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Memories of Buckhurst Hill


I wonder if you can help? I'm trying to discover more about my history and know that my great grandparents were once the owners of the royal hunting lodge - Langfords (I believe also known as Potelles) - which was in Buckhurst Hill. As I understand it, the only memory of this is Langfords Road, which sits on the land ...Read full memory

A memory of Buckhurst Hill by jacqui

Memories From My Childhood

I lived in Buckhurst Hill from when I was 6 until I was 16. We lived at 94 and then 108 Princes Road. My maiden name was Rasmussen, I am Susan, and had a sister Tina, two,years older than me and a brother Bob. Bob went to Princes Road School, but was often bullied as he had a bad heart complaint and couldn't ...Read full memory

W & C French Contractors

This is a Memory Without Evidence. In 1984 I visited my childhood home, "Ivy Cottage" no 58 Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. The cottage, in poor condition, was still being lived in. The contractors yard was also still being used, along with the workshops. However, the Company became French/ Kier and the ...Read full memory

Cottage Hospital Near Buckhurst Hill Station

I have just read the memory posted by Tine Kooiman dated November 13th 2013 regarding a small hospital near the Buckhurst Hill railway station. She does not mention what time period she was there but I do recall there being a small 'cottage' hospital on Roebuck Lane/Powell Road which was ...Read full memory

Toy Shop Queens Rd Buckhurst Hill

I can remember the toy shop in the early 50's. It used to be a magnet to my sister & I. When out shopping with our mother, if there was a spare penny to be had, into the slot it went & we would stand there in awe watching the train go round & around. I remember getting a pair of those pink sparkle 'high heel' shoes from there & clip clopped my way home to Hornbeam Rd. : )

Strawberries For Tea

Every year on my birthday my mother and father made June 21st. (or the closest Saturday) a very special day for me. Since I was old enough to remember I had strawberries on my birthday. However, that was not all. The day was a huge celebration at our house called "Ivy Cottage" on Epping New Road. All my aunties ...Read full memory

Buckhurst Hill 1947 1962

I was born in London,my parents Winifred and Charles Jestice bought a brand new house in Rous Road in 1946/47 ,I was 6months old. I went to St Johns primary school,and then onto The Brook Secondary Modern Loughton at age 11. My younger brother Ian went to White Bridge primary and then onto The Technical College ...Read full memory

Buckhurst Hill In The 60s And 70s

Like the other contributer, in about 1967 I too went to Princes Road County Primary, Mr Carr was the Headmaster and he caned many a boy! The playground opened out into Knighton Woods and we played "war", it was always "war". Our classrooms were portacabins on the grassland to the side of the entrance. ...Read full memory

Progress And Change

Being raised in Buckhurst Hill was a childhood experience I feel very lucky to have enjoyed. I was raised in the small cottage at 58 Epping New Road aptly named "Ivy Cottage". Located on the edge of the yard owned by W&C French Contractors. Dad worked for Mr. French for 17 years as Mechanical Engineer. I was allowed ...Read full memory

Bomb Craters In Buckhurst Hill

I note that several Memory Writers have mentioned Knighton Woods and Lord's Bushes in their stories. I too remember these great places to play. We'd pretend we were soldiers defending an imaginary stronghold. We'd hurl pretend grenades and mills bombs at the 'enemy' from behind fallen tree roots and ...Read full memory

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