Old Maps of Dartford

Historic Maps of Dartford and the local area.

I was born and lived in Sutton at Hone and attended D.E.S.S. from 1949 to 1953. I remember the headmaster(R Shields Gill ) who also taught History. I also remember Mr A who taught PT, but I don't remember his prowess with the cane, thankfully. I can recall changing into our PT gear in the cloakroom knowing (...Read full memory)

My first job when I left school was with JC Beadles in Spital Street. During my lunch break I would often wander along Lowfield St and well remember the Fishing Tackle shop. I had bought one of their 2 piece Bamboo rods complete with bakelite reel a few years previously, which I used to catch minnows at Horton Kirby. I (...Read full memory)