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Memories of Darfield

Darfield memories
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At my Nannies Near The Allotments

My nannie lived on East Street, which had a break in the street to go through the allottments. My nannie was called Hilda Lee, nee Marsh. I have fond memories too of Grandad Lee who passed away when I was around 6 years old. I used to love going to visit, we would always arrive to the inviting smell of fresh bread being cooked..and Nannie Lee would make ginger beer too. The coal fire burning giving off a warm inviting glow, often the bread doe would be on the firehearth ,left to rise and covered with a wet tea towel. It was always one of our jobs to fill the coal buckets for nannie Lee. Nannie's brothers had allottments, growing veg, breeding Labradors and keeping chickens and pigs. Uncle Stan also had turkeys he would fatten up for xmas.... how I used to be scared of those turkeys is unimaginable. They appeared and then before I knew it disappeared, it wasn't until I got older I found out why! Uncle... Read more

South Yorkshire memories

Company Row, George Street, Low Valley 1960's

I was born in 1954 at home in George Street, Low Valley, in what was known as Company Row, presumably as it was built my mine-owners to house their workers. It was a two up two down terrace next to the "entry" where people could gain entry to the shared backyard. We had an outside toilet, no running hot water, no electricity, gas lights and coal fires. Hardly the good old days in retrospect, but we knew no better then. Streets in't Valley were, I think, named after Mineowners children - George, James and Henry with Hope and Providence Street for good measure. We played on Darfield Main muck stack, sliding down the grey slag on pieces of old rubber pit belting. We paddled and made dams in the Valley Dyke (River Dove). We played football and cricket in the Corner Field (which belonged to the Corner pub or George Hotel to give it it's proper name). Some of George Street was demolished in the early 60's and the families moved "up top i'Darfield -... Read more

Cross Keys Black Bull

Can anyone tell me when the Black Bull and the Cross Keys got pulled down to make way for the Roundabout and junctions of Kendry, Ardsley, Wombwell and Lundwood. It was at the Cross Keys where my wife and I, had our reception, where we'd also spend a few hours within the Black Bull. Just a few yards from there was Wombwell Lane, of which we were living within a guest house. It was whilst living there within the attic, on a Sunday early afternoon, we were somewhat disturbed by a huge whistling sound which sounded like a jet plane going by at low altitude. What followed was maybe four loud supersonic bangs. There was some debris of what sounded like clinking metals hitting, and then sliding down the slate roof. Believing that it was a jet plane that had crashed somewhere at the back of the house, we were quick to get dressed and dash down the stairs, where we saw our landlord somewhat startled by the sound. It... Read more

Melville Street

High Street c1965, Wombwell
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I live on Melville Street and would appreciate any photos of it or any streets nearby. Even the part of the High Street at the bottom of it. I want to know what it used to look like. Thanks.

Wombwell 1949-1960

High Street c1965, Wombwell
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Born in York Street, moved to Rimmington Road. I had friends at Barnley Road Primary, St Johns Junior and Barnley Road Methodist and the Brownies there. Remember Joyce Brooks, Sharon Guest, John Mason, Linda Lapinsky, Pat Thornley. From Windmill Rd and Linda Savoury. I became a "Black and White Minstrel" played Coronation Street and Crossroads. Married and live in South Africa. I remember the Friday market, the wool shop, the off licence and Mrs Logde's shop for sweeties in York Street. Would love to connect with old friends

Just Reminising

High Street c1965, Wombwell
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I somehow remember your name (Barry Gillis) but not quite sure why. Also remember David Wilkinson possibly from Kings Road School. I do remember Josephine Pickles and her friend Josephine Watson also from Windmill Road. I left Wombwell in 1963 so do not know what happened to many friends of my own age. I have fond memories of going to the "Res"in Wombwell Woods every Sunday with my father, Ben Jeavons, and Park Street Methodist Youth Club where I met the Josephines. Also the "Coffee Bar" on Wombwell High Street which opened around 1958 and where we all spent hours with one orange juice, goodness knows how they made a living. I Would be interested to know the whereaboouts or anything of Janet Moore, Ann Greenfield, Helen Ward, Janet Butcher. I was born and lived in Hough Lane and moved to Doncaster when I married in 1963. Happy Days. Susan Jeavons now Southam

Pleasant Memories

We lived in Wombwell from1970-80, we lived on the Dove Rd Estate. We have lovely memories of our time in Wombwell before we emigrated to Canada. My kids went to Park St. School then Wombwell High. Shopping at Hillards, the Co-op, Woolworths & Tesco's which later became Shoppers Paradise. "The Feast", which was a yearly event, and many more nice memories.

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