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Remembering Bredbury

A Memory of Bredbury

I was born at 7 Osborne Street, 1948 and grew up there. I got married at 21 and moved to Tarvin Drive for several years before moving on to Hull and then Little Brington, Northamptonshire where I still am.
I remember all the places that are mentioned and played as a child in many of them.
I must have been one of the first intakes into Arden which was the only building at the top of Osborne Street at the time.
We had fish and chips from Black's most Friday nights (6d bag of chips and a fish which was 9d I think). I remember Howard and Billy who lived there as well as Jean Smith from the chemists and Jacqualine Ingle from the corner shop.
We used to play "Kick Can" outside the chippy a lot at one time which was really good fun. The alleyway that runs up behind the shops on Osborne street was a really good hiding spot. My fondest memory was of everyone being caught apart from Billy Black. He was hanging from a lampost (one of the old ones with the cross bar near the top) right opposite in full sight, the only person who couldn't see him was the guy who was "on".
I'm suprised that no one mentioned the Daisy Field where we must have spent an eternity playing football over the years.
Dark Lane was also a favourite place leading up, first to the stream, then if you went left up to the cemi pond or if you went straight on up to the fork - right to Barlow's (Alan was in my class at Arden) and left to Riley Woods and the Black & White farm (Derek Walworth was also in our class). I remember some of the other kids as Valerie Oldfield, Pam Walton, Pat Walton, John Clayton, Barry Barb, John Goodwin, Vic Johnson, Hazel Burgess, Judith Peters and Yvonne Malpas who lived somewhere off Bents Lane I think.
My first experience of Bredbury Hall was when I went to Sunday School there when I was about 6 or 7 - only went twice and really didn't like it.
I remember "Pop" Kane very well, also Miss Leamon with the mesmerising hips and Mr Hibbert who followed them wherever they went! Mrs. Fields was my personal favourite in class 3. I seem to recall that Robert Humphries, Jack Mason and I were always in trouble. I spent many a break under the clock where there was a little slope going up the hall. I remember being dragged out of class by Mr.Kane to clear up my cream cracker crumbs which had formed a nice semi circle where I'd been stood, never one for missing my food.What happened to all these people I wonder?
I remember that we always had a bonfire night party in our garden; We used to play a game running over the embers when the fire had died down but was still red. I melted my wellies one year; it was before health and safety caught on! I remember the parkin and treacle toffee, the 1d bangers and 3d rip raps too.
We sometimes used to hang around outside the post office which had a good selection of sweets for a 1d. I can't remember the name of the guy that ran it, but I did a paper round for him from being 13 to 17. My round was Osborne Street, up Stockport Road to Arden Park, round Arden Park and finishing at the Traveller's Rest and back down the hill (the best bit). Twice every day including Sunday, once to deliver the papers and once to collect the money - all for the princely sum of 17s 6d.
It was a great environment to have grown up in, nearly everone knew everyone all the way up and down the road. The road wasn't busy then as it was a dead end at the school; it only got busy when Bredbury Hall took off as a club "in the day" and it became a through road once all the new houses went up.

A memory shared by Alan Atkinson , on Dec 23rd, 2012.

Comments & feedback

Tue Oct 25th 2016, at 6:49 pm

anthonyswettenham commented:

I remember yoy Alan. We were in the same class at Arden Park.

Sat Nov 12th 2016, at 1:18 pm

Alan Atkinson commented:

Hi Tony,
I remember you well!
We were in the same class and played footie in the school team I think?
Hope you are well and nice to hear from you,

Sat Nov 12th 2016, at 1:18 pm

Alan Atkinson commented:

Hi Tony,
I remember you well!
We were in the same class and played footie in the school team I think?
Hope you are well and nice to hear from you,

Thu Dec 8th 2016, at 2:41 pm

brucelivesley commented:

I was born in 1945 and lived in Arden Park so attended Arden County Primary 3 years before you. However I remember a lot of the names you mention particulary "pop" Kane and Mr Hibbert. I later became a frequent visitor to Bredbury Hall, some great nights with the Harbour Lights.

Happy times eh.

Bruce Livesley

Tue Dec 20th 2016, at 12:12 pm

Alan Atkinson commented:

Hi Bruce,
Yes, happy times indeed. Trouble is you just don't quite realise it!!
Bredbury Hall - me too for quite a while. I went back in the 90's and it wasn't really the same but I suppose neither was I.

Mon Feb 6th 2017, at 5:18 pm

dave.chorlton commented:

Eh up Acky
Good to see you're still breathing...!!!
Sorry to say the old school (Arden County Primary School) was finally demolished a few weeks ago. Brand new school's been built in its place. Funny, it still felt brand new to me and only yesterday when we were among the first pupils to the old school
around, me, John Clayton, Derek "Ced" Walworth, Alan Barlow, Roy Clayton, Bernard Shaw, Jackie Mason, Rob Humphries, Sue Booth, Sue Wheeldon, Jackie Ingle and on and on.
Was only discussing Miss Lemons swaying hips with Roy Clayton over a pint a few weeks ago..!!
Still living in Woodley, semi retired with 4 kids and 7 grandkids scattered around the country. Funny but we had a walk along the Goyt from Woodbank Park yesterday and back along the lane through the black and white and Barlow's farm (bumped into Alan and Eric Barlow at the farm..!!) and down Osborne Street passed your old house..!!
Our old house on the corner of Ashton Road opposite the Travellers Call has gone now but the pubs still going strong.
Do you remember our morning and evening trips back and forth to Hyde Grammar on the old green SHMD bus..??
Anyway, good to hear the memories.
Dave "Cholly" Chorlton

Mon Feb 6th 2017, at 5:44 pm

dave.chorlton commented:

That should have been Roy Davies.
Him, Me and Bernard Shaw were always placed crosslegged at the front on the school photos, sat on those damn prickly coconut mats....!!!!

Tue Feb 7th 2017, at 10:24 am

Alan Atkinson commented:

Hi Dave,
Long, long, time! Really good to hear from you.
My sister still lives on Osborne Street and she told me they had "redeveloped" the old place. It was still new to me too.
I remember all the old names, although not heard of most of them until your mention them here. I am still in touch with John "Syd" Clayton who now lives in Utah. Are you in touch with many of them? I remember walking the loop up to the Black & White and then back via Barlow's more times than I could count. Used to be nice up there. I get up infrequently to see my sister who is now 82. I also remember the old sardine tin single decker that used to ply the route to Hyde, with a change at the bus station and a ride up Clarendon Rd for 1d. My endearing memory of the double deckers' was one morning when we arrived at the bus stop as the bus was leaving. For reasons I still can't fathom, John Clayton went dashing after it and chucked his schoolbag onto it and then couldn't catch it. It still makes me laugh even now - little things!
Anyway, great to hear you are still there too. Take care,

Sun Feb 26th 2017, at 10:34 am

dave.chorlton commented:

Hi Alan,
Yea still meet up with Roy Davis for a pint now and then. My son is a big school friend of "Syd" Claytons son Dan who also lives in Utah. Ironic really...!!! Sadly his older brother and nephew were killed in a tragic road accident on the A6 in Stockport last year.
Also play crown green bowls in the summer at Woodley Sports (old steelworks social..!!) and Bernard Shaw also plays.
Our old house was demolished a few years ago but the Travellers Call is still going strong.
Good to hear from you.

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