Memories of Buckhurst Hill

Queens Road

We lived in Chigwell during the 1960s before moving to Hertfordshire in 1969, which seemed like a foreign country then, strange accents etc. How times change! My father, John, was organist at St John's Church, Buckhurst Hill and my younger sister, Sarah, and I used to sing in the choir. We would have been around 8 and 10 ...Read full memory

In Memory Of Jill Stock

When I was small about eight I met a little girl who I often saw behind the counter of Gower's Bakery, located at the corner of Church Road and Epping New Road. Her name was Jill Stock. She was related to one of the Gower ladies who ran the shop. Jill was a frail little girl and very shy. In a short time we ...Read full memory

W & C French Contractors

This is a Memory Without Evidence. In 1984 I visited my childhood home, "Ivy Cottage" no 58 Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. The cottage, in poor condition, was still being lived in. The contractors yard was also still being used, along with the workshops. However, the Company became French/ Kier and the ...Read full memory

Andrews Close

I was born in Andrews Close in 1969 and wondered if anyone remembered the Lorelei cafe at the top of Queens Road opposite the Pink Clock Boutique which was owned by the daughter of someone famous. My Mum and Dad owned Gingers in the 70's on Princes Road.

Cottage Hospital Near Buckhurst Hill Station

I have just read the memory posted by Tine Kooiman dated November 13th 2013 regarding a small hospital near the Buckhurst Hill railway station. She does not mention what time period she was there but I do recall there being a small 'cottage' hospital on Roebuck Lane/Powell Road which was ...Read full memory

Next Best Thing To The Toy Shop!

The next best thing to the toy shop was Guyatts Pet shop, almost at the top of Queens Road on the right hand side of the street. On the right hand side of the shop was a pathway that lead to a back yard that may have been stables in an earlier era. Along that pathway adjacent to the side wall of the ...Read full memory


When I got out Buckhurst Hill Station and went up the hill, I had at a certain point to turn right. A little bit further was a tiny hospital or something like that. I was 17 years old and from Holland and hardly spoke English. I became matron's maid. The matron was a very sweet lady. She didn't give me much work'. In fact, ...Read full memory

Happy Days

Further to the memories of Buckhurst Hill. My father became the local chimney sweep upon leaving the RAF after the war. The family moved there after being bombed out from London. I and my two sisters were born in the house in Queens Road. We were christened at and attended the school at St. Johns; two of us were even ...Read full memory

Pardoe's And The Butchers Next Door

I well remember Pardoe's for the new bikes it sold and the fireworks sold there when the war finished. I worked Saturday mornings at the butcher shop next door, delivering meat around the village, Russell was my mentor. The trade bike I used was very unstable when fully laden and toppled over more than once! I was paid 10/- plus tips, which bought my first motorbike-a BSA C11! Happy days.......

Kings Place

Kings Place was called Sweep Street after my great granddad - his name was William Street. He also had donkeys and ponies which he kept in stables behind the houses of Kings Place. We used to call it Donkey Alley. I also have memories of the corner shop, Gingers. My family lived in number 3, my best friend, Dave ...Read full memory

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