Edenfield, Bolton Road North c.1960

Edenfield, Bolton Road North c.1960

Neg. E209027

Memories of Edenfield

Edenfield 1930

I was born at 117 Bury Road in 1930. Soon after we moved a liitle further along the road to 388 Whalley Road just past the Duckworth Arms. Our neighbours were Mrs Bretherton and children Nellie, Jim and Clifford?. On the other side lived Mrs Mason and son Alfie. We could not have wished for better neighbours and I will never ...Read full memory

A memory of Edenfield by Derek Holt

Lumb Mill

Lumb Mill in the 1950s I remember my late mother and father working at this mill in the 1950s. My father worked as a boiler man. As a child I visited the mill during the school holidays also at weekends. I used to join my father in the boiler house. He used to let me press buttons and turn valves on and off under his ...Read full memory

A memory of Edenfield by k.drummond

My First Job

Just before I was due to leave Peel Brow I was called into Mr (Dinky) Booth's office and told that Turnbull & Stockdale were looking for an Office Boy and that he thought I would fit the bill. I attended an interview with Mr W Cunliffe and was given the job, starting early January 1945. My job involved taking documents etc ...Read full memory

A memory of Edenfield by Derek Holt


I was born in 1950, and lived in Edenfield from 1955-1961, when we moved to Stubbins. I went to the primary school, where the teachers were Mrs Horton and Mr. Parker. Then he was followed by Mr. Howorth. My friends at the school at this time were Michael Southern, whose mum and dad had the Coach and Horses pub for a time. My main ...Read full memory

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