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Memories of Stirlingshire

The Bing

I have happy memories as a boy playing on The Bing. Not so good memories of my paper round for Jimmy Dickson. Drinking in The Cross, The Quiot and occasionally Birrels.

Being Young

I grew up in Maddiston. I'm only 33 and my memories are being allowed out    late at night in the summer, playing tig, skipping, chapdoor run, also going for walks up behind the golf course. The village has changed a lot since then, it has got more housing, and a bigger school being built for all the new estates being built. The Avon Inn isn't there any more, but the Ranch is. The Co-Op was burned down in the early 90s, but a nicer place you couldn't live in. Maddiston has a bit of a reputation as a place full of nutters, but what place hasn't?

Summer Holidays at The Avon Water

I would have  been about ten years old and I remember on a lot of hot sunny days packing some jam "pieces" and filling an empty bottle with some diluting orange juice or even just water if there was no juice, wearing my swimming costume under my clothes and walking to the Avon Water up past Candie. There would be a crowd of us all different ages, usually about ten or twelve of us. Do you know it felt like the longest walk and it was so hot there was never anything left to drink on the way back! We used to solve this by stopping at one of the farmhouses on the way back and lining up at the door and very politely asking for some water, I wonder if the lady is still there and if she remembers us? I remember her saying every time it would be just this once, but she never once turned us away! What I can't get my head round now is that... Read more

The Union Canal - Falkirk

I have explored the Union Canal in Falkirk over the past 15 years as a local resident and canal user - I have walked, and traveled its length several times over on boats, too ( in short sections of course). The journey began in 1997 when I started to walk around the area, then in 1998 I met Billy Mason who had a small barge (the Bonny Barge) and would take people for trips along the Forth and Clyde Canal, up the Falkirk Wheel to Hallglen and the laughing greeting bridge. I remembers a lovely trip I did with my father, James, to show him the new Falkirk Wheel in 2001.........This all ended in 2006 when Billy retired, I volunteer at Seagull Trust Cruises now (since 2009) and have been lucky enough to crew with them on their purpose built barges. As an avid amateur photographer I have spent many hours behind the lens of my my Olympus digi cam. I am now compiling a visual collection... Read more

Born And Bred in Westquarter

I was born in Westquarter and grew up there, and it really isn't as bad as a lot of people imagine it to be. My mum and dad lived in Dovecote Road, Jeanie was my mum's name, Curly was my dad. My granny and granpa lived opposite the Westquarter School, I used to love going down to see them, if I got into trouble my mum would know exactly where to find me, in my granny's house. I have a lot of relatives living in Westquarter, the Breen family. My fondest memories of Westquater would be how everyone knew everybody, and the banter is terrific. When I was younger I would hang about the Dovecote with my best pal Julie Brown. They were happy times and at the New Year there were some great parties there, with relatives or the neighbours. A lot of good people were brought up in Westquarter, my mum Jeanie was one of them.

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