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Memories of Bredbury

Miss Briggs And Mr. Thorpe

I attended St. Mark's from 1953-57. We lived on George Lane. As well as Fanny Briggs and Mr. Thorpe, I remember a Mrs. Needham and particularly Laurie Sargeant, who took the class below Miss Briggs. I remember a few names from my time there - Kay Palfreman and her brother - they lived on Brookfield Avenue and Marie ...Read full memory

A memory of Bredbury by waddovet

Miss Briggs And Mister Thorpe

I too remember these two people from St Marks as I attended the school from 1955 and move onto Marple Hall Grammar School in 1962. I lived in Sidebottom street (number 15 I think) and my neighbours were the Worsleys and there daughters Rita and Sandra. I have very fond memories of the house which was opposite the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bredbury by gda.graham

Remembering Bredbury

I was born at 7 Osborne Street, 1948 and grew up there. I got married at 21 and moved to Tarvin Drive for several years before moving on to Hull and then Little Brington, Northamptonshire where I still am. I remember all the places that are mentioned and played as a child in many of them. I must have been one of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bredbury by Alan Atkinson

Barrack Hill

I lived in Bredbury from 1958 to 1979 and went to Barrack hill school. then went on to High field we used walk pass the slater house on bents lane. Mum and dad always went in to the club next door as my dad was one of the singers there.

Barrack Hill School

I think the school was demolished in 2007 as I seem to remember there was a foundation stone built into the brick that said the school was built in 1908 and I thought it was a pity it didn't make its centenary. I agree, it was a piece of vandalism to demolish it and thought it a shame that the facade might have been ...Read full memory

A memory of Bredbury by Alan Grimshaw

Living In Bredbury Until 1972

I would love to connect with anyone that went to St Christopher's Primary School in Bredbury Cheshire. My maiden name was Walsh and we lived on Goyt Crescent, I was friends with Sharon Murphy, Sharon Roby, Helen Gaven. My neighbor was Peter Lambert. I have two older sisters, Kathryn and Lynn, and one older brother David. We emmigrated to Canada in 1972.

Miss Briggs And Mr Thorpe

Miss Briggs was the most stern teacher I ever knew; she put the fear of God in me. Even now her names scares me. I always wondered how old she was when I was at St Marks, and Mr Thorpe was a nice man and also Mr Haig. I still have school photo which are so funny.

I Lived In Bredbury 1958 1977

I used to walk through "The Woods" to get from Sandiway to Arden Park. I grew up with George, Peter and Geoffrey Roarke. I loved walking to the Black and White farm or Vernon Park on weekends. At Arden Park I played with Gillian White, Glynis Duckworth and Diane Breeley. I later went to Highfield, where I hung ...Read full memory

St Mark's School

Like the former correspondent, I remember Miss Briggs (Fanny) who took the top class. The book she read was the autobiography of Albert Schweitzer; a missionary in Africa. Miss Briggs seemed to have eyes in the back of her head. When she was writing on the blackboard she seemed to sense if someone was misbehaving and would ...Read full memory

A memory of Bredbury by David Street

Best Days Of Your Life

I went to St Marks. My memory was a teacher called Miss Briggs. She read a book called Albert Shwietser - I might have spelt the name wrong - but you could hear a pin drop as she read this book - just a few chapters each week until it was finished. We played in the air raid shelters at playtime when the teachers ...Read full memory

A memory of Bredbury by Alex Parsons

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