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Growing up Byfleet

We moved to Byfleet as my father Russell Ford worked at Vickers Armstronges. We lived in Hart Road, that's myself being Diana, brother Nigel and sisters Susan and Rosemarie. I attended St Mary's, which was an exprience, our head was a man with one arm. My good friend was Karren Wilson, and later Pauline Stennings. I rememher the cafe with the juke box and teddys in the High Street. We later moved to Cornwall Avenue, and life was a dream. West Byfleet secondary school, then training as hairdresser in the High Street, Sheldons owned the shop, sweet shop next door. We had a flood, I am not sure of the year but the waters came as far as Cornwall Avenue. There is so much I could write about that village, and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I now live in New Zealand. Maybe another time I will write about the pictures and people which have been forgotten. I wish you all well, those who live and one's past.

Written by Diana Campbell. To send Diana Campbell a private message, click here.

A memory of Byfleet in Surrey shared on Saturday, 12th December 2009.

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RE: Growing up Byfleet

Hi there, I don't think I know you but I did grow up in Byfleet and I do know Pauling Stennings, she's on Face Book and I've just told her of your memory (hope you don't mind), I think she will be in touch through this site. Best regards, hristine (Worsfold) Woodruff

Comment from Christine Woodruff on Monday, 8th February 2010.


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