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Memories of East Sussex

East Quinton Boarding School

I went to a boarding school just ouside Seaford, called East Quinton. They were happy days as we used to walk from the back of the school to play in the trenches. I often wonder if they are still there.

East Quinton School From Early 1973-1975

My name is Junior Mayhew and I also went to East Quinton School from early 1973-1975. The boarding school small pupil wise, but had lots of land to play on including two very large fields and an old farming area. The house staff used to take us out in groups for many nice walks on the South Downs often leaving from the back of the school most evenings and shopping at weekends. We often would go up to old barn and play in the old trenches of what we called the Hidden City as it had lots of walkways, old shelters and WWII gun placements etc which were overgrown with bramble and stinging nettles and not so visible when looked at from the town of Seaford. Sadly that has all of that has gone now, but some of the shallow trenches remain. They probably seemed deeper as we were kids, but hey! Health and safety rulings I guess. If we were not going on walks we were out in the... Read more

My Days at East Quinton School

I went to East Quinton School in September 1978 and was one of the first pupils to enter the school after it had been refurbished. Mr Smith was the headmaster at the time, I was then at the school three weekends out of four. It was a good time, we used to walk down to Cookmere Haven then up over the cliffs to Cookmere Lane. We would go into the town on Saturdays to Woolworths and then walk back from town to the school. I left East Quinton in April 1981, it was the best two and half years of my life. Very good memories.

Cliff View House And Martello Tower

Cliff view house was a small school just behind the esplanade .It is now an old peoples home.It was what was known as a crammers, a place designed to push pupils through common entrance exam,
It was 1973 and I was 12, it was hard being away from home , I remember many tearful nights.Also I remember great adventures on the downs, takeing lost golf balls down to the club, exploreing the old war bunker and wonderfall swims in the sea.Now, I think that the big victorian esplanade buildings were still there and the sea in storms would splash over the promanade throwing stones everywhere
With tremendous violence.I also remember we used to climb onto a ledge that ran around the Martello tower and the sea would sometimes reach the tower walls, quite dangerous really.The only problem is that after looking on google map at the tower I cannot sea any ledge, I know that the tower has been restored since, but it looks so different now it does... Read more

Mackerel Fishing

The Harbour c1960, Newhaven
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Many's the time we wandered along the edge of the harbour and up and down the landing stages, studying the leathery faced fishermen's busy hands as they worked on the nets, or repaired lobster pots. We'd peep around, what seemed huge metal doors and gates clad in rusting wire mesh, to get a glimpse of the boat yards beyond, and if we'd enough in our pocket for a cup of tea, we stop at the cafe that looked across the harbour, and out towards the bridge on the left. The owners always had time for us, and if they had any stale bread and cake, they'd let us have it to feed the swans that swam among the boats just a few steps from their entrance, though needless to say, the swans only got what was left after we'd picked out all the edible bits.  
It was from Newhaven that I had my first fishing trip. A family friend took us out in his small fishing boat, and the... Read more

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