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When L Was Little

St Mary Street c1965, Eynesbury
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Hello, I was born at Paxton Park in 1948. My mum was Sheila Shepherd, daughter of Lilian and Percy. Mum married Horace Hermitage who was stationed there, they married and went off to live in Kent but she came back to St Neots to have my sister Carole. I remember so well the train journey from Kent to go and stay with Nan 'n Grandad, they lived in Ferreres Avenue, as did Aunty Ursula and her husband Gorden Jackson. Nan did cleaning for Joe and Doris Wiles who ran the greengrocers in St Mary's Street. Aunt Ursula worked for years at Kayser Bondor, Carole and I always had the most beautiful undies as presents from aunty. We had lots of playmates, Margaret Jacobs, Nigel and his sister Bobby Ball, Jonny Barry and Rosie Chamberlain. I still have a photo of us all sitting on a coal bunker. I thought St Neots was the best place in the world. Sadly Nan, Grandad, and Aunt Ursula Gordon have all passed away now. Myself and my... Read more

Eynesbury House

St Mary Street c1965, Eynesbury
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My first husband, David Beames, and I, moved into Eynesbury House in July, 1968, and our first son, Andrew, was born at Mill Road Hospital, Cambridge, a few weeks later. William was born in 1971, also at Mill Road. Both boys went to St. Mary's Primary School, Eynesbury. (They are now both married and living in America. I have two lovely grand-daughters, Mary and Catherine (Andy's children). Will married a nice girl called Janna two years ago, but so far no sign of children.) I joined the St. Neots Musicmakers a short time after Andrew's birth. We all found St. Neots a very friendly place, and were happy there. Unfortunately my husband had to move North when his office closed, and we went to live in Wilmslow, Cheshire, in 1976. I still remember the people who were so kind to us when we moved in: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cambers, John and Joyce Chapman, and Jill and Roger Henthorne to name but a few. We also became friendly with Reg... Read more

Cambridgeshire memories

My Great-Grandfather The Papermill Manager

Paper Mill at Little Paxton 1897, St Neots
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My great-grandfather Ogilvie Bricknall was the manager of this mill at the turn of the century. He was a great papermaker and had moved to St Neots with his family from Longforgan in Perthshire. His son James was assistant manager in 1911 and the mill employed his two daughters as clerks.

I Attended Here in The Late 50s And Early 60s

Earliest Surviving School Buildings 2005, St Neots
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I remember St Marys when Mr Naylor if im right was the headmaster when i left to go to Longsands in 1962. At easter and Christmas we use to go to St Marys church opposite for services. There was some prefab classrooms at the back and you still had ink and milk monitors, i cannot remember the name of the teachers so if any one can please add them to this memory. Many thanks David Matzk age 56.

St Neots Paper Mill, Wartime

Paper Mill at Little Paxton 1897, St Neots
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My grandfather, Charles Lawrence, was manager of the St Neots paper mill during much of the 1940s. He formerly worked at the Dover mill and brought a great many workers from there to St Neots in (I believe) 1939. While at St Neots, he and my grandmother resided in a lovely house on the banks of the Ouse in Eynesbury where, during the war, various members of their family also dwelt. Me too. I was born in the house in 1943.

The Angel, St Neots

Roper's Shop, Cambridge Street c1965, St Neots
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I lived in The Angel opposite and spent all of my pennies in Roper's. I remember big Fred with much fondness.

Freemans Jewlwers Shop.

High Street 2005, St Neots
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My father, Mr Childerley, worked here during the mid 50's serving as an apprentice carpenter, working for the firm Evans and Sons in Cambridge Street. A school master lived in the Jeweller's before the work was carried out. Dad thinks the master was called Mr Gilson. When the restoration work was being carried out in the mid 50's, the chimney fell down. Dad's fellow workers found a large space/ hole in the chimney breast which his fellow workers suspected was a priest hole. But what was found in the hold dad does not know.

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