Caterham, Godstone Road 1948

Caterham, Godstone Road 1948

Neg. C49009

Memories of Caterham

Cedar Grange, Caterham Valley

I am fairly sure that this is where my grandmother - Julia Millie Crocker, grandfather William Crocker - and father Horace George Crocker b 1915 lived from about 1916 to at least 1920. Recently bought my ...Read full memory

A memory of Caterham by Julia Crocker

My Great Grandfather

My father was born into a large army family and became very connected to Caterham barracks and was a ground engineer for the 615 squadron at Kenly aerodrome during world war II. My dad was born in 1914 and by the age of ...Read full memory

A memory of Caterham

Dads Pub

My dad used to drink in here every night and Sunday lunch times; we weren't allowed to have Sunday dinner till dad came home. It became known as the Valley hotel.

A memory of Caterham

Watts's Memories

If I remember rightly, in this year it was a Catholic school for girls. It was the last place I saw a red squirrel, I used to go under the viaduct to get there. There was a house at the entrance to the drive and there was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Caterham by Robin Watts

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Caterham is in two parts, up the hill where the medieval church is, and Caterham Valley to the east on the valley floor, which grew up when the railway arrived in 1856 - it was in fact a terminus station. Thus the lower town is Victorian in character, with later suburbs, and its church, St John's, dates from the 1880s. Until the eastern by-pass was built the main A22 poured through the centre, and this roundabout was extremely busy. Here we look south along Godstone Road, with the church tower on the right.

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