Memories of Beddington

Boating On The Lake Near The Grange

Another great photo for memories of Beddington Park and the Grange. There was a boat house and some paddle boats by the wooden bridge. Ron Shelley

A memory of Beddington by Rone Shelley

Post Office Sports Field

When I was a child in the 1940s, this sports field belonged to the Post Office. Occasionally there would be a horse in residence and this is where I had my first and only ride on such an animal. The stadium on the left ...Read full memory

Teenager In The Early 60s

The grange and boating lake was a meeting place for many youngsters in the early 60s, Sunday afternoons we would turn up with our little radio's to listen to the top twenty music chart program. Many romances started ...Read full memory

Terrible Fire

It was my 10th birthday in 1963 and my aunt failed to turn up for my party. There had been a dreadful fire that evening which destroyed the Grange. I remember as a child going to the grange to see the fish and feed the ducks in ...Read full memory

The Grange Fire

I too remember the fire and going to see the ruins the day after. I had previously gone there fairly regularly for speech therapy while I was at Holy Trinity Primary School. I vaguely remember the rather ornate internal ...Read full memory

Grange Alarm Called In

My mom had the sweet shop on Croydon Road at Wallington Green. The fire alarm was sounded by Ken on his way home in the early hours after finishing his night shift. This was told to us, by Ken, at Mom’s sweet shop ...Read full memory

A memory of Beddington by Colin Savage

Raised In The Lodge, Beddington During The Early 1920's

My mother grew up on the Lodge in Beddington. Her family lived there throughout the war years and remembers the V2's and sheltering in the basement of the orphanage during air raids. ...Read full memory

A memory of Beddington by mandyinoz


Fond memories..attending the church with my best friend Jean when we were at school, then in later years in our teens, showing off new outfits that we had shopped for in Croydon. So many weddings, including mine in much has happened since then....

Boating On This Lake Seemed Quite Dangerous....

I well remember the rowing boats on the lake in Beddington Park. One end of the lake seemed quite dark and sinister, whilst the other was open and safe. I remember creaky oar locks and wooden hulls, ...Read full memory

A memory of Beddington by mandyinoz

Summer Days Boating On The Lake

Wonderful memories this photo brings back. In the 1950's after school we would take girls out in the boats...then eat ice cream with soft drinks from the Grange cafe. Beddinton Park and the Grange were the best of times for young romance in the summer. Ron Shelley

A memory of Beddington by Rone Shelley

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