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Chilton Foliat memories

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Some Memories From 1916 to The 1950s

My father believes the man in the carpenter's apron in photographs 60995 and 60995x may be Francis New. The carpentry business he is standing in front of was eventually taken over my grandfather, John Bray, and his brother William. In the directories they were listed as wheelwrights but they undertook a much larger range of buiding work some of which is still on view today, e.g. the lych gate of the church which was built as a memorial to the dead of the Great War. My father remembers them making a coffin for the last of the Cannings family at Bridge house. Sadly Miss Cannings died in relative poverty and there was no money for a funeral so her coffin (complete with body) was transported in the back of my grandfather's converted Standard motorcar to its last resting place near Swindon with my father holding on to it to make sure it didnt fall out! My father, who is now in his nineties, remembers a life which seems to resemble an... Read more

The Past The Present And The Future

The Village 1908, Chilton Foliat
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I was born 3rd July 1959 in Marlborough hospital, I spent the first few months of my life in Ramsbury, my parents lived opposite the fire station, until our house burnt down and we moved to Crabtree Close, Chilton Foliat, where my dad still lives.

I then went to the "OLD" Chilton Foliat Village School, which is no longer a school but has been converted into a house. The head master in those days was Mr Hassel. Mr and Mrs Dobson had the village shop and post office, I can still smell the scents from the ham that Mr Dobson used to slice up at the back of the shop, I was very sad to hear that they passed away just after retiring. There was also Bunces garage and the Wheatsheaf where I used to work as a "barmaid" in the evenings. I have some very happy memories in that pub.

The photo above is the start of the village and the house on the left... Read more

My 'Kemp' Ancestory

I hope I'm not in error here but would dearly love to liaise with someone who might have local knowledge of where my Kemp relations resided - I think it was in and around Leverton. Richard and Christien Kemp had their children baptised at St Mary's; their son John Kemp is my known ancestor - he married Elizabeth Garrard: their son William Kemp was born in 1857. He married Ann Ambrose and their youngest was Henry Kemp, my great great grandfather. Henry moved eastwards and was listed as a Porter agent for a Kent brewery in Faversham in the 1833 directory. But I do believe family remained in the area. Henry married in London, and thereon his/my line is focused there, Essex and Surrey. Henry's grandson, George William was my grandfather. He was born in Bow, Middlesex and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1912. His elder son was Reginald George, my darling late father who died aged 90. I was born in Melbourne in 1948. Sadly my... Read more

Living in Chilton

My family moved to Chilton Foliat and took over the "Old Post Office". I was still young then and went to the old school run by Mr & Mrs Hassall who lived next door to the school. Two classrooms and very fond memories.

At the end of every day we would all have to stand still, dead quiet and were not allowed to leave until we heard a pin drop! Then the Hassalls left and Mr & Mrs Porter took over, very nice people again. Along with them I remember an elderly lady who was there called Mrs Nagler, I think she was American and used to sing gospel songs. One year I remember being in the Christmas nativity at Marlborough Church when we did Noah's Ark I think, and I believe I was a "rat" - not in real life!

I left to go to boarding school then, attending 2 different schools in Hampshire, then returned to finish my education at John O'Gaunt in Hungerford. I returned... Read more

Memories of Wiltshire

Late 1950's

Riverside c1955, Ramsbury
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Some time in the late 1950's, my best school friend's family moved to Ramsbury and ran the Post office. I used to catch the coach from London every year to stay with them during the summer holidays, and we had fun playing in the stream that ran across the bottom of their garden. Sadly, I have lost touch with my friend, Pat Hill. She had a brother, Colin. I now live in Australia and wonder if anyone knows what happened to the Hill family. My memories of a true English village, are those of Ramsbury.

Another School 1959/63

I went to school in Ramsbury from about 1959/1961, I remember the head teacher being a Mr Eastoe, I liked Ramsbury because we all used to gather at the river to go swimmimg, we used to buy an inner tube of a car at the local garage for 6 pence (old money of course).  I'm sure half of everybody who went to the river couldn't swim, but it was fun. We lived in Axford about 2 or 3 miles away towards Marlborough, our house was at the start of the village, it hasn't changed much. I went back to this area about 10 years ago, I used to live next door to the Kirby family.  I also remember the Kings, Williams, Pontins and Mowlem familys.  I finished my time at Ramsbury school in 1961 when I was 11 and then went to school in Marlborough, the army camp up on the hill, which I believe is now a golf course.  It was very cold in winter up there at school... Read more

Good Times

My grandmother and grandfather lived in Oxford Street, and I remember how my mother would bring me to see and stay with them from time to time, I even remember going to the village school on one visit, I think I was about 8 or 9 yrs old, the year was about 1936. I'm 85yrs old now and live in Australia, but often take a walk down to the tree on a Thursday to buy a lardycake, or across the road to the bakers for bread, he would make me a small loaf just for me, I have very fond memories of Ramsbury and often still picture it in my mind's eye. My grandfolks' name was Cook, my mother's maiden name was Elizebeth Cook. She married my father Fredrick Williams from Hungerford.

The Blue Boar Inn

My grandmother owned the Blue Boar Inn. Her name was Annie Dady. I believe she had the pub before the war and up until about 1960. Next door was Major Powell's racing stable and as a young lad I met Frankie Durr when he had breakfast at the Blue Boar. I can still remember the barn at the back and the old wash room. I am sixty-five now and live in Devon, please if any one remembers my grandmother please write.

When I Was A Child.

My father was born in Great Bedwyn, his name Arthur Maurice Hatter. When I was young in 1952 we were invited to stay with a member of his family in 47 High Street, I remember they had a wonderful garden, layered with full flower beds, also they had a summer house in the garden, today it may be called a conservatory, that is where we stayed.
Almost opposite number 47 was a garage that looked like a wooden barn and we had our old Humber repaired there.
In Church Street on the right hand side was a stonemason and the names of some of his family was engraved above the entance to the shop, these were from family killed in the first world war. In St Mary's Church there are headstones with the family name, I would dearly like to know more as I know very little of my father's family only that he had a brother named Raynor [not sure of the spelling] and his father was a preacher... Read more

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