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Burntisland, Fife
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Blind Johnnies

Little shop known to us as Blind Johnnies, used to buy my sweets there, entered by going down two steps from street level.

A memory of Burntisland

Treacle Puggies

Page the Bakers used a hand cart to sell his products round Burntisland - it was a two wheeled cart with a domed roof and fitted with breadboards inside. I think the employee that pushed it was related to the Foreman family from the Rossend area. Made a pastry type called treacle puggies, wonderful!

A memory of Burntisland

The Outdoor Pool

Spending all day at the pool/beach when I was a kid. Would go in the sea, run along to the pool, jump in the shallow end ( cos you were getting a bit cold by this time ) and bliss, it was like being in a sauna. mmmmm Hurrying home to get a quick bite to eat then back down to pool, pulling soaking wet costume back on ...Read full memory