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Victoria Park 1906, Bideford

Victoria Park 1906, Bideford

Victoria Park 1906, Bideford Ref: 55924a

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Jennie Field

High Street 1953, Bideford
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Taking the bus from Westward Ho! and walking up the high street to Woolworths to buy a record of Roy Orbison singing 'Only the lonely'. That was when you could buy anything you wanted on a 'proper high street' where all the best shops were. That was the last time I went up the high street before my family moved to Sussex.


From Across The River Torridge 1899, Bideford
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Change in Quay Working in The Last 10 Years

The Quay 1890, Bideford
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Since moving to North Devon 10 years ago from London, have seen the quay area rebuilt as a flood defence system. The equipment on the quay, with the replacement of the old crane with a new modern crane, used mostly for loading brick and ball clay for Spain and Finland. A new trade occurred last year with shipment of timber from local forests to Wismar, to Germany .Most of the ships load approx 2400 tons depending on tides and weather conditions. The local shipyard at Appledore has been busy building pieces for the two Royal Navy aircraft carriers at Rosyth.


High Street 1919, Bideford
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After coming out of hospital in the early 1960s when I was 10, I stayed at a Catholic boarding school in Bideford which had a church attached. Over the years I have attempted to find out exactly where the school was, but to no avail. I would be more than happy if anyone out there could help?

Nice Work, Great Grandpa!

St Peter's Church Interior 1906, Bideford
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It's only been in the last few days that I've learnt that Bideford's St Peter's Church was designed and built in the 1880's by my great grandfather Robert Taylor Hookway who was later the president of the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club at around 1903.



East The Water

High Street 1919, Bideford
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Hi Folks,

I am looking for an old photograph. Just over the bridge on the East The Water side of Bideford is the parking lot for the Royal Hotel. In days gone by, and in my youth, as I was born in Torrington Street, it used to be a square. At the edge of the square which was the bridge end of Torrington Street was a fish and chip shop. At the top of the building of the fish and chip shop was mounted a sculptered eagle.

Does anyone have a photo of this eagle please

The granddaughter of the fish and chip owners is a wonderful lady. We drifted apart to different sides of the world, but due to a beautiful set of events we have been brought back together. We recently said hello to each other after a gap of 50 years, just magic.

I hope that somebody might be able to help

Thanks in advance

Eddie Neylon

Steeper Than it Looks

High Street 1919, Bideford
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It was every school summer holiday that my sister and I used to come with our parents to spend a week or so with grandma Annie Penhorwood. If we had any money we would go to the bakery shop near the bottom of the High Street and carry our prizes in their greased brown paper bag back up (usually in some heat) to eat later.
This usually preceeded a trip to Westward Ho! to spend ages making a monumental shelter in the pebble ridge and carefully picking the biggest pebbles to run on, to get into the surf first. I also remember getting buffeted by enormous waves (especially if nearer September) and gamely hanging on to my home-made wooden surfboard, painted white to help it stay a little bit waterproof. Shame that this was scraped off in the shallows on the sand underneath, because it was warmer in the water there and I could at least stand up on it!
Annie lived in many places including Abbotsham Road and East... Read more

Bideford Bridge

Bridge And Free Library 1906, Bideford
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My grandmother grew up in Bideford and had a copy of this postcard (which I still have). She told me that the two children in the foreground of the picture were actually her and her brother.

Memories of A Choir Boy

St Mary's Church Font 1906, Bideford
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Seeing the pic of the font in St Marys brought back memories of my time as a choir boy there, part of a tradition in our family.  Our choir master was Mr Sellers a teacher at Geneva School also known as 'Jumbo' because of his large ears!
New boys were intitated into the choir with a ritual (including me) in which you had to run around the church outside, then hit on head with bell rope and finally thrown into the holly bush!!!  It sounds cruel I know but was done and taken in good humour by all and I enjoyed my time in the choir immensely.

Springfield Terrace

From Across The River Torridge 1899, Bideford
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This view shows my house. It is the one at this end of Springfield Terrace - you can see a number of the terrace chimneys peeping out over the top of the hill to the left. We overlook the River Torridge. You can see the old medieval bridge in the background. Our terrace was built around 1850 for the managers of the railway company (the old Torrington to Barnstaple railway ran just in front of our house until 1965. For the last few years the old track course has been converted to a new use - for cyclists, and renamed the Tarka Trail. Our houses have wonderful views from the middle and top floors over the river and the town of Bideford opposite.

Looking For Mrs Coghlan

Hi, I had relatives that lived in Bideford and Northam. Mrs Annie Coghlan, (who was Annie Martin nee Woodland) who survived the Titanic, I'm trying to find out what happened to her after she survived the Titanic and before she died in 1936. I discovered that in the mid to late '20s she worked in the Royal Hotel, Bideford and she died in Combe Martin. In the article reporting Annie's death it said that she had a sister in Northam, I'm going to make an assumption that this was Phoebe Humby, as she died in Barnstable in 1951, and they seemed to be very close from the research I have already done. My relationship to both is that they are my great great aunts, I have no other contact with any living relatives from this branch of the family so any info about either of them would be greatly appreciated.

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