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Blythe Bridge

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Memories of Blythe Bridge

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Staffordshire memories

Sav Grn Girls

Me! Carole, Sarah, Julie, Diane, Tracy, joanne, Nina.x ,

Recollections of A Special Village

I attended Sunday School in the 1960s at St Peter's School, Caverswall and my teacher was Mr Harp. He was a great inspiration to me as a budding historian and he sometimes took us to visit the castle and taught us much about the church. I remember being taken by Mrs Yates (the former Vicar's wife) as Brown Owl and Christine Tranter (Tawny Owl) to Caverswall Square and being taught, with other Brownies, to use the telephone box. We would attend church parades at St Peter's, often marching from the school grounds and presenting our standards. Christmas parties were at great hit, with Bert Poole in charge of the games and music. My friends Ruth and Jane Tranter had bicycles and it was still safe in those days to cycle round the village. St Peter's Church was a very important location in my childhood, however, the first time I went inside St Philomena's RC Church was on the Millennium Eve, when the 2 churches had a joint service, part of... Read more

Idlerocksdeer Park

Idlerocksdeer park has a wind turnie and is getting 440 solur panles

A Place in History! 1944 - 1963

I hope this memory of Normacot is the first of many to be placed by me and then hopefully by others.

I was born in 1944 in Lower Spring Road, (opposite Garbutts Toffee Factory), one of a family of 5 children ... Len, me! (Jeff), Dave, Rob and little sister Dorothy (Dotty). We had a very active young life, school at Uttoxeter Primary and then Queensberry Secondary Modern, nd played games (now hardly ever played by current generations) on the Alhambra Banks for hours with an army of friends no matter what the weather! We were a handful as I remember, and I'm sure that our neighbours will confirm that we were never nasty or bad, just young people enjoying safe, memorable and helpful young lives. We also formed a group that practised in the chapel at the top of Chaplin Road and had fans that followed the group over the Potteries for many years. I remember the majority of our friends as we grew up and formed our... Read more

My Mom's Side Was From Normacot

My grandparents and great grandparents lived on Lower Spring Road from the late 1800s until the houses were torn down. I spent a couple of years there in the 1960s when I lived with them. I have to say I had a lot of fun there. Seems like every time I went to the store I got candy or ice cream from the owners. And the home made bread Grandma got was the best ever. Not to mention the meat pies that the chip shop cooked. Kathy


I lived in Spring Road opposite Bengry's shop. I remember going to their bakery for my mother - hot bread to collect. I went to Meir Road School, Spooners was a local shop nearby. Brings back memories - doing paper boy job - Botts was the shop I delivered papers from. I had many friends in childhood, playing football Sunday afternoon opposite the Station Hotel. Having left Normacot early '67 then to return after 40 years I was lost to witness what has happened to my homeland - may the memories live on & the friends I knew then & hopefully will meet again for old times memories, the friends who may remember them days. Ron Burton.

Gods Country

I was born in 1954 at 261, Uttoxeter Road, which was where the fire station is now. My memories are of a magical childhood in Normacot, until we were rehoused in Meir in 1970. Some of the places I remember with much fondness include The Alhambra, Wright's pie shop, Ketrick's chip shop, Dewhurst butchers, Spare's sweet shop, Shaw's and Fryer's paper shops, Newhall Road mission, where I attended the Boys Brigade, Bevans record shop, the old Alexandra school, the recreation ground and the backs between the 2 sets of terraced houses, where I kicked my ball against the walls. I was devastated when I passed through, after the hideous road had gone through, to see that my beloved Normacot had all but vanished. Best wishes to everyone who ever had the honour of living in Normacot, Gods Country.

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