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Christmas at The Gardens

The Gardens c1965, Dewsbury
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I was born in 1965 and I remember the 'Nativity' being at the gardens at Christmas time. I used to love looking at the different characters; the shepherds, the three kings, but best of all I used to love looking at the 'manger scene' at the far left hand side with the baby Jesus. The characters were the same every year but the enjoyment was always the same. I have a 19 year old son and I have never been able to show him this wonderful memory from my childhood as the authorities stopped doing it a number of years ago. Does anyone else remember the Nativity?

Dewsbury Market

My memory of this great and very popular market was during the late 1970's as a young kid and was every kids paradise. My mum worked at what must have been the world's largest sweet shop/stall - Jim's Candy Cabin. Every Saturday my auntie used to take me along for the day (and you could spend the day browsing around). 1st treat was having a different Matchbox toy bought from the the big Wood's toy stall at the far end near the fruit & veg stalls, followed by a visit to see mum, which often either Jim or his wife used to give me a bag of misshapen sweets! Then later in life in the early 1990's I used to visit another Dewsbury market icon - Elliot's Butchers, as a long friend of mine worked their many years. I used to turn up just before closing time each Saturday to give him a lift home, and from memory my big sis, worked Saturday's on Jackie's jewellery stall, again near both Jim's... Read more

Delivering Bread in Dewsbury

When I was in my teens I had a Saturday and school holiday job on Newboulds bread van, and although I went to other areas of Yorkshire, I was more often than not on the Dewsbury journey. Our major customer was Knights, who had several shops next door to one another on Ravenhouse Road. They used to take four /five trays of sliced bread - twenty four loaved per tray, plus loads of other types of bread and confectionery. Another customer was Manns, who also took large amounts and they were up near Staincliffe Hospital. We also delivered to Hepworth and Whittle's bakery in Ravensthorpe and to most of their shops in and around Dewsbury, including the one in the market. Also in the market, was Collier's Market Cafe, who took large numbers of plain teacakes. We'd deliver there and then have our dinner at the cafe. Another long gone Dewsbury institution that we delivered to was the Bon Bon, in the bus station -... Read more

The Market And Caddy's

My memories of Dewsbury as a girl in the late 1960s, early 1970s. The market. The butcher my mum used (who flirted outrageously with her, and most likely every housewife in town, which she loved and I'm sure always made her buy extra sausage!). Traipsing round while my mum bought everything we needed for Sunday dinner, and some mid week meals until my legs ached! If my nanna was in tow, she wanted tripe, which after trying myself I never understood her love of it. (Yuk!) Then after going to a shop to pay money on furniture and telly, OFF TO CADDY'S - YIPEEE! My beautiful big sister Julie carried on the tradition of the Saturday Dewsbury trip and cut out the boring bits and filled it with coffee and a vanilla slice in a cafe, Toffee Smiths on the market for sweeties then OFF TO CADDY'S - for an organge ice, tall glass, fizzy orange, scoop of Caddy's, long spoon and straw! Bliss! Do you remember the foamy bubbles... Read more

Saville Town

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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Frank; Did you live on the other side of us? We lived in Kaye Street and a family of Firths lived back to back with us. If it's the same family, your sister was Myrah and she was the same age as me. My dad and me lived with the Majors; Alice & sons Leslie and Douglas. I live in Portsmouth now.

Vitoria School

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I remember the Teachers at 'Central very well. Mr Wilson headmaster; Mr Barber, Maths; Mr White ,English Mr Cass, Allsorts. Mr Stead, PT and many more.

Ravensthorpe Hotel

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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can anyone remember what brewery had the ravensthorpe hotel huddersfield road
ravensthorpe in the 60s 70s i seem to remember it was sam smiths ? but i cant remember.
could someone help.

Shop in Daisy Hill

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I have a old photo of a shop in Daisy Hill belonging to E Brindle - it was a sadlers, it could be 1920's but I am not sure. If anyone would like it please let me know. There is two gentlemen in the doorway, could be the owner.

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