go and purchase some buns. The temptation was always too much and the buns were ...Read full memory

A memory of Ayr by Laura Wilson