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Memories of Nottinghamshire

Tithby or Tythby.

I used to live in the village of TYTHBY, spelled with a Y and not an I. I did not even know that there was another village close by with a similar name. But I have checked on the computer and there it is, not too far away in the general direction of Langar. But I do not think there ever was a village in that place during my time at Tythby, perhaps someone knows different.
I remember the then vicar, Mr. Evans, telling us in Sunday School that the name came from the fact that at one time there was a barn there where taxes, or tythes, were collected and stored. Hence TYTHE BARN, or Tythby, maybe I have been under a misaprehension for all those years!
  My family was easily the largest in the village, eventually reaching a total of ten, Dad (Harry), Mum (Flo), and two sons and six daughters. In order of age John, Mary, Joan, Flo., Eileen, Brian, Maureen and Gillian, at the time... Read more

More on The Williamson of Tythby

I was born in Tythby in 1948. Rose Cottage on the Cross Roads of Tythby. Church on one corner, Miss Cox's house on another and Bagleys's farm on the other. The youngest of the eight Williamsons. Ours was a full household but I have happy memories of it. Listen with Mother came on the radio at 1.45pm. Mum said I used to tell her to be quiet while washing up so that I could listen the the two nursery ryhmes and the story packed into the 15 minutes before Womans Hour started at 2.00pm.

As well as the two pigs mention in brother Brians the way they had names...Curly and Shorty as far as I can remember named after the appearance of their tails. There was also a ferret...not sure if he had a name. Dad used him for catching rabbits. I can remember him because I got a smack for letting him out of his cage.Maureen the next sister up from me got a sweet because she... Read more

Police House 1939-45.

The Police House was located on Radcliffe Road, Cropwell Butler. (now called 'The Old Police House').  On the front wall it bore a sign bearing the words 'County Police'.   From 1939 to 1945 it was occupied by the Village Constable, P.c.200 Sidney Brooks, his wife Dorothy and sons Peter, born 1936 (the writer, now living in OZ) and Michael, born 1939  (now living at Whatton).  There was an old fashioned stem type phone connected to the manual exchange. I think the number was Radcliffe 139. To operate, it was necessary to turn a handle on a box and await a response from the operator.  The system was powered by a wet cell battery.  Sid's  means of transport for work was a sit up and beg style  Raleigh pedal cycle on which he patrolled the villages of Cropwell Butler, Cropwell Bishop and Tythby.. The house had a kitchen with a coal fired iron range, including an oven and back boiler.  There were two separate brick outhouses attached to the rear,.one had... Read more


My Dad, Sid Brooks was the rural village police constable (P.c.200) for Cropwell Butler, Cropwell Bishop and Tythby We, Mum (Dorothy) and my younger brother Mick lived in the Police House on Radcliffe Road, There was an old fashioned stem type phone connected to the manual exchange. Dad’s means of transport for work was a sit up and beg style Raleigh pedal cycle. See also 'Police House 1939-1946).

In the centre of the village, behind the green the kids spent many hours watching Mr Harrison at work,in his forge making horse shoes or wrought iron items and shoeing horses.

Nearby was Cheetham’s Bakery, Cheetham who delivered bread with a horse and covered wagon. On Hardigate Lane was Branston’s Bakery who delivered bread in a van. I loved being asked to collect our bread which usually arrived home minus the delicious crust. Milk was delivered daily by Cockaynes using a horse and cart. Milk was dispensed from... Read more

The Hornbuckle Family

On my grandmother's side, the Hornbuckle family dates back to this Church and this town from the early 1500's. So if you see any headstone's in the local cemetary saying HORNBUCKLE, "GAULTER OR WALTER", they are related to me.

He actually left his money to the Church for needed repairs and for something called MILN Brig....if anyone knows what that is.

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