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Burslem Baths And The Wright's Pie Shop After (top of Nile St)

My memories start around 1946 and go on 'forever' - but the years I want to mention here are those of my Cobridge schooldays and the Burslem connection to those schooldays. I lived on the Cobridge side of Burslem, at the top of Elder Rd ... Elder Place opposite the Park, a little row of 'two-up two-down' cottages built in 1852 (demolished circa 1966). I lived in one of those cottages from 1940, through the war years 'til 1953, growing up there during my schooldays at St Peter's RC Cobridge -on Waterloo Rd. The Burslem connection re those school days was on two counts. Firstly we had our School-Dinners there, firstly in William Clowes St -in a Church Hall, before it being transferred to the Methodist Church Hall on Swan Bank - sometime around 1950. Secondly, our school swimming lessons were held at Burslem Baths - directly opposite the railway station. Mr Kelly, our teacher (Peter Kelly), used to escort us there, using the shortest route from our school, which was... Read more

School at Burslem Junior Tech

I lived in Blythe Bridge and travelled to school at the Burslem Junior Technical College in Moorland Road, Burslem over a period between 1943 to 1945. The journey by train on the old loop line was a lot of fun. I remember the screeching noise the coaches made when coming into Hanley station as the line had such a tight curve. We used to play football on a pitch in Hamil Road, this was lost when Port Vale took over the land to build their new ground. After a match we were run through Burslem Park back to the school and for a shower we were hosed down by someone who would be excused sports, he would use a stirrup pump and ice cold water. Then there was a mad rush to get the train home. Another memory was going to look for Molly Lea's grave, she was reputed to be The Burslem Witch and was supposed to be buried in a Burslem churchyard, but with the grave facing... Read more

Staffordshire memories

Smallthorne as A Child

I was born at 27 Croft Court, Smallthorne, in 1948, my father was born at 8 Back Crof in 1920. From when he left school in around 1934, he went to work in the coal mines. During the war years he went to join the army and was told he could not as he is in a reserved occupation. He worked Norton Mine, I believe it was called Bellerton pit. He also worked at Chaterly Whitfild, and Snyed - he was on stand by on 1st January 1942 with the rescue party. He married my mother at Saint Saviours Church, Smallthorne in May 1944, Bill and Pat Turner. My brother was born in 1946 but sadly only lived two weeks, he is buried in Saint Saviours in a family grave, then in 1948 I was born. We lived with my grandmother and grandfather at 27 Croft Court - my great grandfather lived next door at 29, William McIntyre, my grandmother and grandfather Harry and Annie Turner. We... Read more

Monkey Run

The Boulevard 1959, Tunstall
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The Boulevard used to be Station Road and was the local monkey run on Sat and Sunday nights, where young teenagers male and female used to walk up and down


Brownhill's High School For Girls c1955, Tunstall
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doctor bright


Brownhill's High School For Girls c1955, Tunstall
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miss newark

Waiting For The Routemaster Bus To Biddulph 1968

The Square 1940, Tunstall
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I remember waiting for the Bidduph bus with my dad every Saturday morning, sitting upstairs at the front, grasping the rail as a 3 year old. The noise of the engine, feel of the bumps, click of the conductors ticket machine .....pure magic !!!!! The old 11 litre Perkins diesel blowing out more black smoke than a "pot bank" on firing day as it toiled up Pittshill Bank !!!! Then over Chell top, and down into the valley......Happy days !!!!!!!!!

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