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Clifton Hampden memories

Here are memories of Clifton Hampden and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Clifton Hampden or a Clifton Hampden photo.

Family Connections.

The Barley Mow Inn 1890, Clifton Hampden
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This was my grandfathers favourite inn at the time the photograph was taken. He was coachman at the Manor House at Long Wittenham a short walk along the 'Maddy' (a road from the inn to Long Wittenham following the river and very prone to flooding). Its a family story that he would often spend too long here and Granny would have to prepare the horse and coach and dress up in his clothes to fetch the master of the house from Didcot station several miles away. I remember her as a very resourceful woman. She died in 1938 on her 83rd birthday.

Memories of Oxfordshire


The Village c1960, Long Wittenham
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High Street, looking towards the cross.

We lived in the next house to the Post Office/stores (with the Walnut tree on the left) from 1959 - 1976.

Child of Dorchester-On-Thames

I was born in the village and raised by my grandparents. My grandfather was John McPherson who owned the petrol pumps in the centre of the village. Keith Mallinson.

LLwer And Upper Culham Farm

When I was 18, I lived with my relatives on the outskirts oif Reading. I was offered a job working as a builders labourer. The year was 1963 and I was given a lift most days to work, which was at Upper and Lower Culham Farm. The man ( Mr Berens ) we were working for was apparently a millionaire, and I believe that were true! I worked every day of the week, and on Friday my wage packet had 14 crispy, consecutive numbered pound notes in it ! We built pig styes and a corn drier at one farm. I used to fly from one farm to the other at top speed on a little grey tractor! I loved it. We worked on the owners big house and when I worked on the roof I was amazed at the graffiti carved into the chalk blocks, people's names that had worked there before I did; I think the dates and names were... Read more

Ley's Farm Village

I'm doing my family tree and I have come across my great great great grandfather, William Sayer, living at Ley's Farm Village, Marsh Baldon. Could anyone help me with any information on this farm or village it would be greatly appreciated. His son John Smith was a blacksmith in Bensington in 1844. Regards Sylvia.

High Street c1955, Sutton Courtenay
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When my family moved to Sutton Courtenay in the 1960s this was the only shop left in the old part of the village. It was a fabulous place with big glass jars of sweets behind the counter, I used to visit here as soon as I received my pocket money! It was run by the Mussells, I think (pronounced 'Muzz-ells'). My sister got a job there on Saturdays. Unfortunately it eventually closed in the early 1980s.

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