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Bramley memories
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Bramley RLFC

I am trying to find any information and/or memorabilia about Bramley RLFC for the seasons of 1947 - 51. If anyone has any or any information however small I would be pleased to hear from them. My father in law played for them sometime around then and as his 83rd birthday is approaching and I would like to surprise him. His surname is Walker (born in 1930). Many thanks, Phil.

Bramley in The Years 1935 to 1941

Now 80 years of age I used to live with my Mum and Dad and brother Michael in Lincroft Crescent just above the Sandford estate. The houses were new and rather small though we were so happy there as children. There were many pals and I often wondered where my special chum Ronnie Little went when I had to remove into Leeds by the university after seven years in Bramley. The Lido was the cinema at the top of Waterloo Lane. Mr. Tunney was the attendant and Mrs. Tunney served in the small ticket booth by the main entrance. It was twopence for the front seats and four pence if you sat in the posh seats at the back. There were two 'turns' each evening starting at about six o clock and eight o clock. I went to Wyther Park school where Mr. Crabtree was headmaster of the all through school from the age of five to school leaving at fourteen. I left at the age of eleven to attend... Read more

Bramley Memories And Me

I lived next door to Mr Dales newsagents on Highfield Road in Bramley. Opposite were rows of terraces in those days with a shop on the end of each terrace. A chip shop on the end of the first row and a newsagents and general store on the end of another - Bowers? I seem to remember. The Barley Mow pub was opposite our house along with the rugby ground and club. I could be wrong but I'm sure I have a memory of trams still running?
In those days the Rossfields and Snowdens were all fields and woods.
I can still remember walking the lenghth of Bramley Town Street with my mum and trying to walk on the raised curbs of the old pavements before the tarmac replaced them! Boy they were high!
Being served in the shops before the supermarkets came.
I remember a piece of land at the far end of Highfield Road - we kids called it the Potato Shed, I loved playing on there and... Read more

My Childhood - Bramley/West Yorkshire/Leeds/England.

I must have around 7 years old when my mother used to take me along Bramley Town Street, where in those times it was back to back houses and shops. I was taken regularly to the barbers at the top of Town Street, next to the barbers was a police station. In the barbers I was sat onto a small plank across the arms to raise me up. Many kids in those days had a basin cut where the barber put a basin over your head and cut round the basin. I never understood why the barber when cutting my hair would go and serve men at the window, they came to buy a packet of Durex.
On Town St. was the cinema called the Lido "flee pit", Sat. afternoons were good. At the end of Town St. was the terminus, bus num. 77 turned round. Here was another cinema, the posh one, the Clifton.
Bramley had its own rugby league club which played at the Barley Mow, back of... Read more

West Yorkshire memories

Anticipating A Memory of Kirkstall Abbey

In among my family genealogical records is a note that an ancestor of mine named Richard de Berecrofte gave lands to Kirkstall Abbey in the 12th century.  I am SO looking forward to visiting the Abbey next year and taking my own pictures of it!
It is my understanding that my ancestors left the Cliviger area about 1650 for Boston, MA.

I am retiring next year and have lived most of my life in Pennsylvania, USA.  My daughter, Mary, is in the Air Force at Lakenheath AFB, and I will be staying with her. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Happy Day!

Good Days

I was born between Rodley and Farsley, I think it was called Bagley. I went to school in Rodley - the school had big cast iron fence and gates. My father worked for Smiths Engineering, there was a park opposite Smiths were we played. We would walk home from school past Charlie Wood's farm. Behind our house was a Mill, I think the houses belonged to the mill.

Pecks Shoe Shop on Hall Lane

Does anyone have any info about Pecks shoe shop besides the fact they sold shoes? The time line is when Annie and Alma worked there. Many thanks.

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