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Memories of Burnham

Burnham's Own Taxi Cab

Does anyone remember the little black taxi-cab and driver? I know that he lived in Windsor Lane and I can remember him bringing my Mum home from hospital in early 1948. I know there was another car used as a taxi driven by a Miss Williams.

A memory of Burnham by ceegeey

Schoolboy Caddy

I spent many a happy moment as a schoolboy caddy at BBGC at the end of the 50s and early 60s. It was also a very useful source of pocket money. I regularly caddied for local businessmen, the likes of the MD of Weston's Biscuits, Herbert Greenshield, as well as a number of visitors. The professional at that time was Joe ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnham by Michael Boweren

Burnham High St '55

Hadn't changed when I lived there in '63, or when I went back in 2003.

A memory of Burnham by Carolyn Babin

My Grandfather Had The Foundry

I am taking a guess at the year, my paternal grandfather was one of the partners in a foundry called Wood and Stannard. The business was at the lower end of the High Street, and oposite the road to the church and the Five Bells pub. Not entirely sure what year he left Brittania House (as that was what it was ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnham by Tim Stannard

General Memories

My family were the Elstones who lived in High Street on the 1881 census, although they were all in the Burnham area for many years. My grandfather was Manager of Websters Coal Yard at Taplow station, but then returned to the village to live in the flats just north of the High Street in about 1960. I think some of the 'Chant' side of the family are still living there.

A memory of Burnham

Burnham High St '55

Still the same as when I left in '66

A memory of Burnham by Carolyn Babin

Summer In The Country

In 1949 when I was six, my two cousins and I were sent to Burnham Beeches for a holiday. We lived in the East End of London. We loved it there, it was summer and very hot, to play all day in the fields was such freedom. The family with whom we stayed were called Walters they lived in a converted Nissen hut . The eldest ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnham by Kathleen Rice


This town doesn't change from decade to decade

A memory of Burnham

Castle Bakery

I worked here in the middle 40s it was owned by Mr Black?

A memory of Burnham by Brian Schoth

Charge Of The Light Brigade

That shot must be 1968 because that is when the film was released

A memory of Burnham by Allan Bradbury

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