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Bacup memories

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Paul Richard Bullivant Living on Fountain Terrace, Bacup 1950-57

From being born on Fountain Terrace, Bacup in January 1950, to leaving in the summer of 1957 to go and live up Gladstone Street. I remember myself and my two sisters living in a mid-terrace house with no electricity and no central heating - just a back stove. The house had stone steps that were well-worn, and we used to have a bath once a week in a big zinc tub that hung behind the kitchen door. The gas lighting was a delicate affair, and if you accidentally knocked a hot gas mantle, that was it, it was done for, and you got a clout around the head. We had a cellar under the house which was supposed to store coal, but there was never much coal in it. Near Bonfire time it was at one point stuffed with old paper, and other rubbish we had collected. Thinking back, it was definitely a bit of a fire hazard! There was some kind of radio that came in to the house... Read more

St Marys SChool

Broadclough Hall c1960, Bacup
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My brother Laurence and I attended St Marys Primary School around 1949 to 1951 we lived in Greens Mill with our parents I remember two sisters who lived in the same row called Mary and Veronica Evans
MY name was Margaret Dunn my brother Lawrence


Broadclough Hall c1960, Bacup
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I have just visited my great aunties house and was very interested to find a photo on the wall of this house with a note attached - it appears to have been the family home of my great Uncle Joe's parents. Would anyone know how I would find more information about it - like the years they lived there etc

My Uncle George

The Fountain, St James Square c1955, Bacup
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The fountain and the swimming baths were the responsibility of my uncle, George Ashworth, who for many years was Chief Engineer for Bacup Borough water works.

Coming Home From Bacup Baths

Market Street c1960, Bacup
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I remember as a kid spending many hours in Bacup Baths. The little bath and the big bath. The coal covered colliers scrubbing each others backs in the showers. I remember swimming for bacup during the 50s. Swimmers names like Marshall, Woodcock, Gee, Thomas, Andrews. I would play TIG in the baths with other lads. Then hungry I would spend a penny (my bus fair) on a small loaf from a bread shop across from the baths on Rochdale Road. Then instead of catching the bus home to stacksteads I would have to walk home. The photo is the first site I got as I made my decision to buy a small loaf or ride home hungry on the bus.

Happy 60th Des From Ray, Rhonda,Kristie&Matt

Bowling Green, Moorlands Park c1955, Bacup
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Happy 60th Des from Ray,Rhonda,Kristie&Matt

Bankside Lane And The Bonks

Hi, my name is John Andrew Halliwell. I used to live on Bankside Lane. The street above the bonks, I and some of my friends had many hours of fun there, much to the displeasure of my parents. Thanks for bringing back the memories. 1962 I emigrated here to Australia.

Playing on The Bonks

I lived at 149 Plantation Street, born 1950, till Plant Back as it was known was demolished around 1963 approx. My Uncle Albert had a printing business there called Martin Holt Printers. Most of my memories I can recall was playing on the Bonks as we called it with the Mullins, Herberts, Keos and Westwells, we used to drop off the wall, play Channey and tig on the tops. The latter had a 4 storey drop onto Market Street below. At bonfire time we would make a guy and wait outside the Swan Hotel collecting 'Penny for the guy' but when we had enough money we would go and get a shilling mixture. Funny how memories come back after all those years.

Memories of Lancashire

Stacksteads Glen Top - The Old Brewery.

Glen Top c1950, Stacksteads
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I well remember the building in this photograph. I believe it was built as a brewery and in 1957 I remember working there, I was a joiner and was sent there at times to carry out joinery repairs etc. The firm I worked for at the time was J Greenhalgh of Rawtenstall. The brewery I recall was called Baxters, and was taken over a few years later by Beverly's beers, shortly after that it was demolished and can now be seen only as a large grass area.

Childhood on Osborne Terrace

Fernville Terrace c1955, Stacksteads
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In 1949 the houses on Osborne Terrace were just being built, as soon as they were coming available the council were moving people in, our family moved into no 21. I was 4 years old. It was a lovely place then, nice and quiet, not much in the way of traffic then. There were 4 chip shops on the main road, the only one that is left now used to be called Hartleys. There was a barber's shop called Fred Smith's, all the shops were occupied then, Webs cake shop, Gillibrands the chemist, 2 butchers, Co-Op, Barcrofs grocers was where the machine shop is now. Also Duckworths, where I worked when I was 16. As children we would play rounders etc on Osborne, you would hear the siren go off I think it was from Lee Quarry then we would know it was school time. We always had a big bonfire on what we called the sand hill, always being careful not to get raided by our arch enemy, ie... Read more

2 Breweries in The Glen, Stacksteads

Glen Top c1950, Stacksteads
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I have walked past this brewery many times as a child and an adult, it felt spooky, a large dark stone building. But there was also another brewery on the opposite side of the road with a very big house in its own grounds that the owners lived in, unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the brewery, does anyone know?

Fearns Stacksteads

Fearns Hall (1557) c1955, Stacksteads
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I went to Fearns High School and passed the Hall every day, as school involved climbing a hill and using what was called the Cat Steps which was a path up the hillside constructed from all sizes and shapes of stones. A boy in my class lived at Fearns Hall, this was in the 1960s.

Stacksteads Boyhood.

Fernville Terrace c1955, Stacksteads
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My family moved from Haslingden to Newchurch Road in 1950 opposite the Farhome Tavern. As an eight year old I attended Western Junior School until 1953 leaving to attend Blackthorn Secondary Modern until June 1957 when our family moved to Morecambe.
After school walking home in the Bacup direction I passed several shops and Stacksteads Station standing back on the right. The next main landmark was the "VALESCO" slipper factory before passing Holden's joinery/small hardware shop.
Barcrofts had an escalator going up the first-floor storage area. Abag of broken biscuits could sometimes be purchased for a penny. Mr. Barcroft senior was for a time my Sunday School teacher at Acre Mill Baptist.
My father worked part time in the afternoons (mornings he worked for Whitewell Dairies delivering in the Stacksteads area) in Gillibrands Chemist helping in the dispencary. Seem to remember a MR. & Mrs. Colborne running a grocery shop on the corner of Farhome Lane. On the opposite corner was Jim Law's butchers with Pickups? parcel delivery service... Read more

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