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Historic Maps of Bredbury and environs, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey and by renowned Victorian cartographer Samuel Lewis.

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i went to highfield secondary school in 1960 and most of the teachers mentioned were still there then including mr edwards headmaster i remember doing all the things you stated including going down star fields on pieces of cardboard falling off before we went into the canal also camping in the T qaory eating cold baked beans as (...Read full memory)

I was actually born in Hyde in 1939 but moved to Bredbury in 1940 where Dad worked at Exors of James Mills until his retirement in the sixties. We lived at 5, Newlyn Drive off Bents Lane and I lived there until my marriage in 1966 when wife Julia and I bought a new build bungalow on Powick Drive, Bredbury Green. Think we (...Read full memory)