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London Road 1914, East Grinstead

London Road 1914, East Grinstead

London Road 1914, East Grinstead Ref: 66750

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Arnherst House

High Street c1965, East Grinstead
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In the 1911 census my great grandparents lived in this house - Arnherst House. John & Alice Upstone; John was a postman. Their son, John Alfred, married Lilian Blackstone Adams (from Foest Row). Then they moved to London (south) where Alice died in 1932 and John Alfred's son, Harry Edward, married Lilian Sansum and had 1 child (me). We lived in London until 1980. Any "stray" Upstones - I would be pleased to hear from. Thanks from Lynn Upstone

Forest Row

Judges Terrace 1907, East Grinstead
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My great-grandfather Stephen Whiting Easton was a watchmaker who had a shop in Hartfield Road. He was also a master carpenter and he made a scale model of the local church. On his death the model was kept by his daughter Eva Luck. My family went often to view the model, but on one occasion Eva announced that she had sold it. Does anyone remember the model or know what happened to it?

The Glanfield Hotel

c1965, East Grinstead
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My parents managed the Glanfield for Ind Coope & Allsop in the late 1940's and early 1950's and I went to a prep school called Aston House (long gone)

Folk Club

Judges Terrace 1907, East Grinstead
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The pub in the background is the Ship Inn. In the late 60s/early 70s I used to go to an excellent folk club in a room above the pub.

Sally Busby(nee Bench)

St Margaret's Convent, St Agnes School 1909, East Grinstead
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I had to leave this school due to my father's death and missed it terribly. ALL my closest friends were now too far away to see. Because it was a boarding school, it was like being taken away from my family. My most enjoyable young years were had here.

Wolseley 1902

High Street 1904, East Grinstead
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The car in this photograph is a Wolseley 10 HP car and a similar car can be currently seen on our website. The car on the website was part of a collection owned by the Lucey family in Ireland that was sold in 2007.


I also remember seeing Del Shannon, Adam Faith, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball and Jerry Lee Lewis and Poonah (not sure of real name) and of getting on stage shaking his hand. Met my husband there, now live in Sydney Australia.


Who remembers the Whitehalls near the traffic lights in the High Street? It was owned and managed by a guy called Mr. Heuser? A very popular venue in the mid sixties for dancing to live groups. One group I remember well was The Barnstormers, I should, I played bass with them for many years. From what I recall, one went in through a main door between some shops and then up a wide staircase. There was a bar too, everyone gathered there in the breaks. The place used to get packed, it really rocked and we played there many times, almost the resident group, very Beatles, very Searchers, very Rolling Stones etc etc etc. Anyone out there remember the place and The Barnstormers?

Cycling Proficiency at Blackwell School

Must have been in the early 1970s when I allowed myself to be roped in as an instructor, along with Charles Sheldrick, of Charlwoods Road, and three others; to my shame, I can't properly remember their names. One was a plumber who lived in Charlwoods Road (first house on the left coming out of Kennedy Avenue); His surname may have been Westfield, or Westlake. Then there was an ex-policeman, I think his name was Sid, who, like me, lived in Kennedy Avenue, as did a guy named Eddie. I think it was a Councillor King who set up the 'school', which prepared children for a test; if they passed, they received a badge and, I think, a certificate. We used to do Saturday morning stints at Blackwell School; one of the playgrounds was turned into a mini-road system, with pukka markings, a zebra crossing - the lot. I believe the kids would have been 11 or 12. We may have done up to four annual 'seasons'; can't remember why we... Read more


My grandmother and her children lived in East Grinstead on Glen Vue. It was just a dirt road which came to a dead end. I do not remember my grandfather as he died when I was very young. I can remember spending Christmases with my grandmother. East Grinstead was hit by a bomb in the war. There was a direct hit on a cinema and the death toll was over 80. Later in the war a doodle bug hit the town in almost the same spot.I can remember the barrage baloons in the war. The EG railway station was unique as it had two levels. I can recall going to the Noddy to use the swings. These we chained up on Sundays so they could not be used. I now live in Canada but on visits back I always went to EG. to see my aunts and uncles. Sadly they have all passed away. I can recall the Co-Op with its blue roof. When you paid the server... Read more

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