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Cade Street memories

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Memories of East Sussex

Shopping With my Mum in Heathfield...

High Street c1960, Heathfield
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I remember in the 1960s going to Heathfield with Mum on the bus (we lived at Corner Farm, Swife Lane). We would go shopping and often would go into the Bluebird. Seeing that name in this picture brought all those memories back. I remember once saving up for a blue linen dress from a shop at one end of Heathfield High Street, but I'm unable to remember the name of the shop. I saved for weeks and weeks. It cost me 5 pounds back then! We would buy cream cakes from the bakery to take home to Dad and my brother and sisters. I remember Caffyns at the end of the road. I remember going to the Youth Club on Friday nights. Although it wasn't in Heathfield, I also remember going to the Young Farmers Club in Burwash. I was not that keen on going if I remember. I do however remember one of the members called Richard Lambert-Gorwyn. I think he lived on the same lane as our family.... Read more

The Crown Pub

High Street c1960, Heathfield
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I wonder if anyone else remembers the Crown pub, which had a television so I used to watch the showjumping while the grown-ups had a drink. The landland was a large jolly man. The garden was very well tended with lots of dahlias, I think.

Heathfield And Punnetts Town

High Street c1960, Heathfield
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My first memory of Heathfield was when I was about 2 and a half and my mother taking me to the pictures there. I cannot remember the film but I can remember a lady sitting near us giving me a bar of chocolate, I guess I was being a fidget. I also used to go to Erreys furniture store and printers which was owned by my great uncle and aunt and when they passed on Tommy Sands used to run it. My uncle and aunt used to run a market garden opposite Donkey Row, I think it was called Jack and Nellie Kenward. My first school was in Punnetts Town and I lived in the mill cottage up North Street. I left there in 1941. We are hoping to go back there shortly to look into the history of the Errey family. I was known as Jean Thorpe in those days.

School Days, 1966-1971

County Secondary Modern School c1955, Heathfield
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Oh I remember Heathfield County Secondary School so, so well! I was here for 5 years and the memories are as vivid today as they were yesterday! Does anybody remember Bicky our science teacher? Or Miss Taylor, for English. Who else? Mr.Phipps for PE, Mr. Councill our head teacher who wore a flowing back robe that he tripped up on one day after school assembly one morning!! My friend was Christine Holmes. I wish that I knew how to reach her. My class mates: Judith, Sandra Hendley, Yvonne Schumann, Beryl Warboys, Jane Boulter, Susan Hipkins. The school was so good and I may not have appreciated it while I was there but I do now. If there is anyone out there who remembers this time at school I would love to hear from you. I was Sally Bishop back then. I now live in Maine, USA and work as a cardiac RN... Read more

Cade St, Chapel Row

On Cade Street, Chapel Row lodged my ancestors, Ann Brazil and her father William Elliott. They were gypsy hawkers and this was in 1881.

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