Memories of Bridgnorth

St. Marys Street

I was sent to Bridgnorth at the age of 5 from our home in Birmingham to stay with my aunt and uncle (Doris and Arthur Howse) during 1942 due to the bombing in Birmingham. We lived in St Marys Street, about 100 yards down from High Street on the right, where an alley ran to a yard alongside a bakery. Our house was on the ...Read full memory


I have traced my grandfather, Albert and his father, William Owen to No.1a High Street; a gunsmith.

Bridgenorth Hospital

My Mother before marriage was a training Nurse at Bridgnorth Hospital in the 1920s. Her name Annie Betteridge or Nancy, as she prefered to be called. Her Aunt paid for her training but Mom did not finish it due to a " breakdown". Any photos of the hospital, does it still stand? Thanks June.

A memory of Bridgnorth by June Tomes

Baptism At St Leonard's

I was baptised in this font in July 1948. My late grandmother's family were parishioners at St Leonard's and will have been baptised there too. The family is connected to carpet weaving in the town, one of whom was the first Axminster weaver. That family name was/is Head and there are still members of the family ...Read full memory

A memory of Bridgnorth by Sue Oliver

The Crimean Cannon

If the cannon was still there in the 1950's, then it can't have been melted down to help the war effort in the 1940's. Can anyone be sure they saw the cannon there in the fifties - and what do they think happened to it? I'd like Bridgnorth to get its cannon back - Ludlow still have theirs, and they've got railings around their church as well!!

A memory of Bridgnorth by Mike Green

Richard Baxter's House

This house is significant because I lived around the church close in Glenn Place (top of Moat Street) at the time of this picture. Also, my late father was a well known sign writer - Herman Williams - who hand-painted the 'Baxter's House' details on the front of the house. Richard Baxter was a former curate at St Leonard's (details on the house and a photo inside St Leonard's).

A memory of Bridgnorth by Sue Oliver

Fire Station

My great-great-grandfather and family resided here, at 1 High Street. It was once a Fire Station!

Need To Find A Photo

I'm searching for a photo of a prominent man who resided in Bridgnorth. Does anyone know the best way to find out if he was featured in any magazines or newspapers in the late 1800s or early 1900s? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

St Leonard's Church

This Church is now in the care of the Redundant Churches Commission having been closed for regular worship in the 1970s. It is open daily and special events are held there including the annual Hyden Festival and other concerts and special worship services. I was baptised there in 1948, attended Sunday School across the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bridgnorth by Sue Oliver

Old Fire Station

The building on the left of the two arches is the old town Fire Station, which was replaced in the 1960's with a new station on Innage Lane. The property is now a retail outlet.  If on a visit to the town you look above the shop front you will see engraved the words Fire Station.  

A memory of Bridgnorth by Peter Fell

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