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Memories of Renfrewshire

Family History

High Street 1900, Paisley
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The picture of the High Street, Paisley is part of my family history.

My grandfather, Thomas Paton, worked for his brother, James, who ran a wholesale and mercantile stationers in the High Street. This would have been in the last decades of the 19th century, as it is likely James died around 1898.
I have a few references to the business, and a reference written by James for my grandfather, who moved south and set up his own paper agent's business in or near The Strand (1900-1920s approx.)
It would be fascinating if anyone knows more about the Paton family.

Where is County Buildings?

County Buildings 1900, Paisley
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I don't know where this is in Paisley, anyone help?

When I Was Growing up

I remember being very happy growing up as a child in Paisley. One of my happiest memories was being given a golliwog outfit from the Robertson's jam factory. A certain amount was given out every year at Halloween by the factory.
I used to enjoy the Library and Museum which I visited each week, and as I got older the visits became more frequent.
I remember thinking how vast Coat's Mill was and how lovely the river that ran past it looked - sadly the mill has now been renovated into flats.

My Husband Came From Paisley

I met my husband in Chiswick, London in 1967, he had come down from Paisley to find work. I loved Paisley, I wanted to move up there but he loved Chiswick. But we went up there whenever we could. I found the people very friendly and my husband's family were very close and made me one of the family. Sadly I lost my husband last month, how I am writeing this I don't know. I have been told I am welcome there any time. He would take me all over Paisley in the car, last time we were there a lot of shops had closed which is a shame. Must close now, getting upset.


I loved saving the gollys from the jam jars to send them away and get a badge back

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