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Dartford memories

Here are memories of Dartford and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Dartford or a Dartford photo.

Fishing Tackle Shop

My first job when I left school was with JC Beadles in Spital Street. During my lunch break I would often wander along Lowfield St and well remember the Fishing Tackle shop. I had bought one of their 2 piece Bamboo rods complete with bakelite reel a few years previously, which I used to catch minnows at Horton Kirby. I used to drool over the beautiful rods in the window which were beyond my means; Split Cane and Green Heart were names which I keep in my memory bank. Other shops which caught the attention of this wandering youth were, the Pet Shop, a little further along Lowfield St, and a shop in Hythe St which sold Stink Bombs, Itching Powder, Whoopie Cushions and what would now be refered to as Adult Literature. Another memory is of waiting to catch a bus in Westgate Rd on a cold winters day. If you rested your back on the wall of the Elevator Factory behind you, you would feel some heat... Read more

The Wainwright Family

High Street 1902, Dartford
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I am researching for a book and need information on the Wainwright family who lived in New street South Darenth. They are listed in the 1911 census living at this address. Also has anybody stories of local woman marrying soldiers who were based in Dartford during WW 1. Thanks for your time. John

Old School Mates

Hi, I attended Dartford East Secondary School from 1957 to 1961, C stream. Would be good to know what's happened to Micky Worsfold, Dave Winters, Silvia Willard, Dave King and many more.... I lived at Temple Hill and St Vincent's Rd Hope you all well. David L

Patrick Mackay

High Street 1902, Dartford
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I knew Patrick Mackay well, he was 2 years older than me when we attended York Road School together. I have passed on everything I remember to the researcher.

St Albans Road Infants School And York Road Primary School

High Street 1902, Dartford
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I am wondering if anyone remembers a student of St Albans Road Infants School and subsequently York Road Primary School by the name of Patrick Mackay? He would have attended from 1959 through the early 60's and went on to commit several horrific murders. I am currently producing a documentary on the subject and would really welcome speaking with anyone who has any memories of Patrick Mackay. I can be contacted on 01752 727528 or via email on Many thanks.


High Street 1902, Dartford
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I lived in Dartford up until 1962. I went to Dartford West and was a member of the Young Farmers Club at the YMCA. My school friend was Allan Field and for the moment he is the only one I can remember. I had some good times there and my love for country life was born there. In the 50's I saw the countryside vanish and the polution of the paper mills. My mother worked on farms around Dartford and I was very attached to Dartford Heath, I walked my dog there and once I saw a fox (I was 10 or 12).

Ellinghams Lake Fishing

High Street 1949, Dartford
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Does anyone remember fishing in that dirty old lake? I have lived in Canada for the last 50 years on the West Coast and when I am out fishing for salmon I often think of that old lake, all the best to you folks, Clive.

Grt Grandfather W..E Orpin Living at Fawkham Village Kent,

High Street 1949, Dartford
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I don't particularly have a memory as such. My great grandfather William Edward Orpin, lived at Hill Barn, Fawkham Village, Kent, Rural District of Dartford, Ecclesiastical Parish of St. Mary's in 1901. I have only just discovered this on Ancestry, and I am trying to find where Hill Barn is. He was a shepherd and I am wondering if anyone has any information on the above. My great grandfather died in 1936, in West Malling, Kent. One of his daughters, Emma, was my grandmother and she came out to Australia in 1908. I am from Sydney, Australia. Regards, Tracey.

World War 2 Memories

High Street 1949, Dartford
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I am still trying to locate anyone who might remember or relate to any folks that lived in Dartford, a specific area would be Morland Avenue. I lived at no 7 Morland Avenue, a member of the Jeffrey family. I would love to locate anyone who remembers my family. Here's to y'all, Clive J.

Old Datford

High Street 1949, Dartford
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I was born in Wimot Road in 1939 at the Maiden Lane end. We lived there until 1948 when we moved to Willow Road where I lived until I got married in 1961. We moved to Temple Hill after a couple of years at Downs Farm off of Fleet estate. I worked in and around Dartford all my young life. I did start at Westhill School for a few months under Mrs Parsons. I then went to the National School half way up West Hill. Does any one remember me - Ted Stock?


High Street 1949, Dartford
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Does anyone remember the Cuthbert family who lived at number 9 Morland Avenue, Dartford? Mrs Cuthbert was killed by a V1 bomb in 1944. Thanks, Clive Jeffrey

Our Ladys High School West Hill Dartford

I went to this school from 1954-1957 ish. My elder sister attended too. I did not enjoy anything, at the school, even less the two weeks spent as a border when my parents went on holiday. There was one nun that I liked. But that was about it. I remember concrete footings for I assume an extension, that was never built. I also have memories of our play ground across the rd on Dartford Heath. If anyone else can remember this too? Where was it? And was there another building somewhere else? possibly for primary age children? )

Carouseland The Kings Head[the Nut]

I remember the "cara"  and the "nut" the kings head in fact all of Dartford and friends
yes and you allen with your 6" turnups on your jeans, in fact when I remember I get quite nostalgic [sad] all the blokes and all the fun in "wild Dartford"

Memories of Dartford

I was born in Marcet Road in 1959 and attended West Hill Primary School. I failed my 11 plus and went the Dartford West but moved in the first year to Dartford Technical High School in Willmington. Shortly after my family moved to Heathview Crescent.

I left Dartford in 1980 when I joined the RN. My parents and one set of grand parents are buried in East Hill Cemetry. My siblings also no longer live in Dartford.

Graham Jeffrey And The Band Savanas

Does anyone remember the band called the Savanas? Graham Jeffrey was the band's lead singer, they were very popular in Dartford back in the late fifties. Graham lived in Dartford at #7 Moorland Ave and lived there as a child right up and into the late sixties. He grew up playing guitar with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones - he was Graham's neighbour from across the street. I also remembered they were called the Saint's before the Savanas. Any takers? Thanks, Gary

The Old Priory Estate Wall, Victoria Road

Hi, I was born in Dartford in 1967 and moved away in the mid 80's. Does anyone else know of the 'king and queen stones' as we called them. They where carved crowns in the walls of the old priory that ran along Victoria Road. I was born in Priory Road next to the paper mill. My mother's maiden name was Middleton, I believe they where a large well known family in the town. All of them have gone now, but I would like to hear from anyone with memories of them or the Priory Road area.

The One Bell

Hi to all. The public house in the centre of town, where the policeman stood directing traffic was The One Bell. Next door was a shop called the Maypole and next to that was The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel. Richard Trevithick (1771-1833) was a british engineer from Cornwall; a pioneer and inventor of the high pressure steam engine in 1799, he died in bed in the Bull Hotel. It later became The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel. He was lodging at the Bull when he died of pneumonia while working at Halls. His work colleagues raised the money for his funeral and paid for a watchman to look after the unmarked grave, too deter grave robbers and body snatchers, which was common at that time.

York Road School.

Hi there, I couldn't see a name on this entry but the entry above it had the name Ted Stock, is that you? I don't remember that name but remember York Road School and the dreaded Mr S who also beat me most unfairly. I remember Mrs Clarke, Mr Parker, Mr Brown and the dreaded Miss E who taught the reform class - what a dreadful name for a class for poor achievers! Do you remember the McGills who had the little store on the corner of York Road and East Hill? I was good friends with their son and daughter, Robin and Judith. I was born in 1945 so am a bit older than you and I now live on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Came here in 1961, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else but I really enjoyed a trip back to Britain in 1992 and a nostalgia trip back to Dartford was brilliant. Seeing all my old haunts like Hesketh Park, Dartford Park and the... Read more

Mildred Close

Hi Jane Are your a sister of James? (or Jimmy Lawrence). He used to live in Colney Road, just around the corner from where I lived in the late 1950s to mid 1960s. I remember playing on our pogo sticks, and seeing who could do the most "jumps"!!. Great fun. I also remember going around to his house and playing in his back garden. I seem to also remember he was related to a Graham Dillaway? He lived in the next road to Mildred Close.

Who Remembers The Dartford Wharfage Co.

Born Livingstone Hospital East Hill in 1947. Lived on Temple Hill from the age of 5 years, went to Temple Hill later Dartford East (The Downs) schools. First job at 14, was at Phillips toy and cycle shop. I also belonged to the Mephisto Cycle Club at this time. My second job was on vehicle maintenance for the Dartford Wharfage Co, in Lower Hythe Street. Spent lunch times in the café on the corner of Victoria Rd, drinks after work in the Hufflers. Some years later I worked for Beck & Pollitzer. My teens were spent at the Railway Tavern, Royal Victoria & Bull, Coop Hall, and Sunday night at the Black Prince Bexley. It was a great time in a great town. I now live in Maidstone, but I miss old Dartford and my old mates.

Dartford Heath

The Nissan huts on the heath became a teddy bear factory after the war. My aunt worked there making bears, I still have one, its been with me for 63years. Sad A. My aunt became a seamstress making nurses uniforms in Joyce Green Hospital.

Happy Days in St Albans Road, Late 40's And 50's.

I lived at 90 East Hill just by the corner of St Albans. In St Albans lived all my little pals; Robert Ball, David Shaw, Peter Richardson, Frankie Taylor and Graham Wilson. We played in the street on our tricycles in the early years and did wheelies in front of the Tiger Pub until we headed home. During the days we would roam in fields off East Hill and Darenth Lane with catapults and bows and arrows. we would make camps, build little fires, fishing was the Darent or Ellinghams ponds and then scrumping apples on the way home. All of us were cub scouts and later army or sea cadets as we got older. We had airguns and sheaf knives for carving wood etc, the days seemed endless and during all those years we never heard of stabbings, muggings and violence. We grew up in a wonderful country and we all had respect, even though we got up to the odd prank!

Dartford Heath.

Does anybody remember the Glory Bumps on the Heath? For those who don't they were a series of parallel trenches which had presumably been dug by Archeologists in the past. We as kids used to ride our bikes over the humps which remained, often resulting in 'head-on' collisions. I had been to the Heath on the day that sweet rationing ended and stopped at a shop in Wilmington and bought a packet of 'Polos' whithout having to bother with coupons. Mike Hyland.

Dartford East Secondary School

I was born and lived in Sutton at Hone and attended D.E.S.S. from 1949 to 1953. I remember the headmaster(R Shields Gill ) who also taught History. I also remember Mr A who taught PT, but I don't remember his prowess with the cane, thankfully. I can recall changing into our PT gear in the cloakroom knowing that the last one ready would get a slap accros the buttocks with a plimpsole. When I first went to D.E.S.S. I was placed into class 1B but after a short time I was transfered to 1A where I remained at the bottom of the class for the next 4 years. I can remember the roll call for each day, it was.......Archer, Barker, Barnden, Carter, Curwen, Dixon, Dolden ,Edrupt ,Elliott, Ellis, Epps, Francis, Gausden, Green, Hicks, Hovard, Hyland, Jenkins, King, Llewellyn, Mecock, Oyston, Perkins, Rose, Tickner, Tyler, Ward and Wise. Do these names ring a bell for anyone? Where are you all now? If you are reading this Alan Wise, I read your... Read more

Dartford Heath

I lived in Shepherds Lane, opposite Dartford Heath, from 1952 to 1965. As children in the 1950's we did play in the Nissan huts on the Heath although I don't remember the paintings of cartoon characters. I do remember the huts being very damp and of course they have long since been removed.

Dartford Heath

I lived with my family at 19, Blackmans Close, Dartford in the late 1940's. As kids we spent a lot of time at Dartford Heath. After the war I remember seeing nissan huts for German prisoners of war at the Heath. I recall seeing paintings of cartoon characters on the walls. I have made a few enquiries, but no one seems to remember. I am living in Adelaide South Australia and would love to hear from someone out there. Bye for now, Barb.

Fishiing Tackle Shop Lowfield Street

When my mother and I used to cycle to Dartford we would leave our bikes at the fishing tackle shop - the charge was 2d. In 1957 I worked at J.C. Beadles in Lowfield Street until the Rootes Group closed the factory.

Coffee Bar

Hello, I used to go to the coffee bar and meet up with some lads and girls and we all had some good times there. One of the lads was Allan Pennell who at the time was a trainee civil engieneer with Taylor Woodrow. Allan told me there was a vacancy with the steelfixers at the construction of Northfleet power station, I went there and got the job, so thanks Allan. In November of 58 I had my call up, so after 18 years of living at Dartford, my time at Dartford was over.

Alan Moore

Can you contact me again, please ( Love Yvette


I was born in Dartford in 1943, moved away many many years ago, have very fond memories. Might visit there this year, now live in Belgium.


I rememeber Allan More, are you still around?

Wild in Dartford

I have memories of going around in a 'gang'; we called ourselves the Wizbangs and used to frequent the carousel coffee bar on East Hill.

Dartford East Secondary Modern School 1950-55

Hello, I was born at Franks Hall in Horten, Kirby in 1940, moved to Dartfod 1941, to Waldeck Road and went to St Albans Infants then York Road Juniors then to Dartford East. I have good memories of it all. I wonder if anyone remembers me such a long time ago. Some names I remember: Peter Bates, Peter Jarvis, Brian Tucker, Colin Hoyle (not sure about the first name), Brian Kember, his dad had a shop on the Brent and a chap named Bevin (sorry cannot remember the first name) all in class 2B. Mr Gill was the Headmaster, Mr Allen a PE teacher who could swing the cane a bit I remember - ouch!

Fishing Tackle Shop Lowfield Street

I was born at Livingstone Hospital. My parents had the fishing tackle shop at 68 Lowfield Street, Dartford. Both my parents were on the Dartford and District Angling and Preverseavation Society Commity. It had fishing at Brooklands Lakes and Horton Kirby, later adding more fishing waters. My parents made my first two peice fishing rod for me and I oftern fished with them. Pices was the logo they used for the rods they made which were greenheart and split cane mainly. Father got my sister and I up to see the fire when the wooden mill burnt down in Dartford. Lowfield Street, true to its name, often flooded. Mother had always lived in Dartford and met my father at the Mephosto cycling club. Her family was called Pile and her brother continued to run their father's haulage firm after their father died. If you went fishing when you were young you would have shoped at 68. The next nearest shop for fishing tackle and bait was Toys in Bexleyheath. Do you rember the bank... Read more

Greenery Cafe

I lived in Farningham, but being a teenager, came to Dartford for entertainment. I also went to Dartford Grammar School until 1959 and my best friends were Veronica Gill and Jennifer Yates - Jennifer's parents owned a little grocery store up East Hill. As a teenager, I hung out in the Greenery Cafe, you would buy a cup of coffee or tea and make it last 4 hours! I was in love with a guy called Jimmy Knight who lived somewhere up East Hill - but then every other girl was. I wrote to him when he was in the Army and then lost touch. I emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1967 and have been back a few times, Farningham is still the same, but I don't recognise Dartford at all, the Dartford tunnel area is all new, I remember Princes Street there. It seems, too, I remember a lot of rain, I don't know why - and the strictness at... Read more

Denver Road

I remember my very early years living in Denver Road, Dartford, Kent. My first school was St Mildreds College, then onto Our Lady's High School. I remember having a school photo (long since lost) of myself with tartan ribbons, much to the Nuns disgust - a note was sent to my parents. I remember a Nun showing me the Chapel alter where my Mother's contribution of roses were. Would love to see a photo of the school, a heath was opposite the school I think? My grandmother lived in Crayford, No 25 Green Place. Gillian Nutt (nee White).

West Hill Lodge

Does anyone remember West Hill Lodge, the house on the corner of Stanham Road and Dartford Road, with wonderful fake Elizabethan chimneys? I lived there from 1950 until 1961, when sadly my father sold it, with the two houses next door, to a property developer, and now you have a lot more houses around Acworth PLace. Mrs Acworth died in 1949 and it had been in her family for many years, I believe.

Another Piece of Dartford History

Although born in Surrey, my parents moved to Swaisland Road when I was a baby, before buying a house in James Road in 1939 - just before the outbreak of WW2. I attended the West Hill School during my junior days. Our instructions were to run on to school if the air-raid siren sounded if we were more than half way or go back home if we were not. Needless to say, most of us went back home even if we were outside the school gates. I later went on to The West Secondary School before going on to technical college in London for my City and Guilds certificate in cabinet making. I belonged to the Lifeboys before joining the Boys Brigade (17th West Kent) connected to the Baptist Church and based at the YMCA on West Hill, Dartford. Those I remember, mostly part of the band, as I was the solo drummer, were "Ginger" Ransley - bass drum, Barry Simmons, Bill Smith, Terry Clark (bugles). "Puddeny'' Carter - drum... Read more

Best Friend

My best friend was Keith Beadle who lived in Marcet Road. I lived in Lawrence Hill Road and went to the local infants school. I lost touch with Keith over the years and wondered if anybody remembers him. I was born in 1943 and Keith was about two years younger.

Our Lady's High School

I was sent to Our Lady's High School in Tiverton, Devon at about the age of 4, than remained with the school when it was relocated to Dartford until I was about 15. What a horrible place - the nuns were so cruel. I remember getting the steel side of a ruler along the knuckles of my hands if I played a wrong note on the piano. Another time I was high by the bristle side of hairbrushes for something I didn't do (I think it was putting crayons on a table or something). Unfortunately, no matter what I told my parents, they didn't believe me, and so my life was hell. I fortunately have many memory blackouts, so dates are confusing to me. I do remember a classmate named Morag and her friend Elizabeth. They were not friends. I also seem to remember a nun setting fire to herself, or something like that. Anybody out there have any horrible memories?... Read more


Is West Hill Hospital still at the top of West Hill? And do some of you remember the trams going from the Dartford libary and up West Hill? I cannot remember how far they went to.

The Pub in The Middle of Town

The pub was the "Bull and Victoria".

Boys Brigade

I was in the Lifebouys and then the Boys Brigade at the YMCA on Westhill between 1948 - 1954. I played the bugle in the band. I was good friends with Clive Marriot and I remember the Fitchet twins and their brothers. There was also a lad called Plumber. Chick Chickenden was the officer that married Miss Royal, another officer. I did the first aid course and the signals and played in goal in the football team. We used to march to church every other Sunday and the other Sundays were in the YMCA hall.

The Pub in The Centre of Dartford

There was a pub near the railway bridge on Overy Street called 'The 3 Tuns' was that the one? I was born in a house in Dartford Road in 1955, the family moved to a new bungalow, no. 6 Tuffnail Road, tel. 23838, in 1959, I have clear memories of almost every moment of my life starting from when I was a babe in arms. Those very early memories are in the form of visual recollections and feelings, mainly curiosity and frustration at not being able to communicate being just a baby. As a child I would roam all over Dartford with my older brother, I would have been 4 when I first started to go exploring (all day sometimes) with my brother, my mum wasn't worried about us, we always came running home for our meals! I attended St. Albans Infants School where I can remember every minute like it was yesterday, then York Road Primary School. The headmaster was Mr. Smith who beat me once when I was... Read more

Bombing of Morland Avenue

Written by my mother when she was 70. She lived in Swaisland Road
I think one of the things you would have noticed was the number of barrage balloons all around, high in the sky. The first sound of guns which we heard was far away, and sounded like horse trotting. The one night the air raid sirens sounded, and we went down into the shelter –we heard anti-aircraft guns in the distance and a couple of distant thumps, and this was all for some weeks. Then, one night the noises were much louder, and we heard bombs exploding nearer. Soon after this, the Pioneer Corps came round and put peculiar-looking metal things all around the rods, like big buckets with a big pipe coming out of them. We found later they were oil- burning, to make black smoke to hide the various targets near to us –mainly Vickers Armstrong factory. The soldiers came round at night and lit the oil. It made an odd low rumbling... Read more

Dartford Families

Hello to all, just a quick message asking for assistance. I am from a family line that dates back to Dartford pre-1830s. If anyone has any information on any of the following Dartford families, I would love to hear form you, as I am completely stuck on my family tree: - Page (Thomas Page 1744-1821) - Carly(Carley) (William Carley 1750 -1789) - Middleton (Thomas 1722 - 1814) - Venner. (Sussanah Venner 1747 - 1822) Kind regards, Darren

Dartford News Paper

I am about 70% sure that the name of the local paper was The Chronicle or the Dartford Chronicle. I think it came out on Thursday, just the one day a week.

Westhill School

Hi, once again I am trying to locate anyone who attended Westhill School or knew of someone who did during the early 1940s, it would be great to exchange some memories during those Second World war years, here's hoping. Clive Jeffrey, Cloverdale, BC, Canada

Westhill School

Miss Wade was the head mistress of the infants and the girls school. Miss Snell and Miss Jolly were the infant teachers, both out of retirement. In the boys juior school the teachers were Miss James, a new teacher she made the subjects interesting. Next Mrs Parsons, also out of retirement, a rather large women who had problems keeping her shoe laces tied, always looking for a boy to tie them up. Next Mr Bird who was also the head master. His hobby was Kent dialects. Mr Biggs was the senior boys teacher, also out of retirement. Mr Biggs would assemble the boys for class in the morning. I remember one day as Lenny Chapman filed past Mr Biggs he realized Lenny had an unexploded incendary bomb under his arm. I must admit Mr Biggs kept his cool as he had Lenny gently lay the bomb on the ground and he sent another boy to the police station which was close to the school on Highfield Road.

Burnham Road Swimming Pool

I remember the pool as a teacher for the Dartford swimming club, people that were around in those days were Hazel Outram, now my wife, Jimmy Clubb, Dave Randall, Dave Watkins, other names I'm not sure of. Anybody out there? I would love to find any old photos etc of the club or swimming in the area.

World War Two Memories

During the war I lived in the village of Lanes End (Darenth) just outside Dartford. I can't remember what year it was when we had a stick of bombs dropped across the village. One hit the Council stores, another at the top of Watchgate Rise, the last less than a hundred yards from our house. Mother had just picked up my baby brother and taken him downstairs to go into the air raid shelter. Part of the roof caved in and rubble landed on his cot. He had a lucky miss. The next day I was looking down into the crater of the one that dropped st the top of Watchgate Rise. A photographer took a photo of me for a local paper. I would love ro have a copy of same to pass on to my family. I had two near misses from the Doddlebugs, so guess I have had a charmed life. Can anyone give me the names of the Dartford local papers that were operating during the period... Read more

Early 1950s

I was born in Dartord where I lived in Stanham Road until I moved at the age of 9 years. Childhood friends I remember are Anthony Artist, Janet Cork, Michael Burville (not sure of spelling of surname). My next door neighbour was the Robbins family and my elder sister was friends with David Robbins whose father had a small garage down Dartford Road towards Crayford. I remember the garage clearly which had a narrow frontage with a single petrol pump and a steep drive down into the garage building. I went to West Hill Primary School and remember one day going to school in my slippers so was made to stay in at break time. On the way back from Cubs we often used to have a bag of chips and throw the empty paper at trolley buses! I went fishing with a friend into Dartford Park in the River Darenth using jam jars and one time waded in too deep and filled my boots with water and I recall... Read more

Dark Days of The Second World War

Those foggy days in Dartford and the oil tanks on the street corners that produced a lot of smoke that was designed to send smoke into the atmosphere so that enemy planes could not get a visionary view of the area of the ammunition factory, Vickers Armstrong, in Crayford. I lived at 7 Morland Avenue, my name is Clive Jeffrey. Does anyone else remember this? Clive Jeffrey

Second World War Memories

Do any folks in the Dartford area remember the air raids and the dog fights with the German aircraft and our boys? I lived on Morland Avenue near Vickers Armstrong which I might add produced ammunitions. We were hit with a V1 in 1945, killling four of our neighbours. We sure were lucky. I lived at No 7, lucky huh. I have lived in Canada for the last 45 years. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me or anyone in my family. All the best, Clive Jeffrey

One More Memory

Does anyone remember the containers that were placed on the street corners that produced smoke to smother the area from visual air raids during the Second World War in Dartford district? Clive Jeffrey

Dartford West Central School 1950s

Is there anyone from Dartford who remembers any one of these names: Brian Robinson, Dave Simmons, Dave McWilliam? These guys attended Dartford West Central School in the 1950s, it would be great if I could find some connection from the 1950s. Clive Jeffrey, Canada.


Does anyone know if there was a Marsett Road in Dartford? My 94 year old mother lived in Kent during the war but can only remember Marsett Road!?

Anyone Out There...

I am looking for anyone who knows of any families living in the Westhill district of Dartford during the Second World War era. I lived on Morland Avenue when they got hit by the V2 bomb. I would love to hear from you. Yours, Clive Jeffrey, Cloverdale, Canada.

St. Vincent Road

I lived at the bottom of St. Vincent Road, near to Temple Hill Estate and Bow Arrow Lane. We used to play in the fields and I remember Temple Hill Estate being built. I remember the air raids in the war and the bomb falling in Carrington Road on a Sunday afternoon, the mother of a friend was killed that afternoon. When the war was over we had street parties and one in particular that I remember was in the back garden of a shop on the corner of Carrington Road. My mother used to have a photo of that party and I have often wondered what became of it as it wasn't among her possessions when she died and I would have liked to have kept it. I went to St. Albans Road school, then York Road school for a while before passing the scholarship for the Bexley Technical High School for girls. I also remember the fun fairs that used to come to... Read more

Granada Dartford

In response to the memory of bands that played at the Granada, Dartford. My husband played at the Granada in a band called the 'Intellectuals' in about 1967, does anyone remember seeing them?

The Boys Brigade, The 17 West Kent

Does anyone remember the Boys Brigade, the headquarters were at the YMCA on West Hill, period 1947-1950. Here's to ya. Clive

Names of Old Friends at Dartford

Is there anyone going by these names who remembers me - Brian Robinson,David Simmonds, Dave McWilliams, the Gifford family or anybody living in the Morland Avenue area, West Hill, Dartford or were West Hill schoolkids at that time? Hoping, Clive J

Our Lady's High School

I was a boarder at this school on West Hill in the 1950s. It looked, and felt, like a prison. I started at the age of four, and hated every minute of life as a boarder. The domestic nuns (Sisters Immaculate and Teresa) could be very cruel. But the same order of nuns was far more cruel to kiddies at an orphanage at Pantasaph in Holywell. (BBC Wales website refers)

Because of my horrible memories, I regard Dartford as a grim place. Oh! and a paediatrician from St Thomas's Hospital was murdered opposite the old school about three years ago.

West Hill Hospital

Early in the morning of September 5th 1940 a bomb struck West Hill Hospital. It killed 2 nurses and a score of new and expecting mothers. My own mother survived with a fractured skull. All of the newborn, myself among them, survived. I often wonder what happened to all those children who lost their mums, and what became of Sister Gantry who earned a medal for her acts of heroism on that day. Anyone care to respond? David Burns

The Sunday Granada Matinees

How many of you out there remember the Sunday Granada matinees? On Sundays at the Grendada in between movies the rock bands that performed in that theatre included the Rolling Stones, The Saints, Plus One and The Savanas, my brother Graham Jeffrey performed in the last 2 bands mentioned, does anyone remember? Clive

V1 Bombing of Morland Avenue, Near Westhill School

Re: March 1944 - does anyone remember the doodle bug (V1 rocket) that hit Morland Avenue close to Westhill Primary School, where I attended?
Clive Jeffrey, now a Canadian living in Mission City, BC

West Hill School 68 Years Ago

In the year 1940 I was 5 years old when I started to attend Westhill School. During the Second World War bombing controlled our lives, and I remember spending a lot of time in the air raid shelter. I remember my teacher well, she wore her hair in a bun and wore a long dress, she had a strange name of Miss Fidgin and I think the headmaster's name was Mr Ward. Does anbody out there share these memories?
Clive Jeffrey

Bus Stops And J E Halls

Temple Hill was our playground in the 1960s and 1970s. There was the old Puffing Billy where we all met on the estate and we had play schemes on. Does anyone remember this, the guy was called Montey? And who remembers Damien and Sue, they were play leaders, and when we had been swimming at the old Thames Road pool we would wait on the shutters or at J E Halls.


For Jane,
No I'm not Susan Weeks, although the name rings a bell. Looks like we had the same playground, Hesketh Park was great for skating in and Central Park was another great place to run riot in.
Regards Susan
PS I think the pub in Dartford Town Centre was "The Bull". Please tell me if Im wrong!

Growing up in Dartford

I lived in Dartford from 1955 (born in West Hill Hospital) til 1977 when I moved to Wales. My dad was manager of the"Bacca Pouch" next to the old Post Office , and opposite the back entrance to the Co-op. He then had the Newsagents "Hillmans" next to the Conservative Club at the bottom of West Hill. I went to West Hill County Priamry, then the Grammar school from '66 - '73. I remember every alleyway, every play area and the heath like the back of my hand. How times have changed!
I am trying to find out if anyone knows the name or has details of an old green, tiled pub in the centre of Dartford that was demolished? Or am I just dreaming cos my mum can't remember it?! Don't go back much now, the centre is a bit of a dump.

Colney Road

I too lived in Dartford in the late fifties to mid sixties. I was born in West Hill hospital in 1957. I attended St Albans infant school and York Road junior school. I had a best friend called Susan Weeks. I wondered if Susan Howard might be her? I often think about her and wonder how her life turned out. My brother and I used to take our go cart up Shenley Road and wizz down. It seemed really steep but it's actually just a bit of an incline! We also used to gather conkers from The Brent cemetery and be chased by the keepers. We often played in Central Park after visiting mum at work in the gardening department of the Co-op.

Mildred Close

I lived at Mildred Close during the late 1950s to mid 1960s. Hesketh Park and Temple Hill were my playgrounds. I attended St.Albans Primary and York Road Junior Schools. Anyone with similar memories?

Memories of Dartford

Born in Dartford in 1937 and living on the Fleet Estate I remember the Dimashio ice-cream van calling around ---not bad considering I left there in 1940 to live in Wales until war ended. I returned to Dartord, living on Fairfield Estate, the prefabs, until 1955. I remember the friendly policeman on point duty at the corner of Lowfield Street and High Street, the Saturday morning films at the State Theatre, the trolley buses, dances at the Bull Hotel, walking back from the Y.M.C.A. eating 3d of chips on a freezing winter's evening, happy days playing football and cricket in the corner of the park, our 'gang' playing around Ellinghams, my first courting days ( I am still in contact with my very first girlfriend who I knew since she and I were 9 years old until we were almost 18 years old - no problems - I have lived in N.Z. and Australia since 1955 and she married a great guy anyway) I sailed away (alone) on... Read more

Memories of Kent

The Elliott Family

Hi my name is Robert Elliott, shortly after marrying Sheila (nee Bissell) in 1963 we moved onto the new housing estate on Cedar Drive. I had lived in a council house in Brook Street, Erith. Not only did we live in a brand new house, we just loved the surrounding countryside. I commuted into Victoria Station and we started our family along with many other newly weds. It became known as Nappie Valley- a great community! In 1973 we packed our bags and moved to New Zealand. Moving forward to date our 2 boys are married and we are now retired living just North of Auckland A couple of years ago we both started to research our family histories. It came as an enormous surprise to find my family lived in the Sutton at Hone /Eynsford /Horton Kirby area. They were mainly agricultural farmers and had very large families. In 2009 and last year we visited the UK and spent much time roaming around the numerous villages and churches in... Read more

Hawley Memories

We, as a family, moved to Hawley in 1958 from Slade Green. We moved to 32 Harold Road. Our back garden was at the end of Mill Road and we had a very large corrugated iron shed at the bottom of this garden. Lots of the children came along to help when my parents decided to pull it down, no health and safety then! We had such fun with everyone lending a hand. I remember lovely summer evenings when all the 'gang' would meet up and we would go into the fields and build castles using the bales of hay kindly left to us by the local farmers, yet again, no health and safety ha ha. There were orchards abound and many an hour was spent picking up the fallen fruit. Mrs Flint I believe had a little shop in Shirehall Road, and the larger store was on the main road on the corner with Mill Road. We had a school coach... Read more

The Papermaker's Arms

My grandparents, Bill and Jean Woodward, were the publicans of the Papermaker's Arms when I was born in 1953. My uncle John Woodward also ran it for a while. I am the daughter of their middle son Ronald, who sadly died in 2009. As a child I used to play on the piano and the drum kit in the games room when the pub was closed. I used to spend hours riding my red tricycle around the beer garden, stopping to feed the chickens on the way around. I have such fond memories of my childhood visits to Hawley, and a lot of funny stories to tell, relating to the pub.

More Memories of Hawley

I did a paper round up Shirehall Road, sharing it with Jean Bacon who lived at either 1 or 3 Harold Road. It was so cold in the winter. Papers were so heavy, they were hanging from the saddle on my bike and my hands were blue. I used to cycle to Sutton at Hone to collect the papers, then back again and walk up Shirehall delivering them, all before school on a school day. Tuesday and Thursday was the magazine day so delivering extra in the evening as on a Friday for local paper. Saturday, after delivery I rode again to Sutton at Hone to collect the float and pay book, then collected the payments from all those I had delivered to. Had to balance the books before cycling back to Sutton at Hone. Sunday papers were too heavy for me to collect so they were delivered at the bottom of Shirehall. All for 8 shillings a week!... Happy days.

Shooting Pheasants in Bluewater Wheatfields

Wonderful memories of my father who took me shooting for pheasants as a child with our Labrador dog in the then wheatfields of Bluewater. Later when the fields were excavated for chalk we would walk through the chalk pits with the dog and find a wealth of wildlife it was an idyllic childhood.

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