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Forge Dam

My dad used to run the rowboats and collect fees from fisherman, me and my brothers used to help, we were there every day of the six weeks holiday, it was all done from the little green hut above the cafe which is still there, every day was like a great adventure, happy days.

Drawing Those Summer Days

Hi, I still live in the area but Forge has the best memories, epecially of my grandad and those summer walks with Ebony, his black labrador, we used to sit in the long grass above the dam watching George Cunningham doing his drawings and paintings and George used say "Here lad, do you want one?". Well you have guessed it, I said "I am not bothered", oh well.
It was the best place ever during those summer days, let's hope for them this year.

Happy Days of Youth.

I lived at 10 Whitfield Road, Fulwood, and went to Birkdale Prep School. Used to spend hours playing around Forge Dam, and renting a rowboat if I got an allowance.
When winter came we would toboggan down the hills in the area. I now live near Knoxville, Tennessee, but I often think of the old home town.

South Yorkshire memories



Songs of Praise at Ecclesall Church

Ecclesall Church c1965, Sheffield
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This was the church I went to as a child - mostly I had to go as a condition of attending Brownies, but it was always both imposing and comforting as a building and place of worship. However, the most outstanding memory I have is when, in the early sixties, the BBC visited to broadcast a live service. Normally the church was about two-thirds full, but that day, there were far more people than spaces on pews, and the BBC chaps on the door were 'vetting' people as they tried to enter. Luckily mum was dressed in a new outfit which was the height of fashion. I don't remember her smart skirt suit, but I do remember her dark maroon hat with rakish feather. The BBC chappie sent her straight down to the front pew, as a suitable candidate to appear on live TV. They didn't reckon on me and my younger brother, however, as neither of us could take our eyes off the cameras - we spent the whole... Read more

Sticklebacks at Wire Mill Dam

Wire Mill Dam c1955, Sheffield
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After dad got his first car, an Austin A30, he used to take me and my younger brother out for trips a little further afield, and Wire Mill Dam was one of our very favourite places. We'd be armed with a jam jar and fishing net apiece, and spend hours trying to catch the numerous sticklebacks, and watch people sailing their model boats. The sticklebacks were carefully carried home, but they never survived long in their glass jars.

It was a very busy place, the photographer must have been there during the week, and during school term time.

This photo gave me a wry smile, as the photographer must have been standing in the exact spot from which I fell in the water one Sunday afternoon! Dad made me stand up in the car all the way home so I didn't get the seats wet, and I got quite a scolding from mum once we got back.

Magic And Mischief

The Goodwin Fountain c1965, Sheffield
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When it was new , the changing colours of floodlights that swept round the fountain and tinted the sprays looked so futuristic and bright, You could stare at them waiting for the cycle to run over again. At times it froze into grotesque lumps, but the most amazing was when students put Teepol or other industrial strength soaps into it and the froth flowed down the street.  Equally impressive was the fluorescent  dye that gave the water a yellow green radiance. It was much abused but ever entertaining. Shame it has gone, probably offended Health and Safety?

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