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Memories of Bulwell

Highbury Boys School

I remember as a nine year old first moving to Bulwell. I had moved from out of the countryside from Girton the other side of Newark. My first encounter was with a youth on a bike just outside of our new home who proceeded to punch me in the face because I spoke posh. After that it was all down hill. I attended Highbury ...Read full memory

A memory of Bulwell

Schools In Bulwell 1964 To 1974

Born in Bulwell in 1959. I remember initially going to Cantrall Road school which was really nice. I remember Mrs Hare the headmistress, Mr Anderson and Mr Richy. I liked the latter but not Mr Anderson as he wiped writing from the top of the blackboard before I had finished writing it down then complained ...Read full memory

A memory of Bulwell by Keith Hull

When We Came Here

When our family, consisting of myself, Jean Pauline Smith, my mother who has since passed away (also called Jean, but her middle name is Audrey), and my sister and brother came to Bulwell, we came from the famous or infamous Balloon Wood flats, in Wollaton. We were given a three bedroom house on Hornbeam Gardens, Snapewood. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bulwell by Jean Smith

Bulwell Was A Nice Town

Used to be called 'Coley'. We lived at 50 Bradford St. Bulwell was a great place to live, crime free, friendly people. All the 'cool dudes' hung around the 'Penguin café' none of use could afford a cup of tea, so we would just stand around outside and be 'cool'. Attended Highbury Secondary....Mr North was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bulwell by Paul Cole

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