Memories of Cleethorpes

Grimsby Voluntary Fire Brigade, Theatres & Market Photo Search

My mother (maiden name Joan Patrica Hubbard) is in her early 90s now and often recalls her childhood and early memories of Grimsby. She tells me of a picture with her father John (Jack) Hubbard) in it when he was in the voluntary fire brigade (he lost a leg and died when she was ...Read full memory

A memory of Cleethorpes

North Promenade

The cinema at the left hand edge of the photo played cartoons and very short comedy  films in a half-hour program that played in a non-stop repeating loop. I believe the veranda next to the cinema was over the entrance to a penny arcade while under the second arcade amongst other places was a café that included a ...Read full memory

Piano Playing Record

In the 1950's I recall that there was an open sided marquee with a stage erected in the grassed area of Dolphin Gardens and a lady with a grand piano was installed on the stage. She was attempting the record for non-stop piano playing. I believe her target was 7 days which she reached though she appeared to be in an ...Read full memory

St Peters School

I used to go to St Peters School across the road from this church. We had to walk over the road to go to church on special occasions, Christmas, Easter etc.. It seemed huge to me then, but not now. My mum and aunties were married here. We used to live up the road in Crowhill Avenue.

A memory of Cleethorpes by Karen Smith

Cleethorpes Zoo

I believe the elephant in the picture was named Tanya. I have fond memories of the zoo as my father Dave Mosley moved us from Derby to Cleethorpes in 1965 as he was employed by the zoo to do some building work, we as kids used to get to pet the animals, my favourite memory must be of stroking Calypso the killer whale.


i now live in Canada but remember my grandfathers hotel. It was called The George Inn. His name was Bill George. If anyone has any info regarding my grandfather, Or his Hotel and what happened to it, I would love to hear any stories or information. Thanks, Dawn Gresl.

A memory of Cleethorpes by earlydawn8


I recal that in the 1950's the Winter Gardens (the white building in the left of shot) was the place to hold dinner/dances. Elliston St, all boys, and Reynold St, all girls, schools held joint dances there for the senior years and the leavers which occasionally I attended as a 10-11 year old. I also went to the company ...Read full memory

I Played With This Bear Cub

My cousin worked at Cleethorpe Marina Zoo and I went in with her during summer holidays. I recall going in the pen and playing with this baby bear, I was about 9 years old. She also let me go in with the dolphins, they pulled me round their big pool in a dinghy. A lllama baby died whilst I was there and she ...Read full memory

A memory of Cleethorpes by Sal Barker

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