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Memories of Burgh Heath

Dancing Round The Maypole

I can remember dancing round the maypole by the conker trees just down from the pond on May 1st with the Burgh Heath Methodist School, Head teacher Miss Mary Fletcher - and buying sherbert in the little shop nearby which was weighed out on an old set of scales - sherbert and humbugs kept in little glass jars on ...Read full memory

The Galleon Swimming Pool

The Galleon swimming pool was all blue with a marvellous fountain at the far, shallow end. Above to the left was a sun balcony and a little counter where you could buy soft drinks and sweets. There was a wavey slide on the left side middle and a spring board at the deep end. Everywhere was painted summer blue. Oh ...Read full memory

A memory of Burgh Heath by Heather Lee

The Parade Of Shops

The first shop with the lattice windows was a café. Before this but separated by an alley way was Mr Green, the Butchers. There was sawdust all over the floor and just under the cashier's porthole at the back of the shop was a large 7ld brass weight which as a child I enjoyed trying to lift. The shop next to the café ...Read full memory

A memory of Burgh Heath by Heather Lee

Galleon Swimming Pool

Once you entered through the turnstile you entered a sea of blue. The spring board was to your right at this end of the pool and the wavy slide on the left hand side. Cubicles were all around and a large fountain, all blue was at the far end under the canopy over which was the café and sun deck.

A memory of Burgh Heath

The Sugar Bowl

The Sugar Bowl was a posh country club with an outdoor swimming pool, not as large as the Galleon. It Later became Il Pirata an Italian Restaurant.

A memory of Burgh Heath

Red House Boarding School

I went to red house boarding school from about 71 till about 74 used to fish in the old pond up at burgh Heath never had a bite

A memory of Burgh Heath

The Sugar Bowl Swimming Pool

The Sugar Bowl was always an open air pool and never an indoor one. We considered this pool 'posh' probably as it was more expensive than The Galleon, but it was nice to swim there as a treat. I now live in Somerset with family in Banstead but I understand the Galleon is no longer in existence but what about ...Read full memory

The Pond

I remember going with my mum to visit some old aunt who lived over the Heath, and chasing the geese until they turned and chased me back! I was so frightened of them after that. Sometimes we would stop at the shop by the Pond to buy some sweets, which were a real treat back then. Mother told me to keep clear of the pond as there ...Read full memory

Burgh Heath

l remember when at the school l was not well, so was taken to Miss Marshall's house and was looked after by her elderly mother (I thought she was so old but probably wasn't). She told me about when they had the tea rooms and there where rowing boats on the pond. The room we were in was the old tea rooms, it looked out over ...Read full memory

A memory of Burgh Heath

Living In Burgh Heath

I remember the doctors and going to see Dr Wade. There was a wooden seat that went round the wall of the waiting room, my legs would just dangle. If memory serves me well, I'm sure there was a farm behind the shops where as kids we earnt money potato picking.

A memory of Burgh Heath

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