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Devon Street

I remember when we lived on Devon Street facing the old All Saints school, they built the new school at the end of the street. Our student teacher Mr Barry mad ea film called the vanishing machine where the children made the school disappear.
We used to watch the wedidngs at the church sitting on the church wall it was the highlight of our life watching the brides in their wedding dresses.

Lancashire memories

My Home Town

Town Centre 1966, Walkden
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Hi, I was born in LLay north Wales in June 1939, three weeks later we moved to Walkden. The family joke was, I was the cause of the WW2. We lived at 67 Westminster Road, just down from where the monument was originaly located. Whilst I will concede there was a war going on my early recollections were of hiding under the table and under the stairs when 'gerry' was bombing. I also remember quite vividly telling the Yanky soldiers who went to the local swiming baths just around the corner, "give me some gum chum and I'll make sure Gerry will not steal your jeep". The yanks luved it and gave us all kinds gum and chocolate. It all sound's very nostalgic, but as a young boy I had no idea of the magnitude of world events going on at the time. My dad worked down Mosley Common coal mine (he worked in the coal mine 50 yrs), God bless him. I grew up in Walkden, I got married... Read more

Going to Bolton

Town Centre 1966, Walkden
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I remember all too well the monument in the centre of the crossroads with the A6 as I used to come up this road before turning left to go to Bolton (no 12 bus). Also used to walk up to the town at times from my home just below the East Lancs Road. They of course removed the monument later and it is now traffic light controlled.


Town Centre 1966, Walkden
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Does anyone remember Joseph Easthams Secondary School? I used to go there when we lived on Newearth Road, Walkden and I used to walk up Hilton Lane every morning to attend. There used to be a be a farm on the left near the train bridge; it used to feel like miles away.

Burtons Factory

Town Centre 1966, Walkden
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Does anyone remember Burtons? My dad used to work there, Jack Gregory, if anyone remembers him. They used to take workers kids to the pantomime every year, they were good times. My dad passed on in 2004. I am doing a family search so anything relevent woul be very helpful. Thank you, R Mather.

St. Marks And After Sunday School

The Cafe c1950, Worsley
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Oh yes, I remember the cafe well. Used to come down the brow from St. Marks at lunchtime to get sherbert dips etc. The counter was high and I could only just see over the top. Also, sometimes after Sunday School at the local Methodist Church would walk home via the cafe - get an ice cream and then walk through Worsley Woods or up the main Walkden Road to home. Fond memories.

Girl Guides

St Mary's Church, South Side 1889, Worsley
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I remember being one of the first Guides of the 1st Worsley Guide Company founded in approx 1958/59. We used to go to Church Parade once a month and would enter the church by the main door.

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