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Caerau Road c1955, Caerau

Caerau Road c1955, Caerau

Caerau Road c1955, Caerau Ref: C387010

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Caerau Park

I have very fond memories of Caerau. I was born 1946 and I loved Caerau. We had real fun times in the summer picking whimberries and your mam making delicious tarts, families gathering on the mountain for picnics, spending hours on end in the park and making up our own concerts. Picking flowers from the woods and pushing each other down the slopes in the park and see who rolled down the furthest. We played cricket in the streets with our family and friends, we went to the church on Cymmer Hill every week and on Whitsun our parents would get us new dresses to parade from top of Caerau and when we got back we would have a lovely tea laid on for us and when we finished we would have racing games and we had a lovely time. In the winter we would be up the mountain sliding on a peice of cardboard until it got too wet, or if you was lucky you had your... Read more

Childhood in The 1950s in Caerau

I was born at 87 Victoria Street in 1945. My father was a miner and worked all his life in Caerau colliery. My mother came from London with her brothers and sisters, they were evacuated to Caerau after their house in Stepney, London, was bombed in the Second World War. At the age of 3 we moved from Victoria Street to Bryn Terrace with a lovely view of Caerau and the Llynfi valley. Looking back, my childhood was spent most of the time outdoors in all weathers and the long hot summer days of the 1950s seemed to go on for ever, every day was an adventure. We all wore short trousers in the 1950s and spent all our time running over the mountains, making dens and flying home made kites. I can remember as a small boy walking through Victoria Street and looking at all the milk bottles placed outside the doors and some of them had money left in them, in those days you would buy an... Read more

Caerau Library

Coegnant Colliery c1955, Caerau
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Me and my brother Norman used to spend most of our time playing snooker at the library. Mr Phil Thomas used to look after it and he, together with my father Billy, taught us how to play. There were 6 tables there. Phil would iron and clean them daily. The place was spotless. I always remember that the top two tables were always covered and you could only play on them if Phil thought you were good enough and wouldn't rip the cloth. I remember Trevor Bailey and Billy Phillips were the top players, along with many more. What fabulous memories I have of those days. Caerau was a fabulous place to grow up and I am proud to have been born and brought up there.

I as A Boy

Library And Bridge c1955, Caerau
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I remember as a boy of 12, when I and my friend David Nutt would play down by Caerau library for hours; on most days we would not go back home for hours, but Mam and Dad would know where we would be. I am Peter Darby, now coming up for 53. I wonder how have the years gone so quick, now as I pass where the library used to stand I stop for a moment and think y.y.y.o.y. we to where boy;s

Caerau Library

Library And Bridge c1955, Caerau
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I lived both at Church Street, Caerau and at Lloyd Street, Caerau, the latter close to the library. Often as young people we would play snooker and table tennis at the library, sometimes even reading the newspapers there. Girls were never allowed in, and the place was always filled with smoke, for all the men that played on the tables would be smoking their fags.


The Square c1955, Caerau
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I believe the church on the left is called Zion. Every Easter all the churches in Caerau would join together and march around the streets of Caerau, we as young children would join with the songs sang like "We are matching to Zion, beautiful, beautiful Zion." Many onlookers would be gathered on their doorsteps to watch this march of witness, even the men would come out of the clubs to watch us (in those days no pub would be open on a Sunday in Wales, and only men that joined the local clubs e.g. Labour club, could be allowed to drink).


General View c1955, Caerau
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For many years I enjoyed playing in Caerau park. Yet my best memories are of our train rides to Cymmer. When steam trains were the normal means of transport, with our pocket money on a Saturday, sometimes we would buy a return ticket to Cymmer - two villages seperated only by a railway tunnel. We would try to have a seated area to ourselves, open the windows and try to fill the carriage with smoke as we passed through the tunnel. Sometimes we took the train to Maesteg. In the holiday season, the family day out would be to Porthcawl, changing trains at Tondu, or at times taking the train to Barry, changing at Cardiff. Every journey was a blessing to me (and still is in a steam train today).

Caerau Square

The Square c1955, Caerau
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Looking at this photo of the Square at Caerau brings back some happy memories of when the steam train would pass over the bridge in all its glory with the steam coming out of its funnel. The big billboard before the bridge was the only form of advertising in those days. The police station is still used today. Sadly the church in the picture is now empty and in need of repair. Just out of the picture on the right was the Coliseum cinema and every Saturday morning we would go to the matinee show and at the end of watching Batman and Robin we would all leave running up the road with our coats around our neck, just like Batman's cape. The village changed when the railway stopped and the bridge was pulled down that meant big heavy goods lorries could now drive through Caerau and our peace ended with much more noise.

Caerau Library

Library And Bridge c1955, Caerau
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My dad worked in the colleries so come Christmas we went to a party at Caerau Library,you had good presents. There were church revivals there also, you had a good sing. There was a lot going on, my husband Stan went dancing and boxing there, it was quite a busy place, so big.

Maesteg Market

Coegnant Colliery c1955, Caerau
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I can also remember the market in Maesteg, Saturday mornings, Terry and me used to cycle to the market from 30 George Street in Caerau to fetch faggots and peas. Of course, it was easy going there, all down hill so to speak, coming back was a different matter. All up hill it was, peddle like mad, so the faggots would not get too cold, if they were cold it meant a clip round the ear.
All good fun, sadly not much of the market left now, just the indoor part really. I go home to Caerau whenever I can. Love the place, even if it has changed.
Now, if anybody reads this, and can remember Cymmer Road in the winter in the 1950s. The heavy snows we used to have, can anybody remember the bunch of ragamuffins who used to make a slide on the road, well until somebody fell of course, from about George Street down to Victoria Street, sometimes beyond? Great fun. I was one of... Read more

Caerau Library

Library And Bridge c1955, Caerau
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I well remember all the dances at the Library on a Saturday night. It was a great time to meet up with friends, and the bands were great. Time to get all dressed up and kick up your heels till midnight. No worry about walking home at that time. I lived in Coegnant Road and a number of us would stroll home completly safe. Shame those days are gone. I have lived in New Zealand since 1966 but have great memories of Caerau. Still catch up with old friends when I return. Also have had lots of visitors here from that area.

George Street

Coegnant Colliery c1955, Caerau
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I remember my gran telling me about when her father was killed in Caerau. The day after they brought him home, a couple of miners turned up at his home with his leg which was cut off in a sack. I aways remember the hooters, in Caerau and Coegnant especialy on New Year's Eve the hooters would be going off, with the bells of the church ringing also. And all of us kids would go around the doors wishing everybody 'Happy New Year'. I moved from there in 1958 to not very far away, to Maesteg. Anyway back to my story. I used to go down the station with couple of pennies and travel to Maesteg in one direction and Cynner in the other. I did manage to get as far as Treherbet through the long tunnel which was very scary on my own, you won't do that today. On Friday market day I used to love having chips in a cafe where the card shop is today. There was... Read more

Caerau Road

Does anyone remember the Jones family in Caerau Road. John and Alice?

Iris & Kathleen (possibly Philips)

I knew Iris and her sister, Kathleen...I am not sure if their surname was Philips. Iris would have been about 10 years old in 1950's, Kathleen was older, they had brothers who were working. I lived with my gran in Bryn Terrace and I would walk down the steps and they lived on a terrace off to the right. I lost touch when I returned to London.

3 Generations Unchanged1930s - 1980s

My nan - Francis Bowen moved to Blaencaerau from the Rhondda at the age of 7. Married Idris Bowen (my grandad) who worked in Caerau Colliery and then Midcast. Living in Blaencaerau didn't change in many years as I shared a lot of the same outdoor activities as my nan, and my mother after her. Slidding down Billy's tip on pieces of cardboard, playing in the river where the water came from underground and rushed out of a huge concrete pipe, rope swing on the lamppost behind Blaencaerau Road by the park. Very good memories!

My Family

Hi, just wondering if anyone remembers my dad Freddy Pye? he was born in Albert Street in 1946. my grandparents John and Doreen and my great grandparents Laura and Syl Pye also lived in Albert St. Dad has great memories of his childhood in Caerau. It would be great to be able to tell him that someone on here remembers him. We moved to Northamptonshire in 1972 but Wales will always be home.

Aunty Annie Evans, Winn,Townley,Amos.

I believe Annie Evans was my grandmother's sister. I also have fond memories visiting Caerau and my cousins in Surrey at Gwyneth's house, we lived in Slough until 1954. Last family visit was 1950 when they all went to the pub while I babysat, who I believe were Gwyneth's children. Would like to contact the family, we now live in West Australia lots of memories to share,

Caerau Rogers/Price/Jones Family

I am looking for information on the Rogers and Price families that lived in Caerau. My grandfather Thomas Ivor Rogers lived at 15 Victoria Road in 1911. My great grandfather Philip Jones lived at 51 Hermon Road and my mother said that he would listen to comlaints? I think he was a coal examiner. Joseph Price married my great aunt and ran a pub in Maesteg called the Garn Inn upto 1960....My grandfather and grandmother ran the Coytrahen Arms also in Maesteg.


Hello - I am searching for William James Winn born 1885. He is listed as living at that time in Station Road, Nantyfyllon and was a clerk when he married my gran in 1917. He then moved to Caerau. After 1920 I have no further trace of him. My gran remarried later. Can anyone help - perhaps he remarried? Even the slightest detail may set me off in the right direction!!!

Searching Winn/wynne/caerau

Does anyone know of the family of WILLIAM JAMES WINN he lived in STATION ROAD, NANTYFYLLYLON and worked as a clerk. He married ANNIE TOWNLEY of CAERAU in 1917. We cannot trace him and would like to have any information to complete our family tree.

Joseph Parkinson, Baker & Confectioner

In Kelly's directory, 1923, it shows a Joseph Parkinson as a confectioner, living at 123 Caerau Road, Caerau. I think this may be my Grandad who previously lived in Swansea where my father and aunt were born. Joseph was then a builder but by the time my parents were married he is listed as a baker and confectioner. Does anyone have memory of Joseph, or his wife Agnes Jane? Or indeed of my father, Norman and his sister Annie? My parents died young and I have no idea about Dad's background.

Railway Terrace

I have many memories of Caerau. I lived at no 40 Railway Terrace from 1942 until 1963, when I got married to Linda Jukes.Wwe left Caerau in 1965 to Luton where I went to work for Vauxhall Motors. It is nice reading about the 50's and 60's in Caerau; Mrs Morts fish shop, the dances in the library. When I think back, Caerau was quite a thriving community with three Cooperative stores, at least five butchers, two cinemas and at least a dozen grocers. Its own bus service owned by the Brewer family, its own railway station, post office, banks, ladies and gents outfitters. Packed chapels and church, police station, garage, four chip shops, Edwards, Hattons, Wendells, Mrs Morts. I remember Phil Carter with his false leg, walking up and down the aisle in the colliseum, shouting at us kids for being noisy. I don't get to Caerau often now, the last time about twelve to fifteen years ago. Seems so different now, with the shops and cinemas gone, the... Read more

Caerau in The 1960s And 70s

Born in 7 George Street, in 1963. So many great, wonderful memories of Caerau. Mort`s the fish shop. Tom the Barber. Wendels.Station Cafe. Library, Monkey Hotel. Con club, where every year during the summer they would run buses to either Porthcawl or Barry. Brewers running bus trips in the summer as well. Every year on 5th November we all gathered what we could to build a bonfire. Denzil Brewer and his father, who lived on Cymer Road, gave us tyres to burn. It was the only time all the street gathered together at the same time. My aunt and uncle`s sweetshop next door to Navi, David and Jenny, my Gran next door. My mother used to go playing bingo in the library, then I discovered snooker, Cath Carey and Blod were running it in those days, Cath taught me how to play the game. One person I remember was Raymond pencil, always carried pencils in his jacket pocket. Looking at George Street now, I can still see neighbours of mine, long... Read more

Lewis, Gelli St

I'm Glynne Lewis. I was born in Co. Durham but the Lewis family lived at 26, Gelli St. for many years. We visited the family during the 1950s and 60s although several of the sisters had moved to other parts of the UK by then. My father, Stanley Lewis, was born in no. 26 in 1916 and went to school in Caerau before attending grammar school further down the valley. The family was large, as most were in those days and money was very tight, especially during the great depression when they had to go and pick coal from the pit heaps to keep the house warm. Many men were out of work and there was no income at all. Some family members, although I might have omitted one or two - memory failing! Robert (Bob) Lewis, Beatrice (Beatti), Doris, Kay, Brenda, Beatrice Maud (Bea), Stanley, and Rachel. I think there was another son who was either stillborn or died shortly after birth. Brenda married Tommy Green and lived in Caerau.... Read more


My grandmother, Florence Helen Clarke grew up in Caerau. She was born there on 25th April, 1915. Her father and her brothers all worked in the coal mines and she was brought up in poverty. Eventually she made her way to england and then immigrated to Australia in the late 50's as a "ten pound pom". I am her granddaughter and was born in Melbourne (Australia) in 1963. I've visited Caerau a couple of times and am fascinated with its history and proud that my grandmother was Welsh.

William Oswald Jones 1916 to 1944

I am seeking information. William Oswald Jones was my wife's father. He was born in 1916 at 24 Victoria Street. His parents were Humphrey and Mary Jones. William was killed in Italy in 1944 at the battle for "Monti Casino" . Humphrey worked at the Pit as a Coal Hewer. On the 1911 census he was shown as being born in Pangroes North Wales 1883. Mary was born in Caerau in 1884. They had three children at the time of the 1911 census. They lost a forth child. We have visited Victoria Street and have visited William's grave at Monti Casino, Italy. We would appreciate any information on the family.

Carmen Street, Caerau 1930-50s

My name was Betty Vincent and I lived at 27 Carmen Street until 1954. My dad's name was George Vincent and Mam Florrie. My brother Billy still lives in 27 now. Fond memories of Caerau Library, Cosy Cinema and the Colloseum. Went to Blaenlynnfi school. Val Treasure, Brenda Thomas, Rita Sawden and Hazel Halfyard were good friends. Brother Richie still lives in Caerau.
Wonderful place to grow up - really good memories.

Cosy Cinema

I have dreadful memories of that rat infested place called the Cosy, it used to smell so bad. I also recall buying the fritters from Mort's. My father played bowls in Caerau and I would go along with my tennis racket. I went to Blaencaerau school around 1958 and the teachers were dreadful. I got pinched, thumped and hit across the fingers, nice place. I learned to ride my bike near Brewers bus station and ended up very bruised. Who do I remember? Ann Chitty, Ceri Meredith, Claire Winslade, Robert Barlow, Philip Pearce, he was a very kind person, the family GP was Dr Penry. I loved picking whimberries, I can still taste them and have found them sold as jam in Brittany, they call them Myrtle. Janet Bailey, hairdresser in Caerau Road, is she still there? I left Caerau when I was 19.


I was born up The Monkey in 1957. I moved from there to George Street in 1966. The name of the street was Dunraven Place. The name of the pub was the Dunraven Hotel. There were 8 houses up The Monkey when I lived there. My mother told me there used to be more street there years ago. There wasn't anyone with the name Deere living up there when I lived there. All the houses got knocked down not long after I moved from there. I remember going down that banking and hill to school. There is a Deere family living in Caerau, I don't know if they are related. Good luck.

VJ Day in Caerau.

The present commemorations of VJ Day bring back happy memories of Caerau. I stayed there briefly at that time while my father worked as a locum for a Dr Llewelliyn. I was very young, but I remember being very happy there. I played with a little girl called Viola Angel whom I have always remembered. I even spent a short time at the primary school. I remember being driven about the beautiful countryside in an old Baby Morris car which used to break down frequently. My memory of the town is hazy, and I was so surprised to see how big it is on Google Earth. The surgery we stayed at was beside a little river. The telephone no. was Caerau 3! I had been evactuated from Glasgow earlier and spent time all over Scotland. I was a very disrupteted time for children and thier parents, but this short period in Caerau remains very strongly in my memories as a contented, happy period.

Caerau Families From The Past

Hi I am wondering if anyone can help. My mum Annie Louisa Deere (who sadly past away last year with Alzheimer's) was born in Caerau in 1925, her father's name was Thomas Deere, and her mother was Florence. I know from what she had told us that she lived in a row of houses at the top of a mountain or part way up, I believe that there was a pub (but once again I am not sure as with Alzheimer's everything gets mixed up). She would recall the street as Monkey Island (although I think this was a endearing term for it from her childhood) .And she would recall how her and her brother Tommy (Thomas, same name as his father) would run down the mountain to school, once again I am not sure which school. Thomas Deere and his family moved from Caerau, I beleive when she was around 10 or 12, to Doncaster to work in the mine at Askern. I know before they moved there was Sophia, Thomas,... Read more

School Days

Hi, could any one send me more photos of Caerau Top School, 1966/70.

Bryn Gearge,

I well remember Bryn Gearge ,when we were younger he lived across the back lane from our house. He raced pigeons and often we had to go and look for my father at dinner time as he would be talking to Bryn about pigeon racing.

The Cozy

Hello, we lived in Railway Terrace, moved to Scotland in 1963. We spent many a Saturday morning in the Cozy Picture House, then across the road to the chippy for some potato fitters (lovely with lots of vinegar). James Sims, Elaine Brain, Marlene Griftfths. Gran lived in Albert Street.


Did anyone go to Tonna Road school in the 1950s?


My name is Clifford Halfyard. I was born in 1926 at 13 Carmen Street, Caerau. I worked in Caerau and St John's Colliery before moving to England with my wife Joan. My wife's family name is Bailey and they were from Caerau. My grandfather and grandmother lived in 12 Carmen Street.

Caerau Ancestry!

My mother Christine Evans I believe lived in George St Caerau and left for Australia with her new RAAF husband Vince Murphy just after the War around 1945. She was followed out to Australia by her parents Christmas and Kathleen Evans. Anyone know anything of these people. I believe Kathleen Evans was a Mumford before she married Christmas or 'Taffy' Evans and her father was a master baker in Caerau. Taffy, my grandfather, worked down the mines.
Some years ago Gwin Eira Hicks visited Australia, her son was the footballer Merv Hicks.
I'd love to pick up any history or contact to pass on to my children. Christine Evans, my mother gave birth to 6 of us in Australia and we grew up with tales of pit ponies and hard labour!

Holidays in Caerau

My father Emlyn was born in October 1899 in Solva, Pembrookshire. I'm not too sure when they moved to Caerau, but I was the 4th (born 1929) of 5 (4 of whom are still living) children who were all born in Carmen Street, Caerau, to Elsie who was my mother. We moved to Abingdon in 1932, where I still live. My first memory of many holidays I had in Caerau was in 1946. I was 16 and was met at Bridgend station by my Auntie  Laura and we got on the bunk train to Caerau. I remember it as if it was yesterday. The first walk I had with my grandfather Owen (who worked underground for over 50 years) who lived in Duffryn Road was a walk up the mountain opposite his home with his dog called Jack, I don't remember ever walking so far in my life before, that will live with me forever. Then as I grew up and married we still enjoyed holidays in Caerau with Auntie... Read more


When I was a girl we used to make dams in the river, and climb the mountain at the back of Duffryn Hotel at Coegnant colliery. It was a magic place to grow up in. I lived in Glanafon Terrace, and went to Tonna Road School. Horn was the place to get fish, chips, rissoles. Burgess the baker used to let people cook their Christmas cakes there. We went to Sunday School in Bethany and had outings with them, and at Whitsun we marched through the streets in our best clothes.

Happiest Days of my Life 1947-1966

I was born in Glenavon Terrace in 1945, my parents moved to Cambridge in 1946. Every year since I can remember, I spent all my holidays, Xmas, Easter, summer, every spare moment I could back in what I believe is home. My granma and aunt moved to 30 George Street, I loved Caerau, it was in my blood, and still is, very proud to say I'm from Caerau.
My time was spent winberry picking late summer, then going round the street knocking on doors, "Want any winberries, 2 shillings a pint". Had a great time, playing up the mountain, in the play park by the council estate, looking for the frogs on the low levels beside the railway line between Caerau and Coinant pits. I still go back home when I can, sadly, only cousins left now, but they are still my family.
I have too many memories to be able to put all down here, great place, great people. Wales and Caerau forever.

I Lived in Caerau on And Off During The Period 1950 - 1958

My mother's parents lived in Lloyd St for many years. Grandad (known by me I am told as 'dampa') was a coal miner at the pit up the hill from Lloyd St and I remember him showing me the pit ponies (recently retired as they had put a railway up to the pithead). Dampa passed away in the late 1950s from the then common "miners disease", lack of breath. I remember he had a hand bellows to help his breathing and always joked with us about sending him a tin of clean air from Portsmouth where we then lived.

St Johns Colliery

Always remember my grandfather (Bryn George) stating all through my child hood that he had worked in st johns for 44 and a half years

Coinant Collary

Always when my gran (Cath Hatton) was working in the canteen I would go up and have a drink and a piece of cake, and she would shout at me for bringing my friends up. On a couple of occasions a man used to show me a trick by moving his fingers. Until 3 months ago I remembered him and as I saw him in Caerau bus stop I looked at his hands and saw fingers missing - what a trick.

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