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North Yorkshire memories

Lost Touch

I am seeking Jean Diane Burgoyne born on 5th September 1962 in Catterick, North Yorkshire - adopted in Knaresborough.

Park Mount

Station Road c1955, Spofforth
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House on the right looks similar, as it did when I used to live there in the mid 70's - just missing the white wash look.

Balcony House

High Street c1955, Spofforth
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The taller light coloured house on the left, near the centre of the picture, is called Balcony House. The balcony was removed, I believe, in World War 11. The house was built in the mid 19th C by the local apothecary. I lived there c 1977-1982. The shop belonged to a butcher. The four small cottages are older than Balcony House, and behind them lies a farm belonging to the Spinks family.

Bonfire Night Perils

Guy Fawkes Night could be quite hazardous, although I remember no one ever been seriously hurt, it was certainly a close run thing. Keith Bradley although not from farming parents had many relations whom were involved in farming and so had ready access to certain farming apparatus, binder twine and the like. One particular Bon Fire Night in the late 50's early 60's he had got hold of a long string of small explosive charges used for bird scaring. These were nothing more than a large number of bangers joined by varying lengths of fuse so as to make the bangs occur at irregular intervals, once lit. These turned out to be very poor as the fuses were far to long to be used as bangers and the final bang not very loud, so in disgust he throw the whole string, 30 or more charges onto the fire. 30 times a small bang is quite impressive especially when in a fire making ash, cinder and assorted burning rubbish fly... Read more

St James Cinema

I remember the pianist who played for a week at the St James, I had forgotten what he was called until I saw your entry. A few years later I worked at the St James as a projectionist with a Mr Bell; there was a Miss Greenan who was secretary & in the box office. I can also remember one of the usherettes, a very tall girl who stayed there for a long time & also worked in the box office, I think (her name escapes me just now). I have forgotten the owner who was a very nice, friendly fellow, it was my first job and I was frightened and nervous for ages. Derrick Armstrong and a lady who used to chain smoke Capstan double strength and Mrs Baker were also projectionists. I later went round the corner to the Regal (ABC) and worked with Harry & Donny Balmforth & a chap called Wilson who was chief. I used to enjoy playing with the lights in the arches where... Read more

Grand Hotel

Having gained my Air Gunners wing in Egypt I was posted to the Air Crew holding unit in Harrogate where I stayed for about three weeks early on 1945, and again a few months later. I remember the dance held in a marque in the Valley Gardens in August on VJ night (what a night that was!) I was billeted in the Grand Hotel. The CO of this unit was the English wicket keeper Les Ames On parade one morning in the forecourt of the hotel the Orderly Officer was Sebastian Shaw, a well known pre war film actor. This morning we were plagued by a number of dogs running loose around the parade and the CO ordered us to catch them and tie them up. This we proceeded to do - I seem to remember there was a picture in the local paper showing F/O Shaw surrounded by these dogs holding the strings to which they were attached. I remember him standing with a silly look on his face... Read more

Harrogate Station Square

Station Square c1965, Harrogate
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Here is Station Square appearing as its architects intended, an open airy town centre piece. The gardens in the foreground are the Coronation Gardens of c.1953, which complimented the Victorian square admirably. Just as this picture was being taken, the lovely old and deliberately 'low roofed' railway station was being totally ruined by the new overscale Station Tower and new station foyer. Looks like Checks' Cafe in the background is boarded up and it wouldn't be too many years hence that the Market Hall and the Coronation Gardens (and their useful public conveniences) would be swept away in the name of progress, with the gross criminal loss a bit later of the re-buildable Victorian Lowther Arcade and the West Yorkshire Road Car Co bus station, where we all met our dates on a Saturday night under the clock. Harrogate needs to move with the times but didn't deserve this onslaught. These are some of the fond memories of a 1950-born Harrogate child coupled with a heavy heart!

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