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Blackburn, Lothian
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My Sisters Wedding

My sister got married in the Hind in 1984 (where those big windows are above the shopping centre. A lot of my family went to the wedding. The centre has changed a lot as it is now an indoor centre. I do remember the centre looking like this. I was born in Blackburn and also knew the centre looking like this until a few years ago.

Born In Grandmother's Home In Fauldhouse

It was a bad snow storm and the doctor almost didn't get there. My mum had been in dry labor for a week, or so she told me. I was stuck in the birth canal and the doc had to pull me out with forceps. I still have the scar by one eye. I was 9.5 LB, my mum's first child and she such a ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackburn by Bob Fox

The Supey

This is how the shopping centre looked when I was growing up in the 1970s. The Hind also had a pub that had no windows and smelt of stale beer. Next door was Mrs Gilchrist's paint shop, she had big ankles and always had her scottie dog with her. Next to that was a bakery where you wasted you dinner money on a big ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackburn by James Moran