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Memories of Burnley

The Ormerod Family.

Ormerod House passed out of the Ormerod family when the male line died out and the three daughters of the last Ormerod married. Their husbands were John Hargreaves, a local coal mine owner, the Rev William Thursby who became vicar of the local church and General Scarlett who led the Charge of the Heavy Brigade to retake the ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnley by Claire Allen

Hapton Valley Pit.

I've just read about a man who worked at Platers and Stampers for a year and hated it. I worked at Hapton Valley Pit for 2 years and in that time helped to carry out 3 dead bodies on separate occasions. I decided that it was not for me and decided also to join the RAF in late 1955. After 38 years of the RAF I retired with a ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnley by Malcolm Graham

Wiseman Street

This is more of a request for information really. I am a Wiseman living in Derbyshire and my Grandfather was born in Burnley and his father too. I was always lead to believe that one of my ancesters was a councillor and maybe lord mayor of Burnley and had Wiseman Street named after him. I have no further info on the matter ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnley by John Wiseman


I was born here in November 1934

A memory of Burnley

Happy Memories.

My family of 8 moved to Duke Bar in 1960. I was 6 years old. We lived on Pheasantford Street, which is not visible on the photo but it was a right turn before reaching the Duke of York Hotel. I worked at Hudson's cake shop opposite the left side of the hotel. I worked for Mr and Mrs Hudson and served in the shop on Saturdays. ...Read full memory

Pheasantford St

My uncle lived at no 6. Does anyone remember them from the 1920's they were the Brooks and lived there into the 90's!! I lived in Belvedere rd in the 40's and remember visiting them in Dukebar.

A memory of Burnley

Burnley On Barracks Road

At the house where we lived from 1928 until 1935, (No 24 Barracks Road, Burnley, now called Cavalry Way), it was called a 'back to back' row cottage. It comprised of two bedrooms upstairs, one just about able to fit a double bed, and one very small room for two single beds. This is where my sister and I slept until ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnley by Rowland Farrer

Phesantford Street

Margaret Forrester, what number did you live at? I lived at number 19, I can't remember you, I can remember the Maguires. I had a brother Keith that would be about your age, what was your surname then? Peter x

A memory of Burnley by Peter Bridge

Platers And Stampers

I worked here as a Plater for about 1yr.Not a good memory.They sacked me for taking time off to join the RAF so I joined the RAF.Best move I ever made.

A memory of Burnley by Brian Brierley

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