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Memories of Bilby

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Nottinghamshire memories

The Woman my Father Married

I don't know a lot about Blyth, Northumberland, only that for some strange reason I visited an awful lot during my life but thought nothing of it. My current fiancee and I would sit for long periods on the old docks at the bottom of Ridley Street area, eating locally purchased cheeseburgers etc. I remember once booking a romantic table for two in Blyth, but it was a waste of time - she only potted 3 reds! Much later in my life I learned that my grandfather, James Barns Chilvers, was lost at sea after leaving Blyth harbour on 25th November 1925, on a collier named Galleon, bound for London. She never made it. Only wreckage of the ship was found. He was born in Hull on the 16th June 1855. He married my grandmother, Dorothy Rose Chilvers, nee Burns, on March 11th 1901, in Gateshead Registry Office. My grandmother's side of the family goes back hundreds of years and includes Rabbi Burns, the famed Scottish poet. This is probably why... Read more

Shirtcliffe Family in Babworth

Some years ago I visited Babworth to search for any information about my ancestors the "Shirtcliffes" I was unsuccessful as it was a weekend and there were not many people about.
I know my ancestor William Shirtcliff/e married a Mary Turner in 1809 in the Babworth church, but nothing else is known about him. I would beinterested to hear of anyone who has information on how I can find out more.

Mum's Shop

High Road c1965, Carlton-In-Lindrick
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The shop behind where the car is parked used to belong to my mother, Freda Davies who still lives in Worksop. She took over from the Wards and the Hopkinsons took over from us. I lived at this shop for several years whilst I attended King Edward V1 Grammar School at Retford. I well remember the immediate surroundings of this photograph. The shop next door used to belong to the Padleys and the Fisher family lived behind these shops. Further along the road was the Methodist Hall, the Sherwood Ranger Pub, the Methodist Chapel which my grandparents used to attend and the village blacksmith.  Opposite was the village policeman, the village post office, the fish and chip shop and the barber's shop.

My grandparents, Alf And Frances Spittlehouse, used to have Bridge House Farm at the bottom of the village and that is where I started life before moving to Low Street, Oxford Road and then Water Lane before moving into the shop.  I went to the village Primary... Read more

Looking Back Can be Good

High Road c1965, Carlton-In-Lindrick
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My great-grandmother lived in Water Lane, my grandmother Annie Bradford lived in Low Street. We lived on the Cross, as did my sister and husband, June and John Medlam. John was a true village charactor, and most people knew him. I remember collecting fresh milk from Medlams Farm, taking the two dogs from the Grey Horses for walks. I always enjoy going back the village, it is still the same today, my sister now lives on the Green as did my mother before she passed away. The village still has the same charm it did when I was small.


High Road c1965, Carlton-In-Lindrick
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Hi, Just wondered does anyone remember the Preece family that used to live in West View, opposite the war memorial on the main road.? My name was Susan Preece, I lived there with my mother and father, and went to the local school. I remember Padley's shop which was in the middle of the village. Lovely village. Sue.

Through The Generations

Church of St John The Evangelist c1965, Carlton-In-Lindrick
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The image of Carlton Parish Church has changed very little over the years. I have a similar photograph of the church taken on my wedding day. The Church has a place in my heart and holds very great memories for me and my family. Not only were my parents married in the church (1967), but my two sisters and I were christened there as well (1967, 1968 and 1970). When it came time for us to marry, both me and my younger sister were married here (1992 and 2001). My paternal grandparents are both buried in the cemetery. The church is a building that evokes happy and sad emotions for me but I suppose in today's ever changing world, it is reassuring that such beautiful, old buildings remain almost unchanged.

Low Street.

High Road c1965, Carlton-In-Lindrick
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I was born and lived in Low Street which is at the back of the shops shown; at the bottom of the area known as Wards Yard. My grandads sister, Elizabeth Moore, married a Charles Bradford. Maybe related to the grandmother of Glenda Lycett.

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