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Cleethorpes memories

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Grimsby Voluntary Fire Brigade, Theatres & Market Photo Search

St Peter's Church Interior 1890, Cleethorpes
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My mother (maiden name Joan Patrica Hubbard) is in her early 90s now and often recalls her childhood and early memories of Grimsby. She tells me of a picture with her father John (Jack) Hubbard) in it when he was in the voluntary fire brigade (he lost a leg and died when she was only 5yrs old, possibly through fighting a fire). She has no idea where the picture disappeared to. If anyone knows of such a picture (not sure if it was a photograph or actual painted picture), i would be so grateful to have sight of it just to be able to show it to her again after so many years.

Also her mother (Mary Ann Robinson/Robertson, but may have had a stage name) was on the stage (her brother William/Bill Robinson/Robertson) was too probably early to 1900-1930. Any photographs of either or the theatres they may have performed at would also be greatly welcomed. Her mother was also in the underground shelter in the Market Place... Read more

St Peters School

St Peter's Church Interior 1890, Cleethorpes
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I used to go to St Peters School across the road from this church. We had to walk over the road to go to church on special occasions, Christmas, Easter etc.. It seemed huge to me then, but not now. My mum and aunties were married here. We used to live up the road in Crowhill Avenue.

Memories of South Humberside

Cleethorpes Zoo

The Elephant c1965, Cleethorpes Zoo
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I believe the elephant in the picture was named Tanya. I have fond memories of the zoo as my father Dave Mosley moved us from Derby to Cleethorpes in 1965 as he was employed by the zoo to do some building work, we as kids used to get to pet the animals, my favourite memory must be of stroking Calypso the killer whale.

I Played With This Bear Cub

Baby Bear c1965, Cleethorpes Zoo
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My cousin worked at Cleethorpe Marina Zoo and I went in with her during summer holidays. I recall going in the pen and playing with this baby bear, I was about 9 years old. She also let me go in with the dolphins, they pulled me round their big pool in a dinghy. A lllama baby died whilst I was there and she also had to kill baby chicks to feed to the snakes. What an experience eh - no health and safety in those days and such fun too x

My First Love at Beacholme

Beacholme Holiday Camp c1965, Humberston
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I was probably only about 8 years old but I remember it oh so well. It was upstairs in the disco, she came from Leeds.  We spent more holidays here than I can remember as a child, me, my sister Lorraine and my mam and dad Doreen and Maurice Horne.  Sadly my dad's not with us now. We had some lovely times.  I used to love the zoo which is now of course pPeasure Island.  Oh and the paddling pool up by the boating lake.

Beacholme Camp

I remember vaguely seeing trolley buses and motor buses which were converted into living accomodation, even a tram car with the upstairs windows painted out,that would have been the sleeping quarters I would imagine, and at the eastern edge of the camp were tents, mostly ex-army. We must remember that the war was not long over and people had to make do with what was available. About 1953, I was stood at door of the camp club across the road, we kids could sit at rear of the club outside as there was a kind of shelter where we have bottles of pop and crisps brought out by our parents. My mum told me who the "old man" on the stage was, it was the late (Sir) Bernard Miles who was doing his stage act. I can also recollect seeing lots of rusty barbed wire strewn along the beach, another legacy left over from the war. At that time as you came into the camp the wooden reception office was... Read more

Happy Days at Beechholme Holiday Park 1946-1955

I have wonderful memories of the camp when I was young. I remember my father, Jack Quant, and a Mr Gardner had something to do with the clubhouse like one of the memories I have just read. It was nice to sit outside and have a bottle of pop as children were not allowed in the club. Mr Gardner had a daughter called Beatrice and we played for many happy hours together on the beach and walking to Cleethorpes. There was also a little girl called Betty who lived in a double decker bus, and also a glider body where some friends used to stay. I used to love sports day; as a child I was a good athlete and with my winnings on race day, I remember having as much as four shillings which was a lot of money in those days. Beatrice and I would go to Cleethorpes on several rides and at night we walked to the fish shop and pooled our pocket money. I remember having... Read more

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