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Anne of Cleeve's House c1960, Ditchling

Anne of Cleeve's House c1960, Ditchling

Anne of Cleeve's House c1960, Ditchling Ref: D158086

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Green Hedges Nursing Home

I was born at Green Hedges in July 1947, shortly before the advent of the NHS. My parents lived in Lewes and my Grandfather (who paid the bills!) in Horsham. I have sometimes wondered if it was the NHS that finished it off. If I'd known it was going to turn into a nursing home, I might have asked for a return ticket! Does anyone have a picture?

Green Hedges, Westmeston

I too was born at the Green Hedges nursing home during the war, though obviously I have no memories of it and have never returned. My father was in the army at the time and I have photos of him and my mother holding me in their arms outside the home. I have never been back but it is nice to learn that the building still exists. I am quite proud to be able to claim a Sussex place of birth as mine rather than the much more common London one that I would otherwise have had. My brother was also born at the home, but not till four years later so it was still in maternity use in 1945.

Westmeston Maternity Home, Green Hedge

I was born at Westmeston Maternity Home in 1943. My name was Jennifer Mary Pierce and my mother was Edna Mary Peirce, a nurse there. She gave me up for adoption in 1943. Does anyone know of her, or anything about Green Hedge? My name now is Bridget Turner.

The Turner Families of Ditchling

It's been a long struggle but we have achieved much regarding searching the family history of the Turners of Ditchling, through their exploits at winning in cricket, horse shows, vegetable competitions etc. They were based at Standean farm initially but the family spread out out into the village over a period of time, last known survivor working at the private school when it was running. Through these pages could we ask - does anybody know anything about what happened to them all? We currently cannot find the Lewes connection at all, surely they couldn't have all disappeared?

Green Hedges Ditchling

I wonder if anybody remembers Green Hedges. I believe it was a maternity home in 1941 as I was born there. I recently went to back to Ditchling and it is now an old people's home. My mother went to Ditchling during 1940/41 to escape the war in London. My grandmother was a leading light in the Red Cross Movement and her name was Mrs. Winder, she was a doctor's widow. My aunt also lived there and her name was Dorothy Trent. I would love to hear from anybody who remembers these people or in fact Green Hedges. Thanks.

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